Remember Megan Van Zelfden? Looks like she is being sued by Anthony Lingle and Lorraine Haake

Remember all of that about the Elliscountyobserversucks and the tiff between Anthony Lingle/Loriane Haake and Megan Van Zelfden?  Well, they weren’t lying when they, Anthony Lingle and Lorraine Haake, said they were going to sue MVZ.  Sue MVZ and John Does 1—10? Wow, that’s a lot of suing. Good thing I don’t own anything or make threats to people on the internet.  Because apparently anonymous commenters can will get sued for the non-sense they spew.  I am eagerly awaiting the court date on this, I might show up to observe.

Case History
Case Number 416-00648-2012
Date Filed: 02/20/2012
Case Type: CV – All Other Civil Cases
Status: Pending
Style: Lorraine Schaffer-Haake,Anthony Lingle Vs. Megan Van Zelfden,John Does 1–10
JudicialOfficer: Oldner, Chris in 416th District Court

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  1. thought you'd be interested too.


  2. gingersnapthornoftruth

    the good thing is they all finally shut up, I guess thanks to this. Nothing was more annoying and pointless than watching those three blow up the comments section with their stupid “you tried to hack me” garbage. Why stop with just 10 John Does, why not put in 100 of them just to be safe. It sounds as if Anthony filed this lawsuit personally.

  3. Another Target

    Thank you for this info. I’ve now contacted this attorney to see if he’d like to add another client. Brandy might want to do the same.

  4. B

    Nah, not my style. Thanks though.

  5. Another Target

    So who thinks it is coincidence or corruption that this case has been set in Judge Oldner’s court considering she has blasted him as well claiming he danced with her and got her drunk?

  6. B

    dunno…I am going to get in contact with one of them and find out. We aren’t exactly friends or anything, we talked on the same radio show a couple of times. I don’t even know if Lingle is on my facebook friend list anymore. But I was just checking my internet before we go out to my aunt’s place for, fishing/picnic/kite flying expedition out in Navarro County. I get to drive by Oak Park and shake my head disapprovingly. Catch you people later. I will have something new, I guess. I have lots of projects right now and this one is going back burner.

  7. trilogy

    don’t know why they wouldn’t make the trip to Texas after filing a lawsuit there. There’s lots of ppl and blog owners (moderators) involved to make it worth it, like Ecosucks and joeyisalittlekid.

  8. B

    new charges outta of ellis released

  9. Another Target

    If you were a target too and want to file a similar suit, it will cost $6,000. She can claim disability and that she has no money, but they can go after her nice Plano home, her homeowner’s insurance, the HOA, her family who knew what she was doing and took no action, etc. Cyber Investigators have already proven hacking and other illegal acts and can do the same for any other victim. If you don’t want to invest the money, but would like to see her held accountable and be a witness, call 513-723-4000. They’ll be glad to have the information. You can also contact Officer Glen Cavin of the Plano Police, or Detective BS Marshall of the Garland Police, that already have reports of MVZ’s illegal activities. Sooner or later she will end up either homeless or in jail where she belongs.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth


      “She can claim disability and that she has no money, but they can go after her nice Plano home” I thought in texas if she files for BK she can protect her home?

      “her homeowner’s insurance” thats kind of a stretch

      “the HOA” now we have stretched into outer space, what do they have to do with this?

      “her family who knew what she was doing and took no action” the bigger question is what could they have done?

      I guess I missed a lot of whatever was going on here, did someone prove that she did hack someone’s computer?

      • B

        I think it is all BS… Sue her fine whatever, but all of that other stuff?HOA? WHAT? Maybe homeowner’s insurance…I think I have coverage for something like this.. someone is claiming damages from something happening at my address, I think I have 300k coverage for this, maybe she does too.

        • nothingbettertodotoday

          @B – bad idea to publish your insurance limits. But, insurance doesn’t cover intentional acts.

          • B

            Good point. It is intentional. Didn’t think that part through. Not a good idea to post my insurance limits? Oh I am lying anyways, I don’t have any.

  10. whothefuckcares

    “It is intentional”? “Cyber investigators have already proven hacking and other illegal acts”? What kind of slander/libel is this against MVZ now? Harassment and internet bullying being allowed to continue on and on? And then they sue MVZ b/c she calls them out on their shit? What kind of crazy are these people?

  11. whothefuckcares

    Oh yeah, have you all seen Dogville? good one to see. Really explains a lot.

  12. whothefuckcares

    What I’m saying is that any bully can file a lawsuit. It appears Lorraine and Anthony are living up to their names and what has been said about them. Bullies suck man. Do they really care that much about Joey Dauben’s innocence campaign? Holy…batman! There are some sickos in this world. That is for sure. Mobsters selling our children and beating up women. That’s definitely big business these days. Not surprised they don’t like being called out on their shit.

  13. whothefuckcares

    And who’s the “another target”? I can only guess. Is it perhaps some jealous broad who can’t stand to see anyone else NOT suffering? Someone who intentionally placed herself into the middle of shit and slandered others and now runs around crying victim? That too is typical bullying behavior.

    Okay, you have one person – MVZ. And supposedly ALL these people are after her because she wrote about them being either 1) rapists, 2) threatening rape, 3) being complicit in rape threats and encouraging rape threats, 4) being supporters of a jailed pedophile and trying to elicit money for him aka Joey Dauben, 5) threatening to shut down systems and then blowing up the comments pages when the chat logs and radio blog were posted to prove what they said.

    Okay…where is the wrong committed by MVZ in all this? She gets attacked by these pedophile supporters/rapist lovers/jerks of the nth degree who threaten people in chat logs and on radio shows and she defends herself and then these thugs go and sue her. Okay, whatever. BULLIES, THUGS, ASSHOLES. There are plenty of them in the system. Courts are not places of justice. They are weapons. So now these bullies are not satisfied with the threats and other crap they’ve already done. They want to use another weapon on MVZ. Well, some people will always be thugs. What can I say? Their actions prove what I say.

    I don’t give a shit what court ends up saying b/c anyone with a brain knows it is just about money there. That’s why I got involved in Occupy and such. At least I’m not stupid about that like so many others are out there.

  14. Susie - The Misplaced Texan

    OMG! Are any of these “wah freakin wah – my mom is going to beat up your mom!!” folks who are on here over 9 years old?

    What a bunch of petty ridiculousness. Does everyone walk around in armor – due to all of the knives being thrown at everyone?

    Have these litigious goons ever considered getting a real life?

    Is this what Texas has been reduced to – a bunch of small towns occupied by small minds?

    Does doing something productive ever come under consideration with these people? Or is it easier to be nothing but a bunch of back-stabbing two faced cold-hearted hollow-eyed sharks circling town waiting on their next victim to tear to shreds?


    • nothingbettertodotoday

      @ Susie: When was the last time you visited a rural TX county? Small towns are where small minds thrive in their own unique way. It’s a “big fish in a little pond” thing for bigger minds. If the small town/small mind “goons” get a real life, the rest of us small town folks would have nothing to talk about. And you are here too. So, I’m guessing that watching “a bunch of back-stabbing two faced cold-hearted hollow-eyed sharks circling town waiting on their next victim to tear to shreds” is better for you than watching the Batchelor or any other reality show on TV.

  15. Another Target

    Speaking of watching TV, did anyone catch this one?
    Been there, done that…..

  16. Just Watchin

    FYI – Rumor is that the reason Barbara Ferris disappeared soon after Joey’s arrest is because she is fighting a very serious form of cancer. So, for the Christians out there, please put her on your prayer list regardless of personal feelings about her.

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