T.J. Fabby’s Voter Registration

Some debate arose over there being record of T.J. Fabby, candidate for Texas House District 10, being registered to vote in Tarrant County. I contacted the Elections Administrator, Jane Anderson, via email regarding this issue. it was cleared up very quickly. Thank you Jane Anderson. And Alfred Davis for bringing it up.

This is the original post from the Ellis County Tea Party Facebook page.

Fred Davis
Wonders if Thomas Johnson Fabby is registered to vote in Ellis coounty, and if so why would there be a Thomas Johnson Fabby registered to vote in Tarrant county with an Arlington Address. Since he doesn’t even seem to be registered to vote in Ellis county why or how could he run for office in Ellis county? Just something to make you go hmmmm.
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Here is my correspondence with Jane Anderson for clarification on the issue.

Hello, my name is Brandy Owen, formerly of the Ellis County Observer and The Ellis County Press. There seems to be some discrepancy with the voter registration of T.J. Fabby, candidate for HR District 10. A voter registration was found in Arlington, Texas but his wife claims he is in fact registered in Ellis, County. Is there a database I can search or can I ask you if there is a Thomas Johnson Fabby registered in Ellis County?
Thank You,
Brandy Owen

Jane Anderson jane.anderson@co.ellis.tx.us to me

show details 8:30 AM (18 hours ago)

Hello Brandy,

His registration was cancelled in Tarrant County on 12-19-08 after registered in Ellis County on 12-03-08.


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  1. Brandy Owen

    Just so happens my attempt to clarify stirred up a whole other mess now. Alfred?

  2. curtisbutler

    But he admitted to voter fraud on the tea party website on FB. wanted to clarify

  3. sounds like someone needs to pick up the phone and contact Jane Andersen again to clarify:

    TJ didn’t “admit to voter fraud” — he simply related a story, not “I committed voter fraud”. What are the rules for *voter fraud*?

  4. Brandy Owen

    That is what I am talking about here. I posted Jane Anderson saying he wasn’t registered until Ellis County until 2008, but he moved here in 2005. Then he admitted to going to Tarrant County to vote for McCain. Aye aye aye

  5. Clint Stutts

    TJ didn’t admit to committing a felony, because he didn’t commit one. If you forget to register to vote after moving to a new location, you either have to vote on a provisional ballot or you have to travel all the way back to where you are legally registered to vote in order to vote. As an election judge, I see alot of this on election day. It will either happen the way I just described, or it will happen the other way around, where somebody has moved (maybe not very far, but far enough), they think they’re still registered in the same place, and then realize they’re not. At that point they either fill out a provisional, or travel to where they are newly registered. What TJ described was that he traveled to where he was still legally registered in order to vote in 2008. No fraud took place.

  6. Like I said in my post that , I do not know what constitutes voter fraud and whether it is or not. However the fact remains that he(T.J. Fabby ) moved to Ellis county in 2005, then oops forgot to register for 3 years, but remember to vote in Tarrant county. A registration is only good for 2 years, then you get a new card or have to re-register. My concern is more on the arrogance he (T.J. Fabby) displays thinking this is all good. When we really don’t know what the truth is.

    His spouse (Ashley Rena Fabby) says he has voted here for 6 years then he turns around and says he’s only been registered here for 3 years. That is a 3 year discrepancy and did he vote in any other elections in Tarrant count before he FINALLY remembered he was in Ellis county.

    • you are supposed to renew you voter registration when you renew your driver’s license. Just recently that changed to every two years. Prior to that it was every four years. So it was every 4 years at that time Alfred. You don’t take issue with Pitts not even living in district? My favorite resident sell-out, Alfred Davis. Everyone is cry baby on facebook, you want to talk some shit you found the right place. So if Pitts doesn’t live in district, does fundraisers for clearly NOT republican (which you don’t care) type events, and you dont’ like TJ for some reason besides he won’t engage you, who should we vote for All Knowing Alfred Davis?

    • Clint Stutts

      What probably happened is that TJ didn’t vote in the ’06 election. That’s my bet. Then when ’08 comes around he realizes he’s still registered in Tarrant county. TJ didn’t display any arrogance at all about this. He didn’t do anything wrong either. As usual, Fred, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

  7. OK Boys and Girls here is your clarification of Thomas Johnson Fabby’s vote in TARRANT count in 2008 after residing in Ellis county since 2005. That would be 3 years for those in the Fabby camp.

    If you move to another county
    You must re-register! Fill out a new application and mail it, or take it in person, to the Voter Registrar of your new county. You may not register online if you move from one county to another. You will be registered 30 days after your application is submitted. You will receive a new certificate.

    After changing residence to another county, a person may be eligible to vote a “limited” ballot in his/her new county of residence on candidates or issues common to the old and new counties. A “limited” ballot may be voted only during early voting by personal appearance or by mail (not on Election Day) if:

    •the person would have been eligible to vote in the county of former residence on Election Day if still residing in that county;
    •the person is registered to vote in the county of former residence at the time the person offers to vote in the county of new residence; and
    •a voter registration for the person in the county of new residence is not effective on or before Election Day.

    What this says essentially is that if a voter moves from one county to another they are required to change their address on their voter registration within 30 days and IF there is an election in the interim the voter that moved to a NEW county can vote but has to do it in the new county and only for candidates that are common to BOTH COUNTIES. So when Thomas Johnson Fabby voted in Tarrant county he was in violation of the statue.

    Now this being said is he guilty of voter fraud? I don’t know nor do I care. My whole point is to demonstrate the disingenuous nature of this candidate and his obvious stance that he can do no wrong and is above the rest of us as long as he is doing it. Also to demonstrate that he knew his registration was invalid and went to vote in another county anyway and then thinks it’s all OK.

    • Clint Stutts

      Fred, there is no legal requirement that you must register when you move. However, if you want to vote in that new precinct, yes you MUST register for that. TJ forgot to change his voter registration. He was therefore automatically sent a new card with the same registration information. When he voted in Tarrant County in 2008, he was not in violation of any statute, he was voting where he was registered. This is pretty much the same thing as a rich person from Dallas buying a lake house on Cedar Creek Lake that he’s only going to visit on the weekends, but he registers to vote in Henderson County. No fraud has occurred. No statutes have been violated. TJ has not been disingenuous about anything. If you think he has, please tell us what it was about. The fact of the matter is that he actually hasn’t done anything wrong regarding his voting. His registration wasn’t “invalid”, it was simply a registration for another county.

  8. Ok Brandy this ones for you.

    Voter registration certificate
    •Once you apply, a voter registration certificate (proof of registration) will be mailed to you within 30 days.
    •Check your certificate to be sure all information is correct. (If there is a mistake, make corrections and return it to the voter registrar immediately.)
    •When you go to the polls to vote, present your certificate as proof of registration.
    •You may vote without your certificate by signing an affidavit at the polling place and showing some other form of identification (for example, driver’s license, birth certificate, copy of electric bill).
    •If you lose your certificate, notify your County Voter Registrar in writing to receive a new one.
    •You will automatically receive a new certificate every two years, if you haven’t moved from the address at which you are registered.


    • •You will automatically receive a new certificate every two years, if you haven’t moved from the address at which you are registered.
      But he did move Alfred, so the renewal on the registration went to his old address. Alfred, what is the big deal? You have nothing to say about Pitts NOT EVEN LIVING IN DISTRICT?

  9. First, it is a big deal when someone votes in an election and they do not live in that county anymore. It’s called ballot stuffing or the like. So what your telling me/us is that poor old feeble minded Thomas Johnson AKA. T.J. Fabby after living in Ellis county for three years FORGOT and went to his old TARRANT county precinct to vote? The statute clearly states that if you FORGOT then you go to the precinct in the county you live in at the time and apply for new registration but can only vote for ISSUES or CANDIDATES COMMON TO THE TWO COUNTIES. No matter how it’s sliced he committed at the least a misdemeanor and possibly a FELONY but he IS GUILTY of stupidity and arrogance With his half baked I forgot trash, I certainly do hope that fellow voters can read his USELESS EXCUSE, then read the statute.

    Yes Brandy there is not law that says you have to register to vote, but there are laws that dictate how your supposed to vote if you are registered. Those statutes clearly state that regardless of what your REGISTRATION CARD says, you are require to vote in the county of residence. He/Thomas Johnson AKA. T.J. Fabby is trying to tell me/you/us that he forgot. Really? Guess that means his wife was lying/forgot when she made the claim that he had been voting in ELLIS COUNTY FOR THE PAST SIX YEARS.

    Come on you guys can surely see through this nonsense and realize he and wife are just saying what they think they have to to get out of this little oversight. Are these the people and attitudes you want representing you? The question has to be asked. WHAT ELSE HAS HE FORGOTTEN? I think the answer there would be paying the bills he is accumulating from his campaign advertising, I understand that those are in serious arrears as well.

    • Clint Stutts

      Fred, ballot stuffing involves one person submitting multiple ballots. So no, he wasn’t ballot stuffing. If you want to find out if TJ voted at all during that three year period, simply contact the elections administrator in Tarrant County and get the list of republican voters who voted in all elections for the years in question. I guess that would be from 2005 to 2008. We know he had to go vote in Tarrant county in 2008, because he did so and then a week or two later turned in his new voter registration form for voting in Ellis county. You have not cited any statutes, and you have not cited evidence that shows he committed either a misdemeanor or a felony. Also, it’s not stupid or arrogant to say you forgot, especially when you, Fred, don’t know whether he forgot or not. And yes, Ashley probably forgot, especially if they didn’t vote together at the same time. As for being required to vote in the county of residence, that’s not how it plays out on election day. I can’t tell you how many college kids going to school in Dallas, Waco, etc. come through my precinct and had to make a special trip home to vote because their registration is still in Henderson county. There’s no evil intent behind it; it just happens. I’m sorry you can be a grown up and see there’s no real oversight here. I would love to see your evidence concerning TJ’s campaign advertising being in arrears. Details please. Enough innuendo, already.

  10. Well Clint the more you make excuses for these people the more guilty they look of something. I posted the statute maybe you should try reading it.

    These people and you apparently think the rest of us are completely nieve and will accept whatever excuse you offer. Brandy comes along and says , “hey he didn’t get the renewal because he moved” so what she claims is that his voter registration expired and he went to vote in TARRANT county anyway. Please, you guys can’t be serious. The man is living in ELLIS county for three years probably hadn’t voted at all then when he decides he wants to vote in the presidential election he goes to TARRANT county with an expired voter registration card.. Really?

    • Clint Stutts

      Alfred, I haven’t made any excuses. Plus, you didn’t cite any statutes. You copied and pasted from the FAQ section of the secretary of state website. Brandy didn’t say his voter registration expired. And you really can’t be that much of a dumbass. TJ had to go to Tarrant county to vote in 2008 because his current card at the time showed he was still registered there. Where do you come up with this stuff? Where’s the evidence showing TJ in arrears on campaign advertising? Are you just all talk? Man up and show us the evidence.

    • Really?

      No that is not true for me. “Well Clint the more you make excuses for these people the more guilty they look of something” I just don’t see it as a big deal.Maybe they look more guilty to you. You seem to be out to burn someone at the stake. if Pitts doesn’t live in district then he is not even eligible for my vote. What say you?

      • Alfred Davis

        Then don’t vote for Pitts I could give a shit but that only leaves 2 others and Fabby is a liar and did not give enough of a shit about Ellis county to even register to vote here for at least three years. Then went and committed fraud on the precinct judge in TARRANT county. That’s straight up lied for those in the Fabby camp. And chew on this for awhile.

        And what makes you think Pitts doesn’t live in Ellis county. It is my understanding that all he has to do is maintain a residence. I think that is done.

        ELECTION CODETITLE 16. MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONSCHAPTER 273. CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION AND OTHER ENFORCEMENT PROCEEDINGSSUBCHAPTER A. CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONSec. 273.001. INVESTIGATION OF CRIMINAL CONDUCT. (a) If two or more registered voters of the territory covered by an election present affidavits alleging criminal conduct in connection with the election to the county or district attorney having jurisdiction in that territory, the county or district attorney shall investigate the allegations. If the election covers territory in more than one county, the voters may present the affidavits to the attorney general, and the attorney general shall investigate the allegations.(b) A district or county attorney having jurisdiction or the attorney general may conduct an investigation on the officer’s own initiative to determine if criminal conduct occurred in connection with an election. (c) On receipt of an affidavit under Section 15.028, the county or district attorney having jurisdiction and, if applicable, the attorney general shall investigate the matter.(d) On referral of a complaint from the secretary of state under Section 31.006, the attorney general may investigate the allegations.(e) Not later than the 30th day after the date on which a county or district attorney begins an investigation under this section, the county or district attorney shall deliver notice of the investigation to the secretary of state. The notice must include a statement that a criminal investigation is being conducted and the date on which the election that is the subject of the investigation was held. The secretary of state may disclose information relating to a criminal investigation received under this subsection only if the county or district attorney has disclosed the information or would be required by law to disclose the information.
        Acts 1985, 69th Leg., ch. 211, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1986. Amended by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 728, Sec. 78, eff. Sept. 1, 1993; Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 916, Sec. 26, eff. Sept. 1, 1993; Acts 2003, 78th Leg., ch. 1290, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 2003.

        Sec. 273.002. LOCAL ASSISTANCE TO ATTORNEY GENERAL. For an election in which the attorney general is conducting an investigation, the attorney general may:(1) direct the county or district attorney serving a county in the territory covered by the election to conduct or assist the attorney general in conducting the investigation; or(2) direct the Department of Public Safety to assist in conducting the investigation.
        Acts 1985, 69th Leg., ch. 211, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1986.

        Sec. 273.003. IMPOUNDING ELECTION RECORDS. (a) In the investigation of an election, a county or district attorney or the attorney general may have impounded for the investigation the election returns, voted ballots, signature roster, and other election records.(b) To have election records impounded, the investigating officer must apply to a district court for an order placing the election records in the court’s custody for examination by the officer.(c) The application for impoundment must be filed with the district court of the county in which the election was held or an adjoining county. An application for records of a statewide election may be filed in the county in which the election was held, an adjoining county, or Travis County.(d) On the filing of an application, the district judge shall issue an order impounding the records in a secure place under the terms and conditions the judge considers necessary to keep them under the judge’s custody and control during the examination and for any additional time the judge directs.
        Acts 1985, 69th Leg., ch. 211, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1986. Amended by Acts 1997, 75th Leg., ch. 864, Sec. 254, eff. Sept. 1, 1997.

        Sec. 273.004. EXAMINATION OF IMPOUNDED RECORDS. (a) The examination of impounded election records shall be conducted in the same manner as a court of inquiry.(b) Impounded election records must be examined in the presence of the district judge ordering the impoundment or a grand jury, as provided by the judge’s order.
        Acts 1985, 69th Leg., ch. 211, Sec. 1, eff. Jan. 1, 1986.

        • Clint Stutts

          Fred, two or more voters have to allege criminal conduct, but there has to actually be criminal conduct. You have yet to provide evidence or cite a statute that shows TJ engaged in criminal conduct when he voted in the precinct he was registered in. You’re also alleging that he lied to the election judge in Tarrant county somehow. This is laughable. If the voter card he had was expired, he could not have used it to vote with. Furthermore, if his name was not in the voter rolls of Tarrant county, he would not have been able to vote a normal ballot, he would have to have voted provisional.

          • Alfred Davis

            Clint Stutts I could fill volumes with what you don’t know. How about that reading comprehension course I mentioned. I know Thomas is not an educated man you must have even less education or you are suffering from oxygen deprivation from having your head up Thomas’ ass for so long. Your one of the pond scum that wasn’t man or woman enough to engage me on the Ellis County Tea Party page and now here you are proving to me and anyone reading this that you are just an idiot.

            What you don’t seem to understand is that just the appearance of impropriety is enough to start an investigation and I know I can probably find another voter over at the Pitts or Bounds campaign to enter a complaint with me. Another thing you don’t seem to be able to comprehend is that Thomas is not a very smart or ethical man he claims he forgot, well then when he remembered why didn’t he go to the proper precinct in Ellis like he was supposed too by law. Yeah he is guilty of at least stupidity and at worst a felony it was is voter fraud . He says he only voted in the presidential election but he probably voted the entire ballot you know he is so narcissistic he wouldn’t be able too help his self, but how is he even able to remember that since he can’t remember where he lives. Yeah this guy is a liar and an narcissist. He needs some of those buckets he was talking about because the rain is going to start coming in pretty soon.

            • Clint Stutts

              Well, turns out he didn’t vote in Tarrant county at all. His wife actually took the time to contact the appropriate people to look up the voting history and he never voted in Tarrant county. Looks like you wasted your time. But by all means go find another voter to complain about his non-existent voter history in Tarrant county. And what’s with calling him by his first and middle name? That’s weird.

  11. Brandy I’ll start on Pitts when I get done with FABBY. He still hasn’t satisfied my concerns and has only made me more aggressive in my search for the truth by his actions. I read some of his answers to questions posed by the republican women and it was clear he was way out of his element with his juvenile and cliche filled responses.

  12. Alfred Davis

    Dear Clint you need to take reading comprehension classes unless someone is reading this to you and explaining it wrong or is just not getting the pictures to where you can understand them you prick, asshole.

    Those are not suggestions those are the laws you do not move away from a voting district into another and 3 years later go back and vote where you originally move from. At best it’s stupid at worst it’s fraud and that is what he committed when he told the precinct judge in TARRANT county he still lived there.

    Oh and just for you Brandy said “But he did move Alfred, so the renewal on the registration went to his old address. Alfred, what is the big deal?” And was either forwarde to his new address or returned.. Either way you slice it it’s stinks to high heaven and we still don’t know if he is voting in TARRANT county still or not and if he turned his ill gotten voter registration in to ELLIS county indicating he had just moved here that’s even more lies . This asshole would lie when the truth would serve him better, and tell him to pay his damn advertising bill for crying out loud.

    • Clint Stutts

      It’s not stupid to forget to change your voter registration. It’s forgetful. I had the wrong address on my driver’s license for about 4 years after I moved. Does that make me a fraud of some sort? No. It makes me forgetful. My wife badgered me about it for a long time and I still kept forgetting to take care of it. Please explain how it “stinks to high heaven” if you vote in the place you are registered to vote in. Also explain how he received an “ill gotten voter registration”. What exactly was ill gotten about it? Also, please man up and tell us exactly what advertising bill TJ needs to pay. You seem to be nothing more than a demented mouther at this point. Please show some testicular fortitude and answer these questions.

      • Alfred Davis

        Clint you were in violation of the traffic and identification laws and had you been stopped and discovered your License didn’t have the proper address you would have been ticketed. I FORGOT is not a defense it is also in violation of the identity statutes if you didn’t get caught I guess you were just lucky. That’s too bad too I would have loved to have heard about you sitting in a jail cell because your ID was invalid.

        You dumb asses over at the Thomas Johnson AKA T.J. Fabby camp are a forgetful bunch aren’t you. Oh I forgot this and I forgot that your statement shows by your own admission you forgot nothing your spouse (God Blees Her For Putting Up With Your Dumb T.J. Shit Stinking Ass) reminded you on several occasions or so you say but your your stupid you probably didn’t understand what she was saying. You can read or not read what you want into the statutes but he was is in violation and you were too with your drivers license.

        As far as Thomas being a dead beat I don’t have to prove anything I just wrote what I was told, So I guess you need to loan him some money so he can pay up before he gets caught on that one too.

        • Clint Stutts

          I was stopped twice during that time and never got ticketed. And what’s with all the jail talk? You making up statutes again?

  13. in the KNOW

    ole Sour Grapes Davis at it again. Wow it is like the eco all over minus any good news articles


    Just in case Fred, we want to make sure we are telling the truth now. (documents scanned on on the tea party website)
    My dear sweet Fred, you will be disappointed to know that the time you have spent over the past week obsessing over my husband’s voting record, and where he is currently registered, could HAVE been solved easily by just picking up the phone. It took a whole 5 minutes of my life, I devoted it to making you happy Fred, to obtain the following documents for your reading pleasure. Attached is a screen print sent to me directly from Jane Anderson herself from the Ellis County Voter Administration office. This will show you the past 4 elections TJ had voted in Ellis County and that he IS currently a registered voter in Ellis County. Please call Ms. Anderson @ the administration office if you have any concerns and she should be able to help answer any of your questions. (Voter Administration Office Ph: (972) 923-5195).
    The next document, because I knew you would question it, took another few minutes and it is an email with the document that was attached to the email stating that TJ WAS a voter in Tarrant County and NO LONGER is registered in Tarrant County. It also has a nice note from their office stating that TJ has NEVER voted in ANY election in Tarrant County. No record. At All. Did not vote at all in his life in Tarrant County.
    Then there is some links I found for you Fred. The first one is the Tarrant County website (http://www.tarrantcounty.com/evote/site/default.asp) where amazingly enough you can search for current registered voters in Tarrant County. I tried all possible combinations (i.e. Fabby,T.J – Fabby,T, -Fabby,Thomas – Fabby by itself) and it shows nothing. This leads me to assume you were relying on some kind of 2nd hand voter search engine that is not 100% accurate. Again, you may want to try just picking up the phone next time. So, just in case you are suspicious of another person that ever voted in Tarrant County, there you go.
    The next link I noticed, on the Tarrant County Voter website, is a link to VoteTexas.org. (http://www.votexas.org/faq.html#a4) If you read number 4, I think it would have answered your question as to whether a person may return to their previous county of residence to vote in an election or not. I would assume if this was not a legit website for voter information, the Tarrant County website would not have a link directly to it. If you dig a little on the site, you would also find that it will tell you exactly where these questions can be answered in the Texas Voter Law, which I do believe is section 112. I could be wrong, but I am not checking. You are already getting way too much of my time.
    So, it seems as though the only thing TJ is guilty of is thinking he went back to Tarrant County to vote when he actually did not. Sorry anyone if that breaks your heart.
    And hey Fred, why don’t you quit wasting your time trying to dig stuff up to nail T.J. with and start paying attention to what your current state rep has been doing for the last 20 years?

  15. Glenn James

    FRED where is your response???

  16. My response came at the ballot box where T.J. took in the shorts just like he likes it. Thank Jesus we can continue watering the State grounds now that the T.J. Fabby equation has been put to rest.

    He was an uneducated buffoon that was depending on others just like him to shoo him into office. Too bad it never occurred to him that dumb asses like him don’t have an opinion and there just wasn’t enough Ellis County Tea Party Nazi’s to make a difference.

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