T.J. Fabby Did NOT Commit Voter Fraud

Procedure for People who have moved from one Texas county to another Texas county

A. Limited Ballot. [Sec. 112.001]

  1. The Election Code authorizes voting a limited ballot after changing county of residence.
  2. A person voting a limited ballot under this chapter is entitled to vote only on each office or measure to be voted in a territorial unit (state or district) of which the person was a resident both before changing their county of residence and after the change.

B. Eligibility. [Sec. 112.002]

  1. After changing residence to another county, a person is eligible to vote a limited ballot under this chapter by personal appearance or by mail if:
    1. the person would have been eligible to vote in the county of former residence on election day if still residing in that county;
    2. the person is registered to vote in the county of former residence at the time the person offers to vote in the county of new residence; and
    3. a voter registration for the person in the county of new residence is not effective on or before election day.
  2. A person is not eligible to vote a limited ballot by mail unless, in addition to satisfying the eligibility requirements prescribed above, the person is eligible to vote early by mail under the standard early by mail rules.

T.J. Fabby said he voted for John McCain, that is allowed under this act as the office of President is not restricted to the territorial unit, in this case,  Tarrant County.  I appreciate the fervor over election time, but this guy is a hard working, small business man and I respect T.J. and appreciate his candor.  I feel he is honest and shoots from the hip.  This last sentence is would prompt my father-in-law to say, “That is why women shouldn’t be able to vote. They vote on their feelings.”

You guys want to bark up a tree? Find out if Pitts lives in Highland Park or not or hosts parties for Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Transgender Fundraisers GLBT.http://www.flickr.com/photos/67125880@N08/6103518597/lightbox/


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  1. You guys are so stupid and what really is SAD is that you also think everybody else is stupid. Under this code Thomas Johnson FABBY, WAS NOT ELIGIBLE TO VOTE IN TARRANT COUNTY after living in Ellis county for 3 that’s Three years. That would be 1.2.3 years for those in the Fabby camp. READ YOUR OWN POST and FABBY did not apply for or receive an ELLIS County registration for three years after moving to ELLIS county. Furthermore his Tarrant county registration had to have ran out , EXPIRED , and renewed at some point during these three years. There is no other way to slice it boys he’s guilty of something here and it just goes to his malignant and disingenuous nature.

    As far as Jimm Pitts goes I personally DO NOT CARE IF HE HELPED GLBT with a fund raiser. You dumb asses are going to have to find some real issues for this quasi candidate. Your BIGOTED TIRADES against other groups are getting so tiring.

  2. If he wasn’t eligible to vote in Tarrant County, then call them and ask how he was on their voter rolls. Are you able to look up that number or do you need someone who can count past three to do it for you?

    How are voter registration cards issued each year? I sure don’t file anything, they just automatically renew them and send me a new one. I never take mine down to vote — i always vote w/ my ID and they *look me up*.

    • Alfred Davis

      Amy I always thought better of you than this nonsense, such a petty insult “Are you able to look up that number or do you need someone who can count past three to do it for you?” I know you can do better than that.

      Anyway to answer your juvenile and uninformed and uneducated question. Thomas Johnson Fabby moved to Ellis county in 2005 he apparently did not change his address on his registration card to his new precinct. By his own admission when he decided he wanted to vote in the 2008 elections instead of finding his new precinct in Ellis county he decided to drive back to TARRANT county to allegedly only vote in the presidential election. Which he could have done in Ellis county whether he was registered in Tarrant or not. The perjury comes in when he was asked his address by the precinct worker in Tarrant county because after 3 years his registration had to have lapsed. If that’s not what happened then he did get his Tarrant county renewal and used it instead which would still be perjury because he had to sign the book stating that was his address. Then he claims he forgot to register in Ellis county so that indicates he was aware at some point and just didn’t do it.

      So which part are you fuzzy on. Don’t try to act like you don’t know why you get your card every 2 years. It is because your registered and your address hasn’t changed since the last time you got the card which is also why they can look you up because your registered or do you need someone else to explain that to you.

      Fabby is guilty of just being a big mouth arrogant asshole and the proof is his own admission that he voted in Tarrant county after living in Ellis county for 3 years, and so are you and the rest of the people that can’t seem to figure out how wrong that is on so many levels. Because to be a representative of the people he is supposed to have good ethics than the average citizen.

  3. Your Best Friend

    Just in case you need to read it on this website too and not just the tea party page:
    My dear sweet Fred, you will be disappointed to know that the time you have spent over the past week obsessing over my husband’s voting record, and where he is currently registered, could HAVE been solved easily by just picking up the phone. It took a whole 5 minutes of my life, I devoted it to making you happy Fred, to obtain the following documents for your reading pleasure. Attached is a screen print sent to me directly from Jane Anderson herself from the Ellis County Voter Administration office. This will show you the past 4 elections TJ had voted in Ellis County and that he IS currently a registered voter in Ellis County. Please call Ms. Anderson @ the administration office if you have any concerns and she should be able to help answer any of your questions. (Voter Administration Office Ph: (972) 923-5195).
    The next document, because I knew you would question it, took another few minutes and it is an email with the document that was attached to the email stating that TJ WAS a voter in Tarrant County and NO LONGER is registered in Tarrant County. It also has a nice note from their office stating that TJ has NEVER voted in ANY election in Tarrant County. No record. At All. Did not vote at all in his life in Tarrant County.
    Then there is some links I found for you Fred. The first one is the Tarrant County website (http://www.tarrantcounty.com/evote/site/default.asp) where amazingly enough you can search for current registered voters in Tarrant County. I tried all possible combinations (i.e. Fabby,T.J – Fabby,T, -Fabby,Thomas – Fabby by itself) and it shows nothing. This leads me to assume you were relying on some kind of 2nd hand voter search engine that is not 100% accurate. Again, you may want to try just picking up the phone next time. So, just in case you are suspicious of another person that ever voted in Tarrant County, there you go.
    The next link I noticed, on the Tarrant County Voter website, is a link to VoteTexas.org. (http://www.votexas.org/faq.html#a4) If you read number 4, I think it would have answered your question as to whether a person may return to their previous county of residence to vote in an election or not. I would assume if this was not a legit website for voter information, the Tarrant County website would not have a link directly to it. If you dig a little on the site, you would also find that it will tell you exactly where these questions can be answered in the Texas Voter Law, which I do believe is section 112. I could be wrong, but I am not checking. You are already getting way too much of my time.
    So, it seems as though the only thing TJ is guilty of is thinking he went back to Tarrant County to vote when he actually did not. Sorry anyone if that breaks your heart.
    And hey Fred, why don’t you quit wasting your time trying to dig stuff up to nail T.J. with and start paying attention to what your current state rep has been doing for the last 20 years? (Documentation scanned is posted on the tea party page for you to view fred)

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