Casinos, Gambling and More Hoodwinks

I recently read the article Gambling Against Texas  and I have mixed emotions on the subject of casinos in Texas. We further accept things that corrode society in the name of good.  But really, it is just in theory these things are good.

The Texas lottery. Remember that and how it was going to support public education? Well the lottery and lotto has been around for awhile and the quality of Texas schools along with the rankings of Texas schools have steadily declined as well as huge budget shortfalls and large cuts to resources and programs. Bottom line, the lottery has not gone to support Texas schools and is contract to GTECH Corporation.

In theory casinos are fun. But sorry folks, Texas is not. I have been gambling in Shreveport, walking down the street with a glass of wine at 3 A.M. with a girlfriend. That was like being in the Twilight Zone, no last calls, no police giving me the “shake down” for responsibly drinking alcohol at 33 years of age. The police here are NOT like the police in Shreveport and that will inevitably curtail the tourism end of profits.

If tourism is eliminated or at least diminished from the equation, I hate to say that casinos will be catering mainly to fixed income elderly and that is just not a great idea. Unless of course the ulterior motive is to have more houses to seize due to unpaid property taxes from elderly people, putting them in nursing homes and then “Obamacaring” them, but that is the “it is beyond money they can just print” conspiracy theorist in me. It does teeter on a socialist ideal to not allow some people to enjoy casinos in order to protect other people from themselves. But if you want to gamble, go to Oklahoma or Shreveport. Besides, traveling to go gamble at a casino is half the fun, right?


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