Freinds of Joey Dauben Taking Action

I will clarify that I no longer consider myself in this group of, Joey’s friends taking action.  But I think it is a good thing to file with the ACLU on Joey’s behalf.  I think the way this whole mess is going down is non-sense and raises doubts to his guilt.  Do they have sufficient evidence to prosecute or are they just trying to make Joey’s life hell as long as possible?  I have even heard tell, the “accuser” may not even testify.


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  1. Voices Everywhere

    good luck I’m sure they are keen on supporting alleged child rapists

  2. lol@lol....

    His civil liberties were never violated…. The only thing that has been violated is one or more teen boys and the laws of this State!

    I hope he rots in a prison cell. There is no place for a child molester in my opinion except a prison tank in general population!

    Dauben will get what is coming to him… and it looks sooner rather than later!

    • oh no! sorry to hear about your air conditioner! Tomorrow is going to be a killer! Your watrlmeeon-ade idea – what a great idea! My family would love this. Myself, sadly I’m allergic to watermelon if you can believe!

  3. gingersnapthornoftruth

    Are they filing in reference to the navarro charges, the lenght of time it took to get an attorney, or in reference to the Ellis county charges?

  4. Yup, He brung it all on himself and the case hasn’t even gone far enough for the ACLU to get involved. Better still why would they? Even if they get him help on the Navarro charges he’ll just be booked in Ellis county on those felony charges. I have heard that Henderson county may be interested in his dumb ass as well.

  5. Just Watchin

    Hate to tell you this folks, but the ACLU does not take individual legal abuse cases. They only take on cases that will have a national impact. It’s highly doubtful this case will qualify. I have a friend who just went to work for them. Joey’s best bet is to ask for time in the jail’s law library and study as hard as he can to represent himself, or to insure that his attorney is doing their best on his behalf.

  6. Curious Bystander

    Just Watchin, I have to agree with you. ACLU takes cases which have major civil rights violations, which this case doesn’t any longer. An error occurred so Joey didn’t get an attorney appointed immediately. The error was corrected, he has legal counsel, and no great harm was done to him or his case.

  7. nothingbettertodotoday

    Didn’t I read somewhere that Joey went to New Hampshire to attend law school? If so, seems like a trip to the law library is a no brainer. I agree with Curious: an error in process was made and corrected. It was unfortunate and unfair but doesn’t appear relevant to the question of guilt or innocence. NCSO, Texas Rangers, a Grand Jury and the DA think there is enough evidence to prosecute – works for me, the question should be decided by a jury.

    This is posted right there on the ACLU home page:

    The ACLU Foundation of Texas does not generally accept this kind of case:

    A person has been fired from a job without a good reason or just cause;
    Domestic matters (divorce, child custody, wills, etc.);
    A person is being denied benefits, such as workers’ compensation, unemployment benefits, or Social Security;
    Landlord / tenant disputes;
    Immigration matters; and,
    Criminal cases or complaints about a person’s attorney in a criminal case — the ACLU considers accepting criminal cases only in limited instances, such as, for example, when a person is being prosecuted for engaging in activity protected by the Constitution – such as participating in a political demonstration ? or where the statute or ordinance under which the person is charged is subject to constitutional attack.

    The activity Joey is charged with is not protected by the Constitution. Maybe Joey’s friends would be more helpful to him if they had a bake sale or some other fund raiser to help him make bail.

    • On the Fence

      I wouldn’t even bother with bail. Just money for more/better legal defense. Then if it goes to plea, MAYBE he can get time served and 10 years probation. That is what I would be hoping for at this point. Bail would just be a waste of money, because he sure as hell isn’t going to be doing anything that would help his case while he is on the outside.

  8. lol@lol....

    No he’s gonna get HARD time. He will enjoy it though, I am sure. No time served or probation for a child molester. He isn’t teflon like his buddy.

    • B

      I think you mean Kevlar. I know you people are trying to dig up some shit on me. Good luck. It ain’t gonna happen

  9. lol@lol....

    And no he didnt go to law school. He dont even have a 2 year degree! He didnt graduate high school until he was over 20! I guess that is one place he could have picked up on teen boys… beens there aint no other adults in HS besides the teacher!

    • On the Fence

      uh we already know that. Graduated when he was 20 because his mom started him in kindergarten a year late and held him back in 1st grade because he was so small. That is the reason I have heard…FROM HIS MOM

      Who is this teflon buddy you are talking about. You don’t make any good sense. Are you drunk?

  10. what's in a name?

    According to the daily light his bail has been reduced to $50,000.00

  11. nothingbettertodotoday

    I think we are mixing metaphors in referring to Jeff Baron: if charges are made but won’t stick he’s like Teflon, if he avoids charges he’s bullet proof, like Kevlar.

    The Daily Light reports there are 10 conditions for Joey’s release after he makes bail. Anyone know what the conditions are? I so hope one of the conditions does not prohibit him from writing – I’m looking forward to the entertainment he provides……….

    • B

      Yep, considering the comment was half-ass, we don’t know who they were talking about directly. I know there have facebook pages set-up trying to bash me for every little thing “they” think they can find.

      I don’t who is posting as lol@lol…only a guess. So yeah I get it… Teflon-non-stick pan…Kevlar-bulletproof…But I don’t even know why people have such an issue with Jeff Barron.

      • gingersnapthornoftruth

        My issue with Jeff is his employing the likes of people like JM to go out and create this “poor me” narrative with their bankruptcy proceedings. You want to be a scammer, fine, be one, but dont come whinning to everyone when the grim reaper comes to collect from you.

      • nothingbettertodotoday

        I agree with G/snap. On a much larger scale, Baron is like the folks that drive a lot faster than the speed limit then complain about how bad a cop is when they get a ticket for speeding. If you’re gonna play, you gotta pay. Karma.

        What facebook page? Why are you getting “bashed”?

        I just hope Joey gets enough money for bail AND to start up ECO again.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      It looked like all the standard conditions to people charged with underage sex crimes….he cant go near a school or near the alleged victom, cant take pictures…..oh and no alcohol or drugs. The only thing they said related to anything he prints online is he cant say anthing about the victom. Other than that, he can go back to his usual BS. Now the question is will someone pony up the $5,000 to bail him out?

  12. lol@lol....

    Oh it’s not Jeff Barron I am referring to. This fat @$$ that I am referring to is not kevlar by any means. He will get his own sooner or later.

    • nothingbettertodotoday

      How will we know if we agree with you if we don’t know which fat @$$ you are referring to?? Joey seems to have several Teflon and/or Kevlar associates.

      Oh, wait – are you referring to Meissner? If so, I do agree. Sooner or later Karma comes ’round to everybody. I think the ’09 charges were dropped due to a technicality or botched investigation.

  13. dj

    I believe that Michael Meissner is responsible for alot more than he has been caught for as far as hurting teenagers, and children and he just has not been caught for it yet. Most of those charges were dropped on him due to technicalities, and somehow his computer hard drive with the evidence on it was erased also, and they no longer had any evidence on him.

  14. lol@lol

    DJ, nothingbettertodotoday, yall are right on the money. Karma is definitely a bitch, as Joey has found out. Maybe they can be cellies. Better yet, maybe Joey will get sent to the prison where Meissner works and they can have some officer/inmate relations HAHAHA.

    Funny though, in the federal civil case the expert witness found that Combine PD and Hoskins had sufficient probable cause and evidence to secure the search and arrest warrants! Former DPS Assistant Commander and DPS Narcotics backed the Combine investigation. It was a political job by the Dallas DAs office when a certain now former Dallas County Constable (who is indicted in 2 felonies) showed up in Meissner’s evidence, if I recall from the search warrant affidavit or arrest warrant affidavit. Wait I remember where I seeen it, FBI agent Danny Defenbaugh referred to the link between Meissner and Slimey Cortes in his report on Dallas constable corruption!

  15. Curious Bystander

    It is about two weeks now since his bail was reduced yet I haven’t seen that Mr. Dauben has been released. Is that because his friends can’t raise $5k to pay a bondsman? Or does the Ellis County case have a bond set already which makes things more expensive?

  16. WTH

    the family has the 5k but he cant live in Henderson county and he cant live at his moms cuz its too close to a church running a daycare. so they can get him out but he has no where to live. zi think is nonsense he can’t live in his house where he has lived for a year because of the county

  17. Curious Bystander

    That makes sense (your explanation, not necessarily the restrictions to Ellis/Navarro County). How about the Ellis County case, has a bond been set on it?

  18. WTH

    I haven’t heard anything on that end maybe Brandy can fill us in but it looks like she has been MIA here anyways

  19. lol@lol

    No one wants to get the accused child molester out of jail. Where is his buddy Rodney Pat, Toad Phillippi (wait he can’t be around convicted felons), or Mark Griffith? The legal dream team? Wait that was only in Joey’s dreams. Too bad Patrick Wilson is DA instead of Rodney Ramsey LOL. All that would happen is that he would be bailed out of Navarro and get sent to Ellis County, where there is a warrant hold on him w no bond set yet…. HAHAHAHAHA. And no more Henderson County… Only place with an H he is going to be going is HUNTSVILLE, not HOME or HENDERSON Co.

    And I called to verify he is still in the clank as of Sunday morning!

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