Joey Dauben- How Many Posts can I title Pure Confusion?

I am hearing that Joey is accusing me, to people through jail mail, that I stole $8,000 from Joey Dauben’s bank account.

First of all, I don’t even know what bank Joey uses. I did not, will I ever nor do I plan on stealing $8,000 from Joey Dauben.  I even plan on returning the stupid Netbook (mini laptop) he needs back so freaking bad, as soon as I recover all of the pictures of my kids, hundreds of paid for MP3’s and my work from home information.  The stupid computer did not have one article of information on it that was his when he gave it to me. AND it would have been seized by the Ellis County District Attorney’s office had he not given it to me, YES I have had the damned thing that long.

Though he is required to accept the other $53 (remaining agreed on selling price) before threatening legal action.   BUT NO, I will eat the $22 bucks I have already given him and spend $100 on the virus clean up, so I can retrieve my PERSONAL information and property so I can give it back to Joey “I need that netbook to be petty” Dauben.  I just haven’t made a day to go and take care of this situation.  And rearranging my life, my schedule, my children’s schedules and the little time I do get with my husband every week to go and appease Joey Dauben just is not a priority.

He just wants to be petty, he mails me letters from jail telling me he is being ‘merciful’ on me. LAAAAAAAFFFFFFFF OUT LOOOOUUUUUD. And there will be legal ramifications if I don’t return his property.  Let me tell everyone that I am shaking in my muddy rain boots right now.  Also, he writes (from jail)  that I am writing malicious lies about him.  Can anyone fill me in on where I am writing malicious lies about Joey Dauben?

The person who told me this new, Brandy Bank heist story, said they replied, “I do not for one minute think that [Brandy stealing money] is true and even if she did, she is entitled to it for all of the free work she has done for Joey over the years.”

Well, I didn’t do it and I wouldn’t do it. So that is that. I tried to call some of Joey’s family and text them, to confirm this is a rumor coming from Joey, but I have not received any replies.

It is quite disheartening that Shelby will not return my calls or messages regarding this rumor.  As I understand, it is quite simple for law enforcement to track down $8,000 moving through bank accounts, so I am not one bit worried about anything coming out of this pile of bullmess.

But i have a song dedication for my dear Joey Dauben. I do feel scared for him and I know jail is scary and prison even worse.  We can sit here at our computers and rail on him all day but we have to take a minute to realize this is a man’s life. I am looking at reality, that if he goes to prison he may not be coming out alive.  I am voting his victory.  For now I am assuming he really is saying these things about me and I forgive him. I will never be his friend again but I am praying for him.

Oh my god please help me knee deep in the river trying to get clean
He says wash your hands get out the stains
but you best believe boy there’s hell to pay yeah you best believe boy there’s hell to pay
come on

Oh my God please help me waist deep in the river can you hear my plea
He says son you come like a beggar in the streets
you might make it boy but by the skin of your teeth.

You might make it boy but by the skin of your teeth.

I rambled with the worst of them
fell in love with a harlequin
Saw the darkest hearts of men
And I saw myself staring back again and I saw myself staring back again.

Oh my God please help me neck deep in the river screaming for release
He says it’s mine to give but it’s yours to choose
you gonna sink or swim you gonna learn the Truth

no matter what you do your gonna learn the Truth


Ate the bread that once was stones
Fell from a cliff never broke a bone
Bowed down to get the kings overthrown
Now I’m all alone and the fires grows
and I’m all alone and the fires grows


Swing sweet charity take what’s left of me
A new beginning or is this the end
Swing sweet Seraphim take me back again
or watch me make the messes of men


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  1. gingersnapthornoftruth

    if you say something true, then you are saying malicious lies in the world of Joey. Reality and Joey’s mind have never been on the same page

    • I’m generally to writing a blog and i actually respect your content. The article has in fact peaks my interest. I’m gonna bookmark your site and sustain checking petiainrng to new data.

  2. duane

    I followed you guys for quite awhile and i know that you were always supportive of Joey, calming him down when he would go on one of his rants and pulling in the reins when things would get a little wild.

    You were good to him as far as I know about this and I don’t much about the relationship. I am just disappointed in the outcome of this once noble and honorable cause.

    Don’t forget about the good things you guys did for others and just pray for a good end to all of this.

  3. Alitwist

    ATMs have cameras, bank lobbies have cameras, moving money between accounts would leave a record. . . All easy to prove. Even if he is saying he gave you access to some business account on paypal or something, the money doesn’t get taken without a trail. I can’t see you taking that kind of money (or any). Stupid he’d say that, stupid people’d believe, stupid you’d have to spend your time addressing it.

    I do feel bad for him sitting in jail without legal representation for so long. He should have had somebody working on his case and bond amount this whole time. I honestly think he’d still be sitting there, but at least he’d know somebody was looking out for him that has the power to make sure he is treated fairly.

  4. Since Joey went to jail I’ve a couple letters a week from him. He has said his family thought you changed the passwords on ECO. Likewise you said your password got changed. Then the county attorney seazed it. Sounds like they hacked it first & changed it prior to seizing it. A real likelyhood.
    Joey has never made accusations to me about you taking funds like that. Sounds like someone just starting crap.
    Joey did say he was told you wrote bad things about him. In following this whols MESS the only thing you ever wrote that MIGHT be interpreted as “bad” about him was things he said or e-mails he wrote, or things you quoted others as saying. NOT something you said about him.
    The powers that be in Ellis & Naverro Co. Have done everything they can to hurt Joey, his family, friends & associates. The good-old-boys ring of judges & lawyers in both counties have a vested intrest in discredirting everything to do with Joey.
    The exposure of 50 pedophiles that walked on probation & pimp fees in 2 years by Ellis County Press said a lot about what is going on. As well as the child porn stuff connected with tha Amber Haggerman & others.
    It only makes sense they would try to discredit him through the same channels & connections of the cesspool in which THEY play.

  5. Drtuddle

    I just wonder what the LE has on Joey that they didnt have in 2007? Did the 15 year old kid and his parents actually go to the police in 2007? Did Joey and this kid keep any type of relationship afterwards or was it just email and im tag? Did the powers that be use the kid to set Joey up for evidence in this trial? Did it just all come back after 4 years because of Red Oak seizing his computers and finding documents? Doesnt the prosecution have to reveal all the evidence to the defense lawyer? I think if the evidence is solid that Joey will be advised to plea if it has holes or leaves he said he said it will be a fight. It seems to me that Joey thinks Brandy has some access to His accounts because of the laptop thing and probably hes hurt over the whole “i’m out” thing with Brandy. I don’t blame her. The situation is way too personal with too many unknowns to drag more lives into it.

  6. Lord Brannon Fucking Bridge

    you need to ask to see the letter, that Joey “supposedly” said this in about the money….I told you the other night…What Treis just said bout it’s prolly people trying to start stuff

  7. lol@lol

    Joey’s guilty as hell. I will be sitting in the gallery every waking minute of that SOB’s trial. I’ve waited years for this one. His pervo buddy got away but he didn’t. Irony is a Bieeeeetch.

    I would go hand that netbook over to the DAs office.

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