Remember Jeff Barron and Judge Royal Furgeson? Judge W. Royal Ferguson Jr Charged with Corruption in Looting Over $4 Million

In Texas, federal Judge W. Royal Furgeson, Jr. has been charged with corruption.

The case involves an individual named Jeff Baron and a company that he owned, named Ondova Limited Company[1].

Ondova Limited Company was a successful Internet company, accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), that pioneered innovative software in the early days of the Internet….

Jeff  Baron was a successful, high-tech entrepreneur that created and pioneered innovative software during the early days of the Internet.  Until about four months ago, Jeff owned a successful multi-million dollar business and a multi-million dollar trust that he established to fund research for a cure to insulin dependent diabetes, an illness that has afflicted Jeff since very early childhood.

In July 2010, Jeff settled a lawsuit that had forced one of his companies into bankruptcy (Jeff, himself, has never been in bankruptcy).  Upon settlement, the bankruptcy was funded with almost two million dollars so that all the creditors would be paid in full and his company would be returned to him.

After the settlement, one of the lawyers filed a request to be paid over $300,000.00 in addition to the over $600,000.00 that he had already been paid.  Jeff Baron filed an objection to the additional fee, which triggered unimaginable acts of retribution.

Three business days later, without any notice or hearing, Jeff Baron was involuntarily placed in ‘receivership and forced to be a servant to a lawyer/judge in the case, who was now adverse to Jeff .  The receivership stripped Jeff Baron of 100% of his property and possessions (everything from his checking account to his car keys and his telephone)  and suspended most of his constitutional rights (the lawyer whose fees Jeff objected to is the lawyer that filed the request for the ‘receivership’ ).

Jeff Baron is a U.S. citizen, never been convicted of any crime, never lost at any trial, and never had any judgments against him.  ALL of his property rights and most of his civil rights have been stripped from him (without any hearing).  He is prohibited from managing his own affairs, from owning anything, from traveling outside of his local area, from engaging in any transaction, from owning ANY possessions, etc… His personal life savings has all been taken from him and ‘redistributed’ to two law firms that are on good terms with U.S. District Court Judge W. Royal Furgeson who entered the receivership order.… Read the Rest of the Article here

I will tell you what some of that innovative software was and what it did.  Most readers know about Joey’s domain companies that were actually Jeff Baron’s. Joey Dauben was the front man.  So when the article says Baron didn’t have any judgments against him, that is true, the judgements were all against Joey Dauben.  Many people think about buying up domain names and Joey sitting around trying to guess the names of slightly misspelled .com’s and then buying them one at a time. There were over 700,000 URL’s in just ONE portfolio, I believe there were other portfolios.

No one sat around buying the domains. Computer software did it, computer software generated the names and found the cheapest site to buy them at, some for .99 cents.  Many people frown on this saying it is shady business, but I think it was GENIUS. That is like saying, Dollar Store shouldn’t operate right next to Walmart because they might take their traffic.

I knew people back then who did it on a much smaller scale and I myself bought a few that were sold to an online gambling site. We, my friends and I, were more interested in domains that people may want later, because we knew the internet was going to be huge and every company need their .com name, but we did buy some off-spellings also, so when I met Joey he was in on this with Baron and a guy, last name, Manila. I was interested because I had done it on a smaller scale and then flipped the names for profit. Not very much, but some cash, I was happy.

Now the problem didn’t arise with the actual domains. The problems were what they did AFTER they bought the domains.  Trademark and copyright infringement.  They set the sites up to look as close to the original site as possible. That is where they got in trouble.

Now Joey didn’t “out” these guys until they refused to pay him for the last few months of work he did for them, Joey had access to an office over-looking Victory Park in Dallas and was paid a monthly salary for his services.

I am glad to see Ferguson up on charges for this, but, in my opinion, Baron only had a clean record because Joey took the fall for him.  However, if it wasn’t Joey Dauben it would have been some other fool who answered the Craigslist ad.


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  1. gingersnapthornoftruth

    I still frown on this. The Walmart/dollar general analogy doesnt apply here because both dollar general and walmart have real products to offer people that people want. What goods or services were Jeff and Joey offering people in this scam? There were simply capitializing off of peoples mistakes and decieving them into thinking they were at the place they originally intended. If, when the internet first came out, you were smart enough to buy and register and hold on to it for years and then finally sell it to a company for millions of dollars, good for you. You made money being smart, and at no point did you have to stoop to decieving or defrauding people to do that. This is not the case with Jeff and Joey, and I hope someday Jeff can share a cell next to Joey for this.

    • That is my point. The trademark infringement is the problem. It is shady business. There could have just been a pay-per-click system set-up on the sites,instead they try to take people off in to the ether. It was deception.

      • gingersnapthornoftruth

        You did read all the way to the end of that diatribe so called “story” and noticed that the scum of the earth himself Margetis wrote the article? This whole little narrative of “poor little ole me Jeff Barron” is all BS, much like Margetis’ entire life. I dont know anything about judge ferguson or jerrnigan but I’m sure not going to let a snake/felon named Margetis tell me about them.

        • gingersnapthornoftruth

          I mean lets just sum it all up: joey, jeff, john they are criminals, ferguson and jernigan are judges….criminals hate judges and vice versa. Ok, 10-4 we got it, the crooks dont like the judges, can we move on now?

  2. ConcernedAboutJudges

    I know a lot about Furgeson. He has no problem at all ignoring the law and violating the constitutional rights of litigants who are unfortunate enough to get stuck in his court. That’s what this story is about. Judicial corruption. Even the most unsavory litigant has the right to a fair and impartial judge.

  3. nothingbettertodotoday

    I don’t have an opinion as to whether Judge Furgeson is fair, but I do have an opinion about whether the story posted on lawlessamerica is fair. Not. Margetis asserts that Judge Furgeson has been “charged” with corruption, which does not appear to the be the case. What appears to be true is that Judge Furgeson has been “accused” of corruption – by Margetis and Baron. What also appears to be true is that after the Margetis story was posted, it was picked up by other blogs all over the country and passed along as credible information. Typical ECO style of unfair “reporting”.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      Exactly, I really dont know what the truth and the whole story is here but one thing I know for sure is that snake Margetis is never going to give us the truth. Whatever he says should be considered a lie until proven otherwise.

  4. Karlk krk

    Commenters are missing the point. The happenings in this case had nothing to do with the Internet business that Ginger is complaining about. Don’t be diverted by that.

    What happened to this guy can happen to anyone. The judges in this case didn’t make any ruling based on the business this guy was involved in. Just because they are judges doesn’t mean they are not corrupt (remember the judges in PA who were recently sent to long prison sentences for taking bribes over 15 years and sending kids to jail). These judges ignored (broke?) the law, and made rulings for the sole purpose of putting loads of money into the pockets of their friends (without regard to whether was associated with Margetis, Dauben, domain names, whater). Say whatever you want about Margetis or the business model that this Internet guy did, That was not a factor in the corruption in these courts. The point is what these judges did to this guy could be done to anyone. Read some of the court documents that have been posted, and you will see that the court rulings are a horrible and scary thing for all of us.

    • B

      @Karlk krk —-this is second website these commenters have had to flog the heck out of this story since November. I didn’t even mention that this case is this first known time a person has been put in to receivership. We had a blogtalk show and I had to ask the author of the main article what that meant. THat is a pretty scary precedent ole Royal was setting.

      I think it stinks to high Heaven. Internet business on the shady side or not, the judges are supposed to follow the law. Some people have too much regard for people JUST because they have a degree and a position of power. “He’s a judge! He’s a judge” “They are criminals they are criminals”

      Well Ferggie broke the law so that makes him a damn criminal too.

  5. nothingbettertodotoday

    We aren’t defending this judge or any other judge. We aren’t saying that judges can’t be corrupt or unfair. In fact, I’ve been a victim of 2 unfair judges. But, the unfair decisions made in my cases were overturned in appeals by fair judges in higher courts.

    We are taking exception to the story as the author has provided misleading and/or incorrect information now and in the past. To say that Judge Furgeson has been “charged” with corruption for “looting” insinuates that the authoriities have determined that Judge Furgeson commited a crime. If so, where is the indictment or arrest warrant and why is he still on the bench?

    This story makes an accusation, which may or may not be true. We aren’t willing to accept it at face value because it’s misleading and the authors have hidden agendas. I doubt that all of the information posted with the lawlessamerica story is complete, balanced and fair. And, I’ve never met anyone with judgements made against them that think the judge was fair.

    The point I was trying to make is that the posting appears to be ground zero for a story that has been passed along all over the country as fact that Judge Furgeson has been “charged” with a crime, which does not appear to be true. I’m all in for exposing corruption, but this story appears to meet the definition of slander.

    • I think you are saying it may meet the definition of libel.

      • Belle

        It’s not libel because a judge is a public figure. There is a much higher standard for libel concerning public figures. On the other hand, Gingersnap’s statements are unquestionably libel. The publisher of this site is also at risk for knowingly posting Gingernap’s defamation and libel.

        • Well God Bless Amerika. I cannot allow open debate on an open forum with being held responsible for another individual’s opinions and statements? There is no moderation the comments go through automatically. THEN people discuss among themselves their opinions. I am so sick and tired of this “you are going to get sued” bullshit REALLY

          • gingersnapthornoftruth

            the “you are gonna be sued” mantra is what losers say. When you are a failure at the game of life, you then try and bring any and everyone else down with you.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      Exactly, I”m not for judical corruption or any of that but since all these claims come from sources that have their hands dirty, we cant really do much with the information. If someone legit could raise these claims and put it in a balanced and logical form, then people like me would be more willing to listen.

      • ConcernedAboutJudges

        Unfortunately, when it comes to complaints of judicial misconduct, the system is closed. You file your complaint, it gets processed through the same judicial system you are complaining about, it gets dismissed. The Fifth Circuit has numerous complaints about Judge Furgeson. They are not available to the public. Perhaps under a FOIA request . . . . I think, though, that these judges have so overreached that it is going to be really tough for them to continue to close ranks against the escalating complaints by the general public about their outrageous conduct.

  6. nothingbettertodotoday

    @ elliscounty times: It meets the definition of slander and libel. I just chose to use the word slander as the report appears to be malicious in nature.

  7. ConcernedAboutJudges

    Judge Furgeson’s misdeeds have been reported in the Washington Examiner — without the insinuation that he has been formally “charged” with corruption. I agree that, until he is formally charged or disciplined by the appropriate authorities, any unqualified statement that he has been “charged” may be misleading. However, it’s very difficult to feel any outrage that Judge Furgeson may not be receiving fair treatment. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

    • nothingbettertodotoday

      It appears that the Washington Examiner picked up the story from lawlessamerica and/or Mr. Baron. Same song, different verse. I agree, that Karma thing will getcha every time…………..

  8. Belle

    The only clear defamation and libel is Gingersnap calling inviduals like Dauben and others criminals when they are not. Margetis may have been convicted of a crime, but Joey Duaben has not. Jeff Baron certainly has not been convicted of a crime and has not even been accused of a crime. Gingersnap, your writing these false statements is illegal. Gingersnap. ,you should be enjoined from your unlawful behavior and I hope someone will put a stop to it. Gingersnap “of the truth”, indeed. What a joke! Go slither back into the hole that you crawled out of.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      Hmmm, let see, John Margetis is a convicted felon and even recently was busted for public indecent exposure… criminal. Joey is sitting in jail awaiting trial on 4 felony counts which the state said he did, as well as the texas rangers and a grand jury…..then after that he has to face the ellis country chargers which he even admitted to being guilty of… criminal, the only question is to what degree. Jeff Barron was involved in decieving internet users which is a crime, thats why everything of his is now shut down by court order… go switch out a tampon and move on.

  9. Belle

    The only person deceiving Internet users is Gingersnap. She/He is way beneath Margetis on the scum scale. Why do trash like Gingersnap who spew libel from their hairy ass holes always hide under fake pseudonyms?

    I don’t know whether Joey did what he’s accused of, but Gingersnap deserves to be locked up much more than Joey does , even if Joey is guilty. Gingersnap, you are a menace to society and need to be stopped.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      I love how you make so many well sourced and factually backed assertions. Did you know that you are also posting anonymously?

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      in fact, you just slandered my good (fake) internet name here on Brandy’s blog. Its real easy for losers like you to come on here and hide behind fake names and slander people at will.

      -see how easy that was? Either be specific or dont even bring it up.

      • In general, the “owner” of the comment is the responsible part for their actions. Unfortunately, there are legal decisions that state that if you moderate and edit your comment queue, you are responsible, thus attackable, for any comments that appear on your blog. A good description and legal references can be found on Can Bloggers Be Sued Over Comments? Maybe from and Legal Liability Overview from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Jonathan Bailey writes a great post on The Legal Issues with Comments that should be a must read.

        HA! I knew the no moderation/ no rule commenting was a good idea.

  10. IT

    Baron is scum. There is a spot reserved for him in hell. Made ez money scamming and lost the ez money getting scammed. Karma has a way of settling things. Couldnt happen to a nicer guy

  11. suzzie35

    Just read all the comments and you all don/t have a clue about what is going on. First of all, Jeff is not a criminal, has done nothing wrong. He happens to be very intelligent and developed a unique software program before the internet was what it is today. This case has developed into Civil rights violations and if it continues will be a precedent set that you or any other US Citizen can not afford.
    Some of what you read is exagerated but if you read court docs it will make your hair stand on end.

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