Clearing Rumors


About elliscountytimes

Not a lot to say. I am a novice at just about everything I do.


  1. newbie and loving it

    What the frick is this supposed to be? Inside joke or something?

  2. gingersnapthornoftruth

    ok, you can legally vote, or run for something.

  3. Brandy Owen

    Some of the Erica and friends were railing on me saying I can’t pay my own property taxes and that patrick’s grandmother pays them because they saw this Kathleen Owen name on my tax records. WELL, first of all Kathleen Owen is NOT my husband’s grandmother and I have an escrow account that Kathleen writes my tax payments out of every year. Both of my husband’s grandmas are dead. DEAD I tell you. One of them has been dead for 20 years, the other one died in the Philippines a couple of years ago.

    So there for the whole to see. I, in fact, have an escrow account with a Trust that holds the deed to my house.

    They are so juvenile. I told them that, Kathleen is only 23 years older than my husband and 2 or 3 years older than my in-laws. They wanted to argue that Kathleen looks WAY older than my mother-in-law.

    Okay, well my mother-in-law is filipina (look younger than other people) and has had a facelift. Kathleen doesn’t dye her silver hair so she looks old to these people but is a very beautiful woman.

    This is so stupid. For the record people. I don’t even know the Vicky person who posted that stuff about you. I just read it late last night.

  4. gingersnapthornoftruth

    who is the trust of, or did you set it up?

  5. Brandy Owen

    uh, nunya

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      heh heh, well while you were giving me a personal biography I figured I mind as well try.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      and yes you are right, that is none of my business, just like 99% of everything in that letter and what you posted, I was just wondering where you would draw the line.

  6. B

    Just for dumb asses who think they know something. They want to argue that Patrick’s grandmother is alive because the internet told them so. Well I read on the internet pink monkeys flew out of Gingersnap’s butt.

    Oh Oh Oh and they were saying that my real name is not Brandy Owen. LOL and I smoke weed (I do not and haven’t in years)

  7. Lord Brannon Fucking Bridge

    @B They seem to believe everything they find on the internet, they said Brannon ate mouse….because we saw it on youtube….however I never actually ate it….n can’t ever be proven that I ate it

  8. Alfred Davis

    You may not have eaten the thing but you sure as shit stuck the nasty little thing in your mouth. I figure you were doing it for effect.

  9. Lord Brannon Fucking Bridge

    lol @Alfred….Ya It was all for effect..I had done that video like over a year ago…and As soon as I stuck it in my mouth…I turned the camera off and put it back, I wouldn’t of eaten that thing…the taste of it would of been horrible

  10. Not a Vendetta

    I found this on a face book page About Time You Shut Up. looks like brandy is right and telling the truth and that page is just spewing hate and ignorance. Good luck to you brandy. It looks like you are getting it from both sides the anti-joey crown and the pro-joey crowd and joey himself. That is fucked up and i wish you all the best.

  11. B

    Thank you @not a vendetta I am getting it from all directions but everyone keeps talking about Kharma and I do believe in Kharma…..NEWSFLASH- maybe believe in it more than I believe in Jesus. Everyone keeps lumping me in with the Yaweh crowd…that is fine, I don’t care about that but I am interested in Eastern philosophies too.

    I am getting lumped in with some lady named Vicky…don’t know who she is. AND another rumor. I am hearing that Joey is accusing me to people through jail mail that I stole $8,000 from a bank account.

    First of all, I don’t even know what bank Joey uses. I did not, will I ever nor do I plan on stealing $8,000 from anyone. I have never stolen money from someone in my life and I don’t plan on it now.

    The person who told me this said they replied, “I do not for one minute think that [Brandy stealing money] is true and even if she did, she is entitled to it for all of the free work she has done for Joey over the years.”

    Well, I didn’t do it and I wouldn’t do it. So that is that. I tried to call some of Joey’s family and text them, to confirm this is a rumor coming from Joey, but I have not received any replies.

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