US Marine Killed by the Police, Unarmed – and in Front of his Children

Southern California

Deputy killed Marine out of fear for children’s safety, officials say

February 10, 2012 | 10:31 pm
A veteran Orange County sheriff’s deputy feared for the safety of two young girls sitting in a parked car when he shot and killed a Marine sergeant in a dark parking lot near San Clemente High School, authorities said Friday.

Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr. was shot early Tuesday as he started to get into the SUV where his two daughters — 9 and 14 — were sitting, authorities said. Jim Amormino, a spokesman for the department, said the deputy was fearful that Loggins — who he said appeared to be acting irrationally — was about to drive off with the girls.

“The real threat that was perceived was the safety of the children,” Amormino said.

“The deputy formed an opinion that he had a deep concern for the children, that he would not allow Mr. Loggins to drive away with the kids,” Amormino said.

A former commanding officer said Loggins routinely went to the school with his daughters during the early-morning hours to walk the track and read the Bible.

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I know the story is from California, but it was sad and I wanted to post it here. Friends and family describe him as being a deeply religious man and devoted father.



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  1. Can’t wait for dash-cam video.
    Prayers for his family
    and also unarmed kid trying stash a small amount of cannabis, so lets kill him and maybe this will be a deterrent,Right?

    • johnathan summitt

      I am so disturbed by this.. His poor kids and family.. That cop needs to be locked up.. I would say may he rest in peace.. But how can he when his life was taken away the way it was.. May God be with his family and may the police officer go to hell

  2. And just exactly what was it that made the officer form a deep opinion? Acting irrational is enough excuse to kill someone? Honestly, what I see is an over zealous cop itching to use his gun!

  3. johnathan summitt

    fuck this bullshit… killed him in front of his kids and he was unarmed.. they could have blocked his suv fwith thier fucking cars to keep him from driving .. they could have shot him in his arm they could have just wounded him.. this is s…See More

  4. Sharla

    So why is the story so short and brief?… Where are the details? Someone on one side or the other has something to hide.. and we just sit by and say.. o.k. A man lost his life for WHAT? An ignorant police officer? And we’re okay with that… Who does it come down to but the one you VOTED into office!!! Think clear, think concise.. Who is hiding what really happened?

  5. Omega

    wtf does he mean by “was acting irrationally”? should he have called a white man to drive his kids to school instead? or maybe called a cab? That idiot (cop) woke up and decided he was gonna killed someone that day and did just that. How the hell is someone going into HIS car to drive HIS kids to school is irrational? or maybe the dumbass thinks that all black kids are fatherless or black men dont bear children. THE COP SHOULD GET THE DEATH PENALTY.

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