DFW Airport – TSA Harassing Attractive Female Passengers at “Security” Checkpoint

Does this picture offend you? Well it should and it shouldn’t. This is a body scanned image from a TSA scanner. That woman is fully dressed.  People are subjecting themselves, their wives and their children to this type of databasing?  Here is a little article from DFW Airport where the male TSA goons had a woman go through the scanner THREE times and were laughing and commenting on her ‘cute figure’.

The plan is to implement these scanners in to football games, train stations and shopping malls, just to name a few. Oh and your daughter’s high school prom will have scanners and “enhanced” full bady pat-downs.  Are people really “scared” enough of terrorists to subject their kids and themselves to this type of privacy intrusion?

Well, I am not and because of this I cannot fly any more. Call me a redneck, but I slap strangers who grab my breasts.


Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Female passengers say they are being targeted by TSA screeners for sexual harassment, with one Texas woman being forced to pass through a naked body scanner three times so chuckling male TSA workers in a back room could get a good look at her “cute” figure.

The incident occurred at DFW International Airport earlier this month. Wife and mother Ellen Terrell was asked by a female TSA screener “Do you play tennis?” When Terrell asked why, the screener responded, “You just have such a cute figure.”

Terrell was then told to go through the naked body scanner not once but a second time. She then heard the TSA screener talking into her microphone saying, “Come on guys, alright, alright, one more time.”

After Terrell was forced to undergo a third blast of radiation from the body scanner, the male TSA agents in the back room who were obviously enjoying the show tried to send her through yet again to see more images of her naked body.

“Guys, it is not blurry, I’m letting her go. Come on out,” the female TSA screener said, finally ending the ordeal.

“I feel like I was totally exposed,” Terrell told CBS 11. “They wanted a nice good look.”

An investigation by CBS 11 News has prompted New York Senator Charles Schumer to introduce legislation that will mandate the TSA provide “passenger advocates” who will be on duty at all times to respond to complaints at every airport in the country.

The investigation found that female travelers are victims of a “peep show” by TSA workers who are using naked body scanners to target attractive women.

“CBS 11 News dug through more than 500 records of TSA complaints and found a pattern of women who believe that there was nothing random about the way they were selected for extra screening,” states the report, which lists numerous examples of men forcing women to pass through the scanners in a clear pattern of sexual harassment.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

“Going through security at our nations airports should not be a humiliating or degrading experience,” remarked Schumer after hearing about the investigation. “Because the TSA has refused to put passenger advocates at our nation’s airports, today I’m introducing legislation that would force them to do so.”

However, critics argue that the position would just be filled by another TSA worker, and that such a program will only be worthwhile if the advocate is independent.

A far better solution would be for airports to take advantage of a newly passed law that enables airports to apply to have TSA screeners evicted altogether.

As we have exhaustively documented, TSA workers tasked with operating naked body scanners have found themselves embroiled in an epidemic of criminality, abuses of power, and sexual perversion, with new cases appearing on an almost daily basis.

These people are the least suitable candidates to be providing security at America’s airports, which makes threats by Democrats and people like Joe Lieberman that a “new 9/11″ will occur if the TSA is marginalized all the more asinine.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.


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  1. TSA is the reason I have not flown since 911. I will continue to boycott flying & take trains, busses or drive. The last time I was groped against my wishes I broke their hand & jaw & would do likewise again. The feds frown on it, so I no longer fly.

  2. a dude

    I like to see her go through the scanner 3 times

  3. B Y

    Why don’t they ban male TSA officers from viewing the nude scans? I think it should only be female officers allowed to view these scans. Creates more job opportunities for women too.

    And who the hell leaked these photos? Have they been prosecuted?

  4. SuperAnth

    That scan is a photoshop construct. The scanners don’t pick up hair, which is why all the other pictures show people bald. Also the resolution of this photo is way too high.

  5. Aaron

    duh the picture isn’t real how could she get a TSA picture of her self one of all the dumb ass’ at the TSA someone would have had to post on the internet for her to get it and post it here.
    she should have said that it was not real but this dose not make her story any less horrible!!!

  6. Well, TSA can be used for sexual harrasment as well. What about the impact on our health? do you think it is without side effects to walk through TSA a dozen times a week?

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  8. Mostlystillagreeing

    The author does a decent job pointing out the bullshit people are subjected to in order to travel. However the blatant partisan attempt to claim that democrats support this stuff exclusively is ridiculous. If you talk to self identifying liberals and democrats you’ll find that most of these people hate such things, most self identifying liberals I’ve spoken to have had nothing but choice words about the entire system of current airport security.

    A longtime personal friend of mine who considers herself a libertarian socialist, absolutely refuses to fly and frequently advocates for giving airlines the option to decide if they want this crap there. She believes that the ones who do not have the obnoxious and invasive security will be many times more successful and will be able to make travel less stressful.

    Even amongst more conservative groups who have historically been the supporters of all the increased security after 9/11 support for full body scans and pat downs is very low. However I’ve never met a conservative or libertarian who wanted a complete removal of the current TSA system, just the body scanners.

    In conclusion the attempt to create a partisan divide over something that is almost universally despised is disgusting and moronic. As anyone who actually knows left-minded people will know it’s bullshit.

  9. Not Brainless

    This whole article was retarded.
    Right from the start with those images.
    TSA’S scanners were not set to that level of imaging. Those images were taken from scanners used at prisons where the detail is set to the highest level. TSA’s scanners were much much lower creating a blurred image that no one would find “sexy”. Second, any idiot that has ever operated a digital camera knows what an inverted image looks like. It wouldn’t suddenly make her scan flesh toned. It would invert her image switching black for white and vise versa. She would just look darker grey.
    Third, if you move while being scanned, it leaves a very blurred image. Any one with kids knows how hard it is to get a picture of them that’s not all blurry from them moving. Same thing here. She probably kept moving in the scanner. God forbid any one just stand still for 5 seconds. People try to protest by moving but the only thing that does it create an image that looks like they are trying to hide something. Since that COULD be explosives that would kill every one on that plane, they rescan.
    TSA didn’t have the ability to save images or even print them. So there’s no “data base” either.
    And yes, you clearly are an ignorant Redneck who believes AND continues to spread idiocy.

  10. Bullshit. fake news meant to hype up the ignorant and increase article views with lies and exaggerations. I’ve SEEN actual scans on actual screens. Want to know what those scans actually look like on screen? like the first image blurred and pixilated so all you can see is a fuzzy grey alien thing that looks like its out of phase with this reality… the only things that show up crisp and clear are solid objects such as keys, implants (hip & knee etc) pens, knives, guns and the like… bones are a little more distinguishable but you cannot clearly define soft tissue areas from one another… this image was made by taking the second image, blurring it very little and reversing it to make a fake before image… wanna know how i can tell? you’d NEVER be able to discern clear facial features, breast outlines or nipples in a REAL scan. Next time you go through ASK them if you can see the screen image after you’ve been through, or while your spouse is going through… they are allowed to show you.

  11. Ato

    This is so obviously fake. The most obvious part is that hair is not represented that way through X-Ray, but the gradiant colors you see in this image just isn’t possible.

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