Joey Dauben Files Grievance in Navarro County Jail

I knew it was only a matter of time before these sort of documents starting floating around.  Actually I expected them much sooner.  The J.P. Viki Gray is threatening to throw requests for legal council in the trash, but I think someone already is throwing them in the trash.  He filed the first one on December 20, 2011 and it took more requests and two months before council was appointed.?

Someone brought something to my attention, just some coincidences, I am sure… During the short-lived,  hoopla, heyday of the Ellis County Observer, commenters, including moderator “anon” claimed to have ‘people in high places’ telling them what was going on with this case.  Though not alot came forward that could have been known with a simple phoine call to the Navarro County jail, at one point Curtis Butler claimed on a  blogtalk broadcast that his cousin Jennifer Butler was/is a court clerk in Navarro County.  Sorry, no cigar Curtis, the court clerk’s name, that was handling Dauben’s request,  is Melissa Butler.

NOT Curtis Butler’s cousin, but someone involved IS related to a Melissa Butler. .. Megan Van Zelfden’s sister is named Melissa Ann Butler.  So, Megan if you read this, can you clear this up for us? Where does your sister Melissa live and what is her occupation?  I am guessing Melissa Butler a rather common name. But curiosity is curious.


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  1. Voices Everywhere

    Sure he did. Did the voices tell him to file it?

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