Joey Dauben Indicted in Ellis County- Fraudulent use of identifying information less than five items

Fraudulent use of identifying information less than five items are the charges Joey Dauben will face in Ellis County.  He was  indicted on January 19, 2012. The charges are stemming from a story that spurred the actual raid on his grandmother’s house, parents’ house and a storage unit.  I will elaborate more but let’s see, this is the THIRD time I have contacted (attempted) to correct errors in Waxahachie Daily Light stories

Joey is 31 years of age not 30 and he was not charged with aggravated sexual assault.  Fact checking IS underrated.

I was actually having lunch with Joey and his grandmother when the phone call came through about this initially.  Hint: Rodney Pat Ramsey.   I will follow up in a little while.


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    it was also my storage unit and had nothing of mine they took that even had to do with joey or anythign joey ever touched

  2. gingersnapthornoftruth

    I dont know about the navarro charges, and I dont know about the “inciting murder” part of this, but at least some of the charges are true, even Joey admitted as much.

  3. Sharon Baxter

    Something not right , too many lies against Joey!!!!

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      what do you mean lies? He did this one, he admitted he did, his defense is he is a journalist and therefore is hiding behind that shield. Notice how they carefully word him as a blogger, which is what he really was and thats what they are going to prove.

  4. Yup, He did it I remember it. I figured it would be the HIPPA thing that got him on the same story. But I guess you can’t call for the death and dismemberment of individuals either. Gosh Ya think.

    Nobody is lying about Dauben he did these things and was warned over and over again by the readers at the time. He was just out of control and couldn’t be reeled in at that point. Like Brandy said so much for research before you call for public lynchings.

  5. nothingbettertodotoday

    I remember it too. I tried to find the posting again, but no luck. However, I did find this quote from a credible news reporter – Joey was referring to Meissner after Meissner’s arrest in 2009:

    On his blog, Dauben wrote:
    “If I were not a moral man, I would have wasted this son of a bitch myself and he would be dead,” he wrote.
    He added, “I would have put a bullet in his head myself.”

    • In this story about the dad and daughter, he implied that the dad was getting away with it because his parents own a restaurant where ECSO eat.

    • nothingbettertodotoday

      Correction – Joey’s comments were re: Det. Hoskins, who investigated and charged Joey and Meissner. This is from the arrest warrant:

      “If I were not a moral man, I would have wasted this son of a bitch myself and he would be dead. Do you people reading this understand that sentence? IF I WERE NOT A MORAL MAN, IF I DID NOT FOLLOW A HIGHER AUTHORITY, IF I DID NOT DISTINGUISH BETWEEN RIGHT OR WRONG, YOUR CORRUPT PIECE OF SHIT COMBINE POLICE DEPARTMENT “DETECTIVE” WOULD BE FLOATING HEAD FIRST INTO THE HUDSON GODDAMN RIVER”.

      “…………..,I would have put a bullet in his head myself. If I were connected to any sort of blood lineage of Mafia dons, this piece of shit corrupt cop would have been submerged in the Hudson a long time ago. Had this piece of shit rogue gypsy cop been doing what he as been doing to me and others in New Jersey or New York, he would not be using his goddamn badge to wreck havoc on people.”

      “LISTEN when I say this, ladies and gentlemen, and listen really goddamn close: YOU PUT EVERY WORD I SAY ON THIS BLOG INTO YOUR QUOTE BOOKS, YOUR NOTEPADS, YOUR BOOKMARKS, YOUR PUBLIC RECORDS AND YOU OTHER AVENUES OF DISSEMINATION: I want this son of a bitch out of law enforcement.”

  6. B

    I remember thinking this day, “He may really need mental help. He is out of control. At very least he needs to take a week off”

    I told him to take it down. I was sitting right there when Rodney Pat Ramsey called and said something to the effect, the dad you are talking about is here in my office, you need to take it [the story about molestation and murdering the dad] down or you are going to get sued.

    Joey replied something like, well if he sues the ECO or whatever other little newspaper I run it in, you are going to have 35 other newspapers and entities to sue too. i will just run it in the next one and in the next one, and so on.

  7. gingersnapthornoftruth

    Notice that Patrick Wilson said he will personally take up this case, they are not going to leave anything to chance when it comes to putting Joey down for good. But I think it will be easy for Joey to say that he cant get a fair trial against this DA given all the terrible things he has said about them over the years.

  8. nothingbettertodotoday

    I sat on a jury in a case prosecuted by Mr. Wilson – the crime was child molestation. I found Mr. Wilson to be tough but fair. If it weren’t for the arguments presented to other jury members by myself and another juror, a guilty man would have walked away, regardless of Mr. Wilson’s efforts.

    In Joey’s case, Mr. Wilson may try harder in his prosecution because of Joey’s attacks but Mr. Wilson does not strike me as the kind of person that would ignore the rules of law or fairness to satisfy a personal vendetta.

    I think it’s the judge Joey has to worry about re: fairness.

    • an observer

      you are not serious Wilson is known for his vendettas

      • nothingbettertodotoday

        Do you know the definition of “prosecutor”? I hope Mr. Wilson does pursue criminals with a vendetta as all good DA’s should. But, that aside, what I saw in the court room was fair. And, I know a sure fire way to avoid Mr. Wilson’s vendettas – don’t break the law.

  9. lol@lol

    Joey Dauben indicted for Identity Theft. LOL.

    Now THATS funny stuff. Ellis County takin’ out the trash!

  10. drtuddle

    Thought Joey had made bail for a second when I drove by this Obama protest this morning

  11. nothingbettertodotoday

    Nope, Joey is apparently still in jail. He has a new judge to complain about. A letter to David Webb, handwritten on a NCSO Inmate Grievance form, is posted on Dallas Voice. Says he’s “Publisher (still!) The Ellis County Observer”.

  12. nothingbettertodotoday

    Sorry, the more I think about the letter the funnier it gets. Thinking about how the jailers and JP really don’t care who Joey thinks he is – just another inmate to them.

    All you Joey supporters out there, please send Joey more paper, pens, envelopes and stamps. Maybe Joey can start a new blog. Call it “Posts From The Inside”. Or, “How I learned about the justice system from the inside out”.

  13. lol@lol....

    I dont expect he will be getting any pens or paper.

    Ya know what happens if he bails on the Navarro Charge?

    goes to Ellis County LOL!


    I cant wait for his pre-trial. Since I am off work, I think— wait KNOW I will be there to see him led in to the courtroom. I will get a digital camera and take a photograph of that one. I’m the media, I can do that…. LOL!

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