Troops March on the White House for Ron Paul 2/20/2012

Even though the troops and organizers were advised to cancel the march today on the White House, they marched anyways. The troops support Dr. Ron Paul through campaign contributions more than any other candidate combined. Maybe we should listen to the people who are on the front lines of these wars about, when, who and what we should declaring war on Then sad enough the Russian Times is the outlet that covered the march today. Thanks to our troops for their bravery and courage, in all ways they display it for us.


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  1. Even thought it is true statistically, that Ron Paul does have more donation from military sources than the other candidates. The dollar amount is actually miniscule in the grand scheme of election funding.

    That being said the story , and Brandy God love ya, clearly states that these are VETERANS that marched, not active duty as the headline implies . After all it is against Military Law for an active duty soldier to openly support any candidate for the POTUS position.

    That being said these stories almost imply that our Military are cowardly and are backing Ron Paul because he has no foreign policy and rails against the deployment of troops anywhere. I don’t want to think that of our men and women in the armed forces so these stories are clever to the some layman who thinks we should not be involved militarily anywhere abroad. In other words it is all smoke and mirrors and I as a veteran do wish these sort of headlines would not be used to promote Paul, they are just flat out not true.

    The armed forces has been a voluntary force for the last 35 or so years and if these TROOPS don’t want to be deployed they should have never enlisted, and today can actually quit the service in some situations. When I was in there was a draft and you stayed as long as they wanted, but in general the draft was for 2 years.

  2. gahd you again

    it was both troops and veterans. they weren’t allowed to wear their uniforms but it was troops too.

  3. JD HATT

    Paul isnt enough of a warmonger for this Alfred guy? Give me a break fella.

    • JD Hatt maybe you should pick up a weapon and stand a post and help pay for some of the freedoms you enjoy. War monger maybe but a least I am not a chicken shit ass hole like you.

  4. B

    How in the world does logic make someone look like a coward. So, just like on the TJ Fabby front, who ARE you going to vote for….WHO ARE you going to vote for POTUS….I am sure I can blow more than Jim Pitts holes in them for you. But then again you probably prefer the establishment sell-outs.

    • Aint tellin ya. So Blah…

      • I am guessing it is Newty boy. THE WORST OF THEM ALL!

        “Ron Paul just aint the cool guy you perceive him to be . I know there is no way to convince you of this but he just aint.”

        How about you try. i am going to tell you all about why Newt isn’t cool.

        • gingersnapthornoftruth

          I’m holding out for a brokered convention, I dont like any of them

        • Newty Boy? Really? I expect better than that from a grammar Nazi like you. Did I say Pauly Boy? No. Why can’t you have just the teeniest amount of respect, for these guys to say their names correctly. I think Paul is a coward and every single time I hear from one of the Ron Paul zombies they all say exactly the same things, merely talking points. You know like the India Indian you get when you call for customer service somewhere..

          So grow up and get a mind of your own and try some critical thinking. Besides Ron Paul has all but conceded , when Rand Paul comes out and says he’d love to be Romney’s vice presidential choice.

          • B

            Teenist amount of respect? Weeeelll, I was going to call him a sell out, soulless troll demon from hell. But I went with Newty boy.

  5. B

    Oh and YEAH FUCKING RIGHT (EXTREME sarcasm intended) on the “fighting for our freedoms BULLSHIT…Because we are SO much freer than before we started engaging in multiple wars this last decade. You been to a freaking airport lately Alfred? Or a major sporting event…You mean SAFETY..if you believe THAT non-sense.

    • The men and women I am talking about did fight for our freedom, yeah that includes yours to have this blog. But. That being said I do have to agree with you about the other stuff. Except the Wars I feel they were are necessary for position in this world maybe run badly but necessary.

  6. B

    For our freedom to not get groped, our freedom to not get wire-tapped, our freedom to not get naked body scanned, our freedom to not get interrogated, our freedom of speech…..I was informed on another thread that *I* could get in trouble for something gingersnap posted on this website….i looked it up and sure enough it is true. That sound like freedom to you? I can’t even set-up a website and just let people communicate with each other without being held liable for OTHER PEOPLE”S COMMENTS?! So besides Paul’s foreign policy, which we will have to agree to disagree on, what other problems you have with him?

  7. B

    Well, I see Loiarne and Anthony’s point. They were being called some terrible things and the freak-o’s on that site were trying or were contacting courts and such to usurp their legal situations. MVZ deserves it. So does pattycake.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      yeah but as you remember, I went way way waaaaay out of my way to stay out of that. I didn’t care and I stayed out of it (nor did I ever go after anthony or Lorraine), so it they through me in that just because some of it happended on my site, thats BS

      • B

        Aren’t you so grateful to live in a free society snatch? That what Slfred said. Troops die in afghanistan so I can have a blog. Not so heroin can get produced, so I can have a blog.

        • gingersnapthornoftruth

          Why you always gotta try and throw me into other arguments that I wasnt even in?

          Afganistan: it was a very just war at the start in terms of killing all al quida after we were attacked, its not a good war in the sense that we are now trying to nation build in a God forsaken hell hole known as Kabul.

        • Every country needsa cash crop. Right?

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