The Ellis County Times

With all of the Magnablend stuff happening and The Ellis County Observer/ Joey Dauben debacle, I felt obligated to start a new site.  So here it is for all the no-mod commenting the blogateurs can handle.

Also, some other blogs have been making a hobby out of bashing me and then subsequently not allowing me to defend myself, yet another reason I was spurred in to starting

Seriously, if a person is going to run a blog talking about people and not allow those people to defend themselves, said blogger is a waste of a man, if they ever were one to begin with.   I will not be moderating or editing comments. I know some people will be upset that other people will abuse this policy, but of course this is my site and the rules will be modified to best suit my needs. Okay? Okay.

I know that entire paragraph contradicted itself but you know that is one of the Rules of the Internet- If your blog isn’t hypocritical, you’re doing it wrong.  lol


I will be asking Ellis Right to Know to contribute, as I find his information very well researched, in-depth and important to the community.

I will be posting Public Notices and meeting agendas. If you have any information you would like to see here on the please email

Thanks for Reading


About elliscountytimes

Not a lot to say. I am a novice at just about everything I do.


  1. Brandy Owen

    Testing testing 123

  2. anonymous

    here we go again

  3. susan

    I’m in need of your help, can we come together to make a difference?

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