Residential Property Neglect Fine- Ennis City Commission Agenda Feb. 6th

A.Ordinance 12-02-01 calling the Regular Municipal Election for the purpose of electing a Mayor and Commissioners Number One (1), Three (3) and Five (5) for two year terms, setting the date and designating the voting places, appointing the officers of said election, and providing for notice of said election.

B. Ordinance 12-02-02 amending the Code of Ordinances by repealing all Ordinances in conflict herewith and adopting revised codes that deal with residential property neglect, property safety and the maintenance of structures, equipment and exterior property, providing a severability clause, providing a savings clause, providing a penalty of a fine not to exceed two thousand dollars ($2,000) for each and every offense, and providing an effective date.

Excerpts from the most recent Ennis City Commission meeting.  Residential property neglect? Can someone explain this more fully to me, because it sounds like people who can’t afford to do maintenance on their house getting fined up to $2,000 for not being able to afford house repairs. OR does this apply to the “slumlord” types?


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