Thanks to the Readers and Good Luck to Me- lol

I want to say thanks to the readers and commenters. I officially launched this site Feb. 15th.  I had a couple posts on the 14th, kind of testing the waters. Well, as of Feb. 16th, 2 am I have had 1,342 page views not counting pages I viewed while logged in as admin. I did post two stories on another site and have over 850 views on one of those threads, but I am not counting those.

So, 1,342 is the Grand Opening number and the Joey thread was a little less than 200 of that count.  And special thanks to Curtis Butthurtler for being a douche bag, I never would have done it without you pissing me off.


About elliscountytimes

Not a lot to say. I am a novice at just about everything I do.

One comment

  1. duane

    Good luck to you Brandy and may God Bless your work.

    I see where they got old Judge Royal Ferguson for something to do with corruption.

    He learned everything out her in Midland before going to Dallas. Good Old Boy’s.

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