TSA Coming to a Highway Near You – God Bless Amerika


In an article written by, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), goes in to the fact that Transportation Security Administration employees are NOT officers as they claim, dress or behave.  She details checkpoints conducted by the TSA on Tennessee highways and California highways.

However, the problem with the article is she is calling for support of a bill demanding more training and authoritative powers for TSA employees that would make them actual officers.  The bill doesn’t demand that the 4th amendment of the Constitution be observed and that random checkpoints and vehicle searches is an invasion of privacy.

I sure hope someone or group can do something about these coming checkpoints. I may have to write an email to Sheriff Johnny Brown to learn what he thinks of this, because, I will not fare well in a checkpoint. I will not, I know to “keep your mouth shut” may be “the smart thing to do” but I will not.  I will not. Just the thought of random vehicle checkpoints makes me want to vomit.  I REFUSE to be searched be ignorant assholes bossing me around.  God times like these I pray there is a God to strike those down who participate in evil.

If it means a proverbial house arrest for my family and me, I will not leave my house if checkpoints start popping up in Texas, more specifically Ellis County.  Because I WILL be arrested for disorderly conduct and properly tasered or pepper sprayed.  I have been tasered and pepper sprayed for my mouth, when I considered myself to be relatively calm and making valid points.  But there will be belligerence and insubordination. I am a grown ass woman, pay my bills, mind my business and I am subordinate to NO TSA pig wanting to dig through my car and feel me up.


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  1. 3rd Grader



  2. elliscountytimes

    yeah look at that picture FFS! You think that looks like freedom?

  3. Really?

    @ 3rd grader – you never seen it spelled that way Amerika? With a K is making a comparison to NAZI Germany and the browncoats. Fuck yes I saw the picture and I think the is called for.

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