Joey Dauben, Lawyers, Lies and Pure Confusion

Here is an excerpt from the article about Joey…

Since his arrest, the Ellis County Observer website has gone down, and Dauben said in the letter that former associates had turned on him, lied about him and taken down the website without his permission. He said legal action would be forthcoming in connection with the alleged misappropriation of his website. Dauben said claims by former associates that he was on suicide watch and that he had admitted to sexually assaulting the teenager are “lies.”

“But again, I am not bitter, angry or depressed at any of these legal battles,” Dauben said in his letter. “I rejoice and praise Yahweh for suffering the persecution. I pray for my enemies and false accusers daily, and encourage others to show love to one another, even if they come against you.”

Dauben, who describes himself as a Torah-observant Christian, also asked for the contents of the letter to be shared with the rest of the media either publicly or privately.

Dauben said in the letter that former associates had turned on him, lied about him and taken down the website without his permission.

First I will state, I am only assuming this letter he wrote was in reference to me.  I did not take down the Ellis County Observer without Joey Dauben’s permission.  The hosting fees were due and I refused to pay the renewal, but I will come back to this topic.

Dauben said claims by former associates that he was on suicide watch

Then the suicide watch claim, in the article I posted, I made it clear that the suicide watch was information I had received and it needed to be confirmed. Also, in the suicide watch article, I (not remembering my exact wording) stated that I have known Joey for a while and I would never believe him to be suicidal and if something happened to him and suicide was the claim, then it was definitely foul play.

…and that he had admitted to sexually assaulting the teenager are “lies.

I don’t remember, nor I have I been able to find where I supposedly put this on any blog.  If it is somewhere out in the blog-o-sphere, it most definitely was not me that posted this type of thing.  I did receive an email from someone saying that he admitted to them, he was in fact guilty. When I asked this person to tell me verbatim what Joey said, it fell very short of an outright admittance to guilt. In fact it could have been construed as exactly the opposite.

He said legal action would be forthcoming in connection with the alleged misappropriation of his website.

Okay, back to the website topic. I did not pay the renewal when it was due on January 18th, 2012. I did change some passwords to The ECO. For three or four reasons, Joey was passing out the passwords to people I do not know and I am not going to be “fill-in” publisher getting the lawsuit threats and threats against my family for a website, when I do not who has access to said website.

Second, Brannon was running his infamous ‘whore-cunt’ articles and videos when Joey expressly wrote he did not want stuff like that being posted, so I took Brannon’s admin away.

Also, I did it in part, FOR Joey’s sake. His sister had been given advice by three lawyers to tell him to stop blogging and talking to the media.  Everyone who knows Joey, knows he would never listen to such advice, so I did it for him.

Now for the newsflash- A few days after The ECO went down, I was on the phone with Brannon Bridge. Brannon was trying to access Joey’s account to renew the domain hosting. He could not get in. Brannon and I were going to pay the hosting fees, just so Joey wouldn’t lose all of his work for the last five years. I already knew he was lashing at me via letters to other people and myself. I was going to leave the site alone and completely disassociate and just out of a friendly gesture of “so long buddy” I was going to pay the renewal.

We could not access the account and I started receiving email notifications that the Admin username password was changed, the brandyowen username password was changed and the Joey G. Dauben username had been changed. Usually these notifications come in alerting that ‘such-and-such’ username requests a password change. This was not the case, the passwords were just changed. Then I received word that we, Brannon and I, could not access the account because the District Attorney’s office had seized The Ellis County Observer.

Then a letter from Joey came to my house on Feb. 6th saying that the State of Texas was trying to seize the site and he wanted all of his password given in writing, to his mom, sister or him within three days of my receiving the letter. He wanted his facebook,, gmail and hotmail passwords given over to his family or more, blah blah blah, legal action, against me threats, network intrusion or something.

I never had his passwords, I changed his facebook passwords December 20th, 2011, to control the hate-filled posts on his FB Wall, but then promptly gave the password to Jamie Corpany and then in mid-January I gave the FB login to his sister, Shelby Dauben. Shelby then changed the password. I gave Shelby the passwords to gmail, I never had the hotmail passwords. I never changed the passwords to his paypal account. I got the email notification that the renewal for The ECO was up so I signed in to it once around January 3rd to see if the money was there to renew The ECO, there was $6 in the account and then I never signed in again. I believe Joey’s mother had the paypal account access.  I never had access to the wepay donation account.

As for Curtis Butler claiming I had access to the monies donated to The ECO, that is completely false. I did not set-up the account, I never had access and I am not a thief PERIOD. I take money back if a cashier at a store gives me the wrong change, I just am not a thief.

“But again, I am not bitter, angry or depressed at any of these legal battles,” Dauben said in his letter

I do not wish any ill will on Joey Dauben and I do hope he is spared from going to prison. I think this is a hard lesson for him to learn about accusing people of being guilty of crimes when they have not yet been in front of a jury. I did not turn on Joey. I walked away from his fight. He is going to be “battling” people all of his life and that is just not my bag baby.

According to the LLC attorney that represents Freedom of The Press Group LLC there will be no legal action brought against me. And I wish Dauben all the luck in the world with his legal battles and I think he has way more important legal battles to fight than ones against me.

Thanks to the Dallas Voice for not publishing my name. I am quite certain he wrote the letter with my name, in an effort to show me he still has “power”. His brand of power anyways.


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  1. lulz baby

    way too arrogant to commit suicide

  2. gingersnapthornoftruth

    this kinda clears things up, except I cant keep up with the passwordgate of who has what password and changed it when to what.

    The other thing that comes out here is that Joey has been fed a lot of information about you from someone. Joey cant see what all is going on here, at least I dont think, so someone is telling him you are doing all of this and thats why he considers you a “former associate”.

  3. Brandy Owen

    Former associate? oh i am not losing any sleep over it. He just needs someone to lash out against. I would guess it is Curtis feeding bull or the same person is feeding Curtis and Joey bullshit. Anyhow, I don’t have ANY passwords now, and I like it that way. i haven;t try to log in to any thing since mid-january and his letters threatening legal action letters go right in file 13.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      I know you dont like my advice, but remember when this first all started going down I said the best thing for you and your family was to get as far away as possible from Joey Dauben? I wasnt trying to be mean or spitefull with that, I really meant it.

      • I didn’t take that any other way than, solid advice. i heard it from many people. I also heard over the years, one day he’ll turn on you too Brandy. Many times as a matter of fact, i was told that on the phone, via email and in comments on The ECO. I didn’t listen. I am a learn from experience kinda girl. i really am confused on how this outline of events is so difficult for you to understand.

        It is written in brandyspeak?

        • gingersnapthornoftruth

          ok, I’ll be specific. As much as you wrote there, there is still a lot of fill in the blanks type of background info that we the reader dont understand. Such as with Brannon, you say Joey expressly said he didn’t want the brannan youtube crap, well when was this, and how did he say that because he didnt’ seem to have much of a problem with it when he was running the ECO. And then, after taking his passwords, you then tried to team up with him to get the ECO back? So he was ok with you taking his passwords?

          I dont know what the Jamie Company is. And are we to infer from Joey’s letter to you on the 6th telling you to give the passwords ect to his mom and sister that since the DA siezed the ECO Joey is thinking and blamining you for this? I dont know where Curtis made those accusations. “According to the LLC attorney that represents Freedom of The Press Group LLC there will be no legal action brought against me”, well I’m assuming this attorney is working for Joey so is he saying Joey himself wont bring charges against you or was he speaking out of turn?

          • I guess Joey realized his reputation is/was tied to The ECO and thought better of the Brannon stuff once he got thrown in the slammer.

            Yeah, Brannon was ok with me taking his passwords. Brannon is a pretty easy-going guy and he was just real whatever about it, I told him I would reinstate his passwords under certain conditions but then my computer crashed the next day.

            Jamie Corpany is a friend of Joey’ s and on the board of directors for FOTP Group LLC.

            And YES, Joey is essentially blaming me for this happening. He says he can’t log in to renew things because I changed all of the passwords and won’t give them to anyone. Which is false, I don’t have the passwords to ANY of his accounts.

            The from FOTP Group LLC LLC lawyer- Matthew Moseley

            “Ok. Let’s all relax. I’m not planning to pay my very expensive attorney to pursue legal action on anyone except the DA. I will try to call you tonight.”

  4. roadrunner

    Can the timezone on this be updated? It looks like the comments are in the future.

  5. duane

    For we battle not against the flesh and blood but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.

    Whatever the outcome, and I pray that only the truth be known, I will remember the good you guys did for many. Sometimes all a person ever needed was for someone to talk with, vent, tell their side of the story that like in my case, never had a chance to be told.

    I believe in my heart that your cause was just and honorable, only meant for good.

    I lost my daughter to a woman who is deeply involved in the occult specific to Satanism aided by a corrupt family law court. There was nowhere to turn and I learned that if you try to expose this evil that is in our society today, people will run the other way. Pastors, law enforcement and even family avoided me like the plague. I wasn’t a participant in this stuff. Didn’t know anything about it until it came knocking at my door and I unknowingly let it in. It destroyed everything that had any meaning to my life and that of my young daughter.

    You guys gave me an opportunity to listen and learn from others. It was the only blog that I had found that was willing to be bold for Christ and take up the Cross and engage in the battle for our children.

    Thank You All For the Good Things You Have Done
    The Battle is still being waged.

    • ellis county times

      Duane, i will set up an email account for this website and I would like you to contact me through that email I will post shortly. i would like to hear your story. I was told that you also have supporting documents you would like me to see.

      • gingersnapthornoftruth

        documents that support that the mother is a practicing occultic satanist? Yeah I’d like to see those too.

  6. ellis county times

    testing my timezone change

  7. duane

    I will be checking back for that email. Is this Brandy Owen’s website ??

    Really sad about the Joey deal.

  8. Erica

    Gotta give it up to you, Brandy, for finally separating yourself from him. A lot of people have been taken in by him in the beginning, only to burned later.

    We may have gotten off to a very bad start, but I respect you for this post.

    • Lord Brannon Fucking Bridge

      Erica, Shut the fuck up, What happened to oooo I’m Queen PETA…..I also noticed that you name is now Pam…your a fuckin whore beyond whores…

      • vicky

        love it brannon,,and they associate with melonie white,paige winters,shane crowe too many other pedophiles to name…and that wall is pure filth,,women one of them erica morse bordorff,,i call her bone dorff,, they all say the word cunt,,to me thats pure filth,,,all alias names,,shane crowe has all the above and more,,,

  9. A loving mommy, and mommy to be.

    Thousands feel that Joey was set up by the very ones that he exposed. Like the AXJ hate group masking as family rights activists. Terri C Stoddard, John Aster, Michelle Stewart are all a part of the hidden online pedophile ring calling itself AXJ. Seems Joey may have hit a nerve with the child molesters that he in the past exposed. Funny how he was arrested just a day or two after he exposed the AXJ cult.

  10. A loving mommy, and mommy to be.

    Not forgetting to mention that Donald Tenn of Fathers 4 Justice and Bill Stoneking, actor/director, are also friends with the exact people Joey exposed. I am seeing a connection, is anyone else???? I think child molesters have found a good hiding spot, Masking as activists and fighters for freedom. Who would even think of it.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      I know Brandy appreciates you brining their names back up and now on her blog this time since they are so litigeous.

      • B

        yeah they are fucking litigious. but I might get sued for saying they like to sue people. They were the most relentless after Joey went to jail about lawsuit threats except ole Erica up there in this thread. I think the guy John Aster even admitted to the 15,000+ child porn images on his computer. I will have to look up more. I read an instant message thread that he claims to have plead guilty because they said they would give him 12 years if he didn’t plea. Well, how did 15,000+ plus child porn images end up there? Sorry, but I WILL NEVER admit to some shit like that, I don’t care if the gallows are in front of me, I AIN”T admitting to SHIT. jacksquatery

  11. Really?

    Well, the problem here is that he was under investigation by the Texas Rangers for this crime two months before he ever did anything regarding AXJ so keep the conspiracy thing going I’m sure Brandy will feed it for you.

  12. A loving mommy, and mommy to be.

    Funny, Joey was on the AXJ cult for almost a year. So what…

    • //à®’à®°ு தீவிà®° விஜய் ரசிகர் இந்த à®®ாதிà®°ி அஜித் பட விமர்சனம் போடுவதை மனதுவந்து à®003#006;à®°ாட்ட&#3&06;மல&#3ª21; இருக்க à®®ுடியலை – இரவு பாà®°்த்து விட்டு à®®ேலுà®®் சொல்கிà®±ேன் பயங்கர innocent நீà®™்க

  13. Well explained and understandable.

    best of luck!

  14. A loving mommy, and mommy to be.

    Terri Stoddard admits to allowing her own kids to experiment with each other with in regards to sex. I saw what that woman said in that group, I was there…. There is a HUGE pattern here and those who oppose it, are actually trying to help and cover it up.

  15. A loving mommy, and mommy to be.

    Maybe Joey was a part of it, and was in a heated argument with the leaders of the cult and left threatening to reveal the ring, so they had to close in on Joey as he could topsi the whole pedo ring. So AXJ, Terri Stoddard John Aster, Michelle Stewart, Donald Tenn and Bill Stoneking wanted to shut him up before they get caught, so they planted this ahead of time. Corruption is one real big bitch when played right.

  16. A loving mommy, and mommy to be.

    What seems to be happening to Joey, is what happened to “John Todd” who exposed the Illuminati. And tens of thousands of others world wide. Someone wants Joey to shut up, Joey must have hit a note, the right note on Terri Stoddard, these family rights activists groups are nothing but hindering scams, using innocent people as covert cover for their operations. John Aster gets busted with child porn and gives up the pedo ring that you se on news recently. Yes, thats right, John Aster gave up that ring to save his but. And the bust was all over the news. And guess what, John Aster is ceo of the AXJ o Cult. also friends with Terri Stoddard, Donald Tenn, Michelle Stewart, Bill Stoneking. They are all connected and all friends with one another, and they all have some sort of family rights group they hide behind.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      maybe you and joey were right about these people and groups, but what happened to Joey is completely seperate. The timing seems weird to you, but most of the rest of the people that know Joey are asking “what took you so long” in terms of the authorities.

    • vicky


    • Michelle

      “A loving mommy,Lol and mommy to be”,are u sure your name isn’t the next Dummy you see?

      I am Michelle Stewart ~”Dummy Mommy”~ you douchebag and you might want to do ur research well befor dribbling ur tripe .
      I have never ever been affiliated with Asterpedo and AXJ quite the contrary opposed to them and the rest of the people you name that I am so called “affiliated with”,I don’t know at fkn all.
      The only nuts I like are those I buy too eat,not those that hang on social sites like Crackbook speaking crap (Like ^^^^urself)..
      Go suck some air and get some oxygen to those brain cells,they might give you the ability to use Google dimwit and get ur facts straight Dummy Mommy!
      Lol “at they are all connected”only by ur deluded mind and my guess is since you know all these people so well and fist and last name basis, the only person connected to the likes of them would be you.
      (Don’t feed the Trolls)

  17. Erica


    I’ve had enough with your crap of calling me dirty names. Didn’t the DA tell you to shut your damn mouth when he seized the ECO? Looks like you’re going down, too, and just hate everyone involved in sending you to the gutter.

    Pam? No, sorry, I don’t use fake names…unlike you, I have no reason to hide what I write, because I stick to the truth.

    Come at me again and I’ll zip it off to the ol’ DA’s office to add to their arsenal. Better yet, I’ll put you there myself.

    • in the KNOW

      No one is going down for being a potty mouth. And you have nothing to do with the DA or seizure of The ECO Erica.

      “Come at me again and I’ll zip it off to the ol’ DA’s office to add to their arsenal. Better yet, I’ll put you there myself.”

      Really? We got ourselves another delusional blogger…already.

    • vicky

      erica shut your pie hole,,,your only mad because he exposed your ass,and your letting a pedophile on your page,,,that page is pure filth your running,,,calling peole cunts,,,you and that wacko team you got are the sick perverts,,because your associating with,,paige winters,melanie white,shane crowe,,too many others to mention,,your as sick as they are,joey busted that open about you shane crow,and your daughter was on dr.phil,,you still got custody after semen was found in your own babies diaper,,,and still got your kids back,,,wow,,,so what, i have a record for cocaine back in the day,,went to jail for 3 mos,,never been in trouble since.but to be a pedophile and get away with it,,thats scary,,,

      • gingersnapthornoftruth

        ok, for those of us who dont know, who is erica and what page or group was she on that said all of this?

        • Erica was featured in two articles Joey did on the Hailey Dunn case. If my memory serves correctly, she took pictures of garbage and rotting trash and claimed one had a human skull. The pictures kind of, sort of looked like a little skull but I think it was an oil can. Another article was from her own facebook where she was threatening and insulting a woman. I went to collegeI’ll sue your fat assblah blah blah

          The first time i ever had a communication from her was right after Joey went to jail. It started…”You probably don;t know me but I am sure you hate because Joey told you to do so.” and then on to I went to college. I am going to sue you. You are stupid Something like that anyway.

          Well, I ripped her a new e-hole and told her I have the screen shot from her own website so I know the article Joey published about her was true. And every time we encounter each other on FaceBook and other forums- She will not engage, only block and report me. because she is a liar and i have the proof. So that is Erica in a nutshell.

  18. Lord Brannon Fucking Bridge

    lol, Erica, ummmm The DA didn’t tell me anything cause I haven’t broke any laws….silly goofball…

  19. Lord Brannon Fucking Bridge

    @Gingersnap…Erica is one of the Admins…on the Page “About time you shut up” and I think was formly a page against the Save Joey page on FB ……

  20. Erica

    OK, I have HAD IT. I have NEVER used the “c” word, as I think it is horribly offensive. If someone made me an admin of a page, so be it. I cannot control what Dan writes, but you’re too damn stupid to know that.

    Now here’s what’s going to happen. Brandy – BITCH – call the Sheriff in Colorado City about those pictures. Then call the Attorney General’s office. Be prepared with your “expensive fucking attorney” because you’re going to need him. You idiots have been clinging to Joey’s false stories about me. You have no FUCKING CLUE what you’re talking about. When you speak with these law enforcement agencies, tell them my name. They already have it. Give them the pics. Oh, wait – they already have them. Tell them I ruined a search – oh, wait – they already know I didn’t. This is your fucking problem: you don’t KNOW what you DON’T KNOW.

    Brannon, do you really think you know everything? You know nothing, you fat fucking retarded mice-eating piece of shit. I have been taking crap from ECO and Co. for over a year now for something that is FALSE, and you idiots keep piling it on. Now I’m going to call the very people you keep threatening me with (but obviously don’t have the balls to make the call) and tell them to add your names to the charges. This is the problem, people…you don’t live here, and have no damn clue what is going on. What I did with those pictures was fully on the up and up for reasons your pathetic little minds will never understand. Your fearless Yaweh led you down the wrong path and you jumped on-board without knowing shit. Now you’re going to eat it.

    Brandy, I take back my earlier comment about “digging” you. A real lady would have accepted such a compliment. Instead, you start posting shit about me. Call your attorney, bitch…you’re going to need it.

    And that number if you need it…is on the Hailey posters. Find it. They’re waiting. I’ve been talking to them all day. Go ahead. Call.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      you need to take some classes in “how to threaten someone on the internet”. This little “I’m gonna tell on you” gig hasnt worked since 3rd grade.

    • Lord Brannon Fucking Bridge

      lol @Erica, “A real lady would have accepted such a compliment” lmao….A compliment by you is not even worth a penny….I never said anything about knowing everything…

      “Now I’m going to call the very people you keep threatening me with (but obviously don’t have the balls to make the call)”

      No one ever threatened you with anyone….but apparently your to delusional to know or read…In my oppinion

    • lulz baby

      How did I threaten you? You are, in my opinion, a bit psychotic. I never said you ruined a search either. Here we go again with that reading comprehension we talked about. I don’t have the balls to make a call? I have the screen shots from your own website, I know you did post those pics. Actually, I don’t give a rats ass about you or what you are “up to” someone asked who you are/were and I explained. You got a problem with that, then get the fuck off of my website. You got that-BITCH? You gonna cry me a fucking river for calling you a bitch when you just did it to me?

      Get a fucking life. You sure are stupid to be so fucking educated. Why don’t you stop burdening law enforcement with your fucking cry baby shit, lady?

      That “very expensive attorney” statement was a quote from someone else. Learn how to fucking read moron. Oh and go away.

      • I’m sick of hearing liberals balme every person that voted for Kris as &#c880;homophobi2.ࢭ They did the same thing with Obama except about race. IT’s really pathetic that all they can focus on is race/sexual orientation. I really wish liberals could move past that crap.

  21. Erica

    I don’t threaten. I deliver. I had every right to blow up after a year of this crap.

    But now you people have bigger problems.

  22. Lord Brannon Fucking Bridge

    LOL…Things that make me giggle:

    This is how delusional Erica is:

    “About time you shut up
    One of them just crashed my laptop.
    I’m on hubby’s. Local LE had just sent me the link to someone at the FBI, b/c apparently they’re handling everything online-Joey. Immediately following, someone took control of my laptop and crashed all 14,000 files. ”

    About time you shut up
    Hmmmm….I’m curious what the legal ramifications are for a wanna-be publisher who puts it in writing that he won’t leak or publish something…then turns around, leakes & publishes it and includes the name of the person.
    LikeUnlike · · Share · Yesterday at 6:31pm · About time you shut up likes this..

    About time you shut up mr sin says: its been a while since i seen anyone talking in here? whats going on now? !!!!
    Yesterday at 10:24pm · LikeUnlike.Mark as SpamReport as Abuse…
    Mark as SpamAbout time you shut up Jokey “published” something last year that created a huge mess and wasted lots of government resources. More LE agencies getting involved now…they’re going to have to arm-wrestle for jurisdiction.
    21 hours ago · LikeUnlike.About time you shut up if the stupid bastard would have written it in crayon his pointy lil head would have a great excuse .
    11 hours ago · LikeUnlike.About time you shut up Not only will they eat their words, but these assholes just bought themselves a one-way ticket to Crayonville. People are fed up down here with this bullshit. And they keep bringing up those damn skull pics like they know what the deal is…they do not. I’ve already talked to LE…they’re noth appy

    About time you shut up
    One of them just crashed my laptop.
    I’m on hubby’s. Local LE had just sent me the link to someone at the FBI, b/c apparently they’re handling everything online-Joey. Immediately following, someone took control of my laptop and crashed all 14,000 files. These are now federal charges. I want you all to be careful. This is about to get very ugly.
    2 hours ago · LikeUnlike.About time you shut up I’m going to try & fix mine. If not, I’ll check in periodically. Going to call the Fibbies now.
    2 hours ago · LikeUnlike.Mark as SpamReport as Abuse…
    Mark as SpamAbout time you shut up Thank you, Love all. I will add him to the e-mail. Local LE told me the FBI is now handling all things related to the ECO, so I’ve been asked to forward Brandy’s website to them. Apparently she’s been warned, which is why she has that pricey attorney, so now she gets to use him!
    about an hour ago · LikeUnlike.

  23. lulz baby

    What the fuck is she talking about? This person needs mental help, now I am hacking computers again? That is what it sounds like she is accusing me of anyways. AYE AYE AYE what a nut job. IF she is even telling the truth, uh law enforcement is going to read this comment thread and haul this lady off to a mental institution. BAKER ACT HER NOW LE!

  24. lulz baby

    Apparently I have been warned? What the fuck is she even talking about? What a dumb bunny. And I don’t have a pricey attorney. That was a quote from someone else. LEARN HOW TO FUCKING READ!!



  26. B

    Here we go again. My god these people can hold a grudge. Everything I’ve got in to it? about 10$ and 10 hours? ooooo GO AWAY CRAZY PEOPLE!

  27. whomeveryouwantmetobe

    OMG – it is ECO II. Here for the lulz Brandy. Keep it unreal.

  28. whomeveryouwantmetobe

    Oh yeah, remember that case that Joey kept talking about…you know…Jeff Barron? Well, the judge is now up on corruption charges and it looks like Barron is being vindicated.

    • No he isn’t. All that article says is that someone filed complaints him. These aren’t criminal charges. Baron filed a grievance on him and the grievance was denied.

  29. Justa Witness

    Wonder if Erica and MVZ were psychotic twins separated at birth?

  30. gingersnapthornoftruth

    BTW, according to the Daily Light, Joey has finally be appointed an attorney, some guy in Waxahachie Ed Jendrzey is going to be representing Joey

  31. B

    AND they said he was in jail for aggravated sexual assault. But the way I understand it, a substantial down payment was given to griffith and the person who did it has four months to pay the other $10,000 to Griffith.

  32. whomeveryouwantmetobe

  33. whomeveryouwantmetobe

  34. whomeveryouwantmetobe

    How did Rapist Lawyer Stinky P get on here? #Vile #Spurious #shit

  35. MsCallendar

    Mrs. Brandy, I just want you to know that chances are he’ll come after me too for “shutting down” the Odessa Observer without his consent. But just like you, I had no reason to or interest in paying the renewal fees. Sooooo if worst comes to worst and Joey does try to press charges against you for whatever bullshit charge he can find, I’ve got your back totally, ma’am! Just let me know when/if that time comes.
    You spoke epic truth in this article and are absolutely right when you say that this is his battle. I do wholeheartedly believe that it’s a lesson and quite honestly, that he’s hiding behind Judaism right now. It’s a real-life matter, not just a spiritual war fought with Bibles and good intent. Hopefully, something will bring him to that reality; something that makes him realize that there are certain aspects of his “attack method” in journalism that he has to change.
    Until then I have said “Au Revoir” to Mr. Dauben and have seperated myself from that situation.
    We were all sort of unknowingly pulled into it, ya know….

  36. they drag him

    I hear around here that you’ll do anything for money, you whore!

  37. Dan

    Vicky , go back to yer trailer and shut the fuck up . As to the about time you shut up page , I made that . It has nothing to do with “free joey ” or anything joey other than Vicky . She opened a page and asked the public for their opinion . Once the public gave their opinion , she and a list of others started attacking everyone who’s opinions differed from theirs . Calling people pedophiles and using the ” he musta exposed you for something ” line . Typical bullshit form small minded peons . I made that page as a big FUCK YOU to vicky . You got it into your panties that this was about Joey . I don’t give a flying fuck about Dauben . He has his own shit to deal with . As for you Vicky , you just cant keep your fucking mouth shut about anything . I closed my page like we discussed and yet I still see you making smart ass comments everywhere . Grow up granny . And the lie about being in a wheelchair was nice , the only thing in a chair is your brain you clueless cunt .

    • I can only imagine that the advantage of going to asteroids rather than the moon is that asteroids have much lower gravity, so anything you mine there can be got ‘off pl#ent&a8217; for much lower energy expenditure. It’s still hard to see how anything on an asteroid could possibly be valuable enough to offset all the energy and expense of collecting it though.

  38. Woah! I’m really enjoying the template/theme of this site. It’s simple, yet effective.
    A lot of times it’s very difficult to get that “perfect balance” between usability and appearance. I must say you’ve done a very good job with this.
    Additionally, the blog loads super quick for me on
    Internet explorer. Outstanding Blog!

  39. gingersnapthornoftruth

    WordPress has decided to become gaypress, so anyway if you want to follow me I’m over at

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