Who is Susan Welch-Rodriguez? Candidate for Ellis County Sheriff 2012


I was about to donate to this campaign. I signed in to my paypal had the amount entered in, then I found the Platform part of her website. I will not be donating to this and I would prefer Johnny Brown over this platform. I would rather ECSO stay how it is than all of the things she has on her site.

6. Beefing up patrol squads on the streets-Seriously? I live out of the city limits, never leave my house without seeing ECSO patrol cars? How much more do we need?

10. Implementing a crime stopper program– Tattle tales, telling on people for money for ridiculousness like weed?

13. DWI enforcement- does this mean checkpoints? If so i want my $50 donation back (I canceled the donation page after I got about halfway through her platform)

21. Establishing warrant roundups, partnering with law enforcement agencies to increase enforcement of warrants– Does this make a distinction between people who just haven’t had enough money to pay off tickets or ACTUAL criminals? Times are tough for some folks right now you know.

25. A highway drug Interdiction Program for fight on drugs-Drug Interdiction on the highway you say? I have had this done to my husband and me. “Well, why do you look nervous?” “Uh I just drank 5 cups of coffee.” ” Why are you sweaty” “Uh I was just chasing my kid around the park.”

I don’t like being interrogated on the side of the road. If I broke a traffic law then write me the damn ticket and leave me alone already, which I have not gotten a ticket myself since I was 19 (33 now) and it was for 8 miles over the posted limit. Though I have been pulled over a lot for “questioning” mostly by DCSO, pisses me off- BAD- GOD bless Amerika.  You are going to get my (husband’s)  money stop it with the shake down, I don’t do drugs stop profiling me because I drive a 14 year old car and I am sweating.  It gets 37 miles per gallon okay!

Drug interdiction program for you? Not everyone with a badge is good at reading body language and tagging people for statement analysis.  Sorry, it’s a gift, not something you learn in a 20 hour course. AND Nothing burns me up more than seeing a cop’s butt up in the air while he digs through someone’s car.  Something inherently violating about it to me.

12. Pursuing grants/funding for various needs within Ellis County
 36. Pursuing K-9 interdiction program utilizing federal seizure money for fight on drugs
you see that? Not even on the job and wants federal monies. No thank you.

37. Identifying wasteful spending and establish conservative fiscal policy-this contradicts about 30 of her previous platform points.

  • IMPROVE Ellis County’s fight on drugs.
    • IMPROVE The safety and protection of each citizen.

No thanks, I don’t require the ECSO to worry about my safety and protection.  Don’t need babysitters but if i call, which I never have, just come quick, someone will be bleeding to death of a gunshot wound on my front acre. I like it the way it is now. The ECSO officers are some of THE most discerning and respectful law enforcement I have dealt with in my life.  I don’t think anything needs to change down there.

Now I have a few issues with some of the city forces but hey they ain’t Dallas cops. Which I read she is endorsed by Dallas County Sheriff Association, no thanks, they pepper sprayed me for crying and then charged me with pedestrian in the road way when i was driving MY car with full coverage insurance and perfectly good tag,s more of that interdiction program. Cops think they something with me, I am abrasive, sharp tongued and tattooed, just the way my husband likes me, but i drink a lot of coffee and I drive old cars, some cops are SURE I must do/have drugs on me when they pull me over.

Don’t do drugs, no drug charges on my record, no failed drug test EVER, their profiling doesn’t work. It just results in me getting pissed at the intrusive behaviors and then getting arrested for being an ornery human WITH NO CRIMINAL RECORD. . Fight on drugs fight on drugs I keep reading that over and over.  About the war for sovereignty we need a sheriff to stand up for the Constitution, our sheriff is our last line of defense against Federal intrusion and all I read is about how she wants more measures to invade people’s privacy by taking federal dollars via grants. Those dollars come with heavy strings attached and I ain’t interested.  Yeah, i said AIN’T-as in I ain’t never claimed to be a journalist, get over it, I am a blogger. Say what i want how I want. I am red blooded and some people need to do their history homework on Iran Contra and more recently the poppy fields of Afghanistan.

Tell me officers, now I want you to drop the cop facade for a minute and do this little quiz with me.  PRE-2001 LOTS or even MOST drug offenses in the ghettos were???   Crack-cocaine that’s right.  NOW AFTER 2002 how many more heroin arrests were you making??? 100% more 200% more? ?? Where are most of the heroin producing poppy plants grown in the world? Afghanistan.  Who landed in Afghanistan between 2001 and 2002? HHHHHMMMM subversive thinking?

When I was a teenager in the late ’90’s heroin was the rich-kid-gone bad drug. When I was arrested in 2000 for resisting arrest (found not guilty by a jury and I was arrested for resisting but I wasn’t under arrest for anything, interesting dichotomy) I was in Lew Sterret asking all the hood rats what they were in for, it was crack or prostitution, not one out of 30+ women there for heroin. When I was arrested again for assaulting a police officer, almost being raped by an off-duty cop in plain clothes and I fought him off of me, the charges were not pursued against me and still have no criminal convictions, in 2003 the hood rats were in for hair-on (how they pronounce it) and/or prostitution.  There is my science for you.

Just for the candidates new to the Ellis County scene, I am the resident conspiracy theorist, and I OWN IT, because I can prove I am right. Some people are just too afraid to look at the evidence and want to talk about ‘what they believe’. That is nice, believe what you want, but facts is facts.


Last Updated: Monday, 3 March, 2003, 13:08 GMT
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Afghanistan retakes heroin crown
Heroin manufacturer
Production has surged since the end of the Taliban regime
Afghanistan retook its place as the world’s leading producer of heroin last year, after US-led forces overthrew the Taleban which had banned cultivation of opium poppies.

The finding was made in a key drug report, distributed in Kabul on Sunday by the US State Department, which supports almost identical findings by the United Nations last week.

Low-grade heroin is refined in Afghanistan from opium, which is manufactured from the extract of poppies.

“The size of the opium harvest in 2002 makes Afghanistan the world’s leading opium producer,” the report said.

The International Narcotics Control Strategy Report said the area of land used to cultivate opium poppies reached 30,750 hectares, compared with 1,685 hectares in 2001.http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/2814861.stm


In 2002, Afghanistan once again became the largest source of illicit opium. Following the removal of the Taliban regime, Afghan farmers in the country’s traditional growing areas replanted the crops that had been briefly eliminated by the draconian measures of the Taliban authorities. Afghan farmers have since turned to poppy cultivation as a risk-avoidance response to a continuing drought (poppy is hardy), lack of credit or farm inputs for licit agricultural products, not to mention the vast difference in income among any licit choice and opium. At the end of 2002, USG surveys detected 30,750 hectares of poppy, with a potential opium yield of 1,278 metric tons.
With Afghanistan’s re-emergence as the world’s largest producer of illicit opium, Burma fell to second place in 2002.


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  1. Susie - The Misplaced Texan

    ACK! Look out folks! There’s a drug toting al-queda under your bed!! Let’s keep the fear mongering going. . .

    You forgot to mention how the new and “improved” Sheriff are the first line of defense for your very own home grown Brownshirts, aka: Homeland Security. Sieg Heil!! You too can snitch on your neighbors.

    Brings back fond memories of the USSR and their KGB tattle tale program. Where is the USA’s gulag?

    Which reminds me. . .have you ever looked into all those who are “Partners” with the illustrious Homeland Security jackboots? Might knock your socks off.

    As far as online, I would expect Microsoft to roll over belly up to the big bro thugs – but – Google has gone to the dark side too.

    The only good news I could find was that mozilla (Firefox) has not fallen into the Homeland Terrorizing Americans Security abyss. Check out their “mafiaa” add-on. Homeland Security tried to get them to get rid of it. . .which meant I immediately downloaded it – and joined their community.

    Oops! Off topic. . . Good call on not putting your $ into the coffers of this mouthpiece for the Fascist regime currently running the US government. I hope you can find someone who understands their Constitutional obligations as Sheriff, because Susan isn’t the one. She’s simply regurgitating government fear garbage.

    Texas, Texas. . .always the independent rebels. . .what has happened to you?!

  2. WOW… that is the most informed comment I have read on here that wasn’t posted by me. The USA gulags? I think you are referring to FEMA camps. http://www.campfema.com

  3. Susie - The Misplaced Texan

    Oh *snap* – you caught me.

    Actually, I wear a black hoodie. . .skulk around in dark corners – my eyes glow in the dark, greenish. Probably from everything Monsanto is dumping on our GM food supplies.

    Did I mention I’m a wee bit paranoid about zombies – eating my brains? Oh, and when they come and are chasing us up the street – I’m tripping you, ginger. Unfortunately the zombies will get pretty ticked off when they find your skull void of any content(s).

    And say, have a nice trip. 😉

  4. oh my god I just fell in love with another woman

  5. Susie - The Misplaced Texan

    lol Uhm – Ew!!

    Check your email, aye?

  6. county local

    Go Johnny Brown!! I don’t much think Ketchum is ready for the job. He seems a bit uppity. And I don’t even know Welch Rodriguez. Not to be racist but how many of the persentage of voters will vote for her just because her last name is Rodriguez?

  7. elliscountytimes

    As you can see, I don’t much care for Rodriguez’s plan. I don’t know of anything about Ketchum. I do know that on a shallow level, he doesn’t look old enough to be ready for such big boots. I like Sheriff Brown, I like the inmate gardens at the County Farm, I thought that was a great idea.

    The only negatives I have heard about Brown are that he is kind of hard-nosed to his employees. If he tells someone to do something and they don’t do it fast enough they get fired or treated “mean”. Well cry me a river. Your boss tells you to do something, I am sure he doesn’t mean at your “earliest convenience” he means do it when he tells you to do it. That is just my take because I don’t have details on those particular account. Also, I am sure the responsibilities of being a county sheriff can be stressful. Do what the man tells you to do and I hear you will be fine.

    Also, I would rather him be a tough boss to rather than him running a department that harasses the general populace which is what it seems would be the plan with Rodriguez. And body language queues, Ketchum would let the position go to his head.

    This is just my quasi-informed take on this race and candidates.

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