Joey Dauben and MORE Lawyers, Lies and Pure Confusion

In this latest article out of Waxahachie, Joey Dauben has FINALLY been appointed an attorney.  Which is very suspicious.  Anyone want to tell me why it took two months to get him an appointed when it is supposed to take 72 hours?

Nah, really Brandy, don’t be a conspiracy theorist, everything is copacetic with this case. 

Well, another problem, the article says he is in jail for aggravated sexual assault of a child. That is false. There are no aggravated charges on him.  There is a huge difference in adding an aggravated charge on this offense.  One is the equivalent of statutory rape (consensual underage sex) I know plenty of people will argue that a 15 year old cannot consent. Uh, well I could consent when I was 15. I know plenty of other people that have agreed on this point. I am a Libertarian, not so hardcore that all age of consent should be removed but really 80 years potential sentence four years after an alleged incident with a consenting 15 year old?!?

According to the law, I had until I was 28 years old to file charges on a boyfriend I had when I was 15-16 years of age, who I lied to about my age. This makes sense to people? Not logical people but perpetual victims? Sure.

It is bullshit when he is just now getting an attorney and another point-in-fact that I find interesting… The first indictment released had a blackout on the accuser’s name. Then I got a copy of the indictment without the blackout. Note- the indictment did not have a county seal on it, did not have a proper signature, did not have any attachments of evidence, no statement of witness/victim, no list of investigating officers, no police report filing the charges attached.  There is so much missing it is a joke.

However, when Joey’s sister went down to the Navarro County Clerk to get a certified copy of the indictment, there is a different name for the accuser on it than the previous indictments floating around.  Pretty curious once again.  Not that there are different accusers, it is, the first indictment (with no supporting evidence or county clerk, Navarro County, State of Texas stamps on it) had the accuser’s NICKNAME as the victim.  Somewhere along the line the indictment was changed and his real name replaced his nickname in the indictment.  I find this very interesting indeed.

I am wondering if the accuser even filed these charges. OR (some Brandy conjecture for you)  if during the Ellis County “phishing expedition” raid on all of Joey’s computers and such, there was found some evidence of an inappropriate relationship and the whole thing was pursued as a vendetta against Dauben by the District Attorney’s office?


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  1. gingersnapthornoftruth

    I dont know, but at the end of the day, they are going to produce some boy who they will proove knew joey and was at that camp, that boy is going to testify that joey had sex with him at that camp. Joey’s public defender is going to plead with Joey to take a plea deal, he may, or he may not. Then after all of this, he gets shipped over to Ellis County where they will take their shot at him as well. Either way you slice it, conspiracy or just straight up hard evidence, we wont be seeing Joey around anytime soon.

  2. nothingbettertodotoday

    RE: Brandy conjecture – I can see that happening. Ellis County suspects a crime, investigates, in course/scope of investigation finds another crime. Like, IRS vs Al Capone. But I disagree with calling it a vendetta. It’s the DA’s job to investigate and prosecute crimes.

  3. Not a Vendetta

    ya right then he sits there for two months when everyone knows he filed the pauper’s request for court appointment. But he never got the lawyer. Then the indictment is changed and then they are trying to go for 80 years for a bs crime. Nope no vendetta here and a $200000 bond. nope no vendetta here

  4. nothingbettertodotoday

    @ Not a Vendetta:

    1) if you did not personally carry the paperwork from Joey to the court, then you do not know for sure that the paperwork was a) completed by Joey, b) delivered to the court or c) the court failed to act in a timely manner.

    2) I haven’t seen any discussion anywhere in which anybody thinks it’s fair that Joey sat in jail for 2 months without an attorney.

    3) Indictments and charges are changed or revised all the time. It’s just part of the process. Nobody seems to complain too loudly when charges are reduced – that requires a change in an indictment or charge.

    4) The bond is $50k per count, 4 counts. I might be wrong, but I think 80 years is the total if there is a guilty sentence for each count and time is served for each count consectively.

    5) How do you know it’s a “bs crime”? Were you there? Seems most people that are adamant about Joey’s innocense know him personally and a) believe in consiracy theories or b) have homophobic tendencies.

    6) I have no opinion as to Joey’s guilt or innocense. And, I don’t care – I’m just following these blogs because Joey’s supporters and conspiracy theories are more interesting than what’s on TV and it’s too wet to ride my horse. But, I don’t believe that what Joey did and said relative to his postings on ECO was important or damaging enough for all of the governments agencies in 3 counties and the Texas Rangers to their pool resources just to “get” Joey Dauben on trumped up charges. I just can’t wait for the trial!

    • Well, I must say thank you. ” 6) I have no opinion as to Joey’s guilt or innocense. And, I don’t care – I’m just following these blogs because Joey’s supporters and conspiracy theories are more interesting than what’s on TV and it’s too wet to ride my horse.”

      Thank You. As for this, I do have an opinion on his guilt or innocence, however no matter what I think about guilty or not guilty the way it is going down it’s total nonsense.

      • gingersnapthornoftruth

        but brandy, by either token you wouldnt want him to get off on a technicality if he in fact is guilty would you? At some point both sides need to have their shot at convincing a jury and then let them vote. Everything else is just window dressing

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      this is one of the best posts I have seen anyone on Joey, every part is right on.

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