Amy Hedtke Files for Red Oak City Council Place 3

I know many readers will remember Amy Hedtke and I have had disagreements in the past, but if I were voting in Red Oak, I would vote for Amy Hedtke.  I read on a facebook post, My Hedtke has filed for Red Oak City Council Place 3.  She is one of the most intelligent women I have encountered in Ellis County and I know some people find her level of intelligence frustrating because she is relentless in her arguments. She really should consider law school when she is freed-up from mothering small children.

Amy Hedtke i filed in red oak for place 3. …good luck!

Just from what I know of her; she is active in her community, delivering Meals-on-Wheels, volunteering with Friend of the Red Oak Public Library and participating in 4-H educational youth activities.  Amy also has solid knowledge of local government and county government.  To repeat, I would vote for Amy Hedtke. I know the notorious Amy Hedtke Red Oak City Council video is pretty funny (and shocking), but when put in context of the point she was trying to make, it makes sense.

Good luck campaigning Amy. I am voting your victory.

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  1. B

    I am sure if i got anything incorrect…Amy will correct me. lol

  2. lol… the only thing incorrect is that we haven’t done Meals on Wheels for a couple years now, but the kids liked doing it, and it’s one of the few volunteer opportunities that even very young toddlers can help with: carrying a portion of the meal, ringing the doorbell, waving bye…. the older folks really like seeing little ones. 🙂

    Thanks Brandy!

  3. here’s a rough draft of issues I put together…… the order isn’t necessarily reflective of priorities, just as it was considered outta my head…

    1. Liberty at the local level: too much micro-managing of issues that don’t affect public health and safety. Our city’s codes resemble more of a Home Owner’s Association than a city designed to protect the liberties of its residents: Sign ordinances mandating *to the inch* how businesses can advertise via banners and window signs; home based businesses that aren’t allowed to advertise their business w/ so much as one simple yard sign; limitations on which way the garage is facing, whether you can have a play structure in your front yard, what color you can paint your house or barn, whether your vehicle can be parked on YOUR grass, etc, etc…… This isn’t the Land of the Free — it’s the Home of the Restricted. I would like to see many of these ordinances REPEALED. I doubt I’ll have enough support in the current council to accomplish that, but with your help in the following years, we can elect people to council and mayor that will help knock some of these things outta the code.

    2. Transparency in Gvt: would like to see RO follow Midlothian’s lead: agendas posted 4- 5 days in advance and council packet/ supporting documents posted online. It would also be great to have the audio of the previous meeting available online for residents.

    3. Fiscal responsibility: everyone wants a new park or more parks, but when we don’t have enough money to adequately address our infrastructure issues and are raising taxes to cover costs elsewhere, we need to find other ways to fund those parks. Red Oak is full of smart people: we can do this w/o relying on tax money.

    4. Local businesses: it’s great that we have a big business like Triumph and WalMart coming to Red Oak, but we need to be working that hard for our local businesses that have given their literal blood, sweat, and tears to the community for the last 20 years…. “dance w/ the one who brought ya.” A few years ago I watched our P&Z board *deliberately keep out* a business that would have brought revenue to the city, dressed up an eyesore, and been a win/win for the city, business, and property owner [the property is in the path of Loop 9]. If we can cut permitting fees in half for Triumph ‘and still cover the costs’, why aren’t we doing that for the residents that live and work here? Our current leadership has spent thousands and thousands of dollars attending national conventions wanting to draw ‘big box’ stores here…..we need to keep that money in Red Oak and invest in the people that have invested in us.

    5. Library: Red Oak has a 1200 sf one-room library to serve ten thousand residents. They do an incredible job trying to keep up w/ patrons in services and materials, but they are working w/ a statistically inadequate facility. Our neighbor to the east- Ferris- recently finished construction of a brand new 5,000sf library. I would like to see more support in the community to expanding our library, preferably through private funds. Our neighboring communities of Pecan Hill, Oak Leaf, Glenn Heights, and Ovilla don’t have their own library either: we are in a great location to work w/ those cities and create a regional library, maybe through the North Ellis County Council of Governments. There’s a lot of options out there…let’s utilize them.

    6. Representing the PEOPLE: our representatives are supposed to be a voice for the citizens to our city gvt, not automatic ‘yes men’ to whatever city staff recommends. Our city has not held any town hall meetings designed expressly for citizen input, and hasn’t reached out to residents by way of a simple city booth at any city events. There’s little effort made by our representatives to report back to the citizens what’s going on in the city in such a way that feedback can be quickly given and assessed. I would offer regular updates and actively seek feedback about the progress of our city.

    7. Eminent domain/ involuntary annexations:
    restrict eminent domain to actual public use, not for private entities under the guise of ‘economic’ benefits..
    The State of Texas allows Home Rule cities to annex surrounding areas w/o consent of the landowner. It may be legal to do so, but I find it highly unethical for a city to exercise that authority unless there’s some emergency that actually affects public safety in that area– it is a clear disrespect of private property rights. Red Oak *has* forcefully annexed several properties, even when the owners went before city council and pleaded for them to NOT annex their property. It fell on deaf ears.
    Red Oak has NOT used eminent domain for private entities yet [that I know of, anyway], but they also have NOT sought to amend our city charter to explicitly prevent that [Casey Hargrove had wanted to work on that when Alan Hugley was elected as Mayor, but it never made it to the agenda nor an election]. Red Oak has pursued an aggressive city expansion, and I think it’s time to get this issue to the forefront.

    I can’t promise a huge change or instant reform, but I can promise that I will NOT vote for ordinances that restrict freedoms but do not affect the health or safety of the community. I will NOT vote for forced annexations. I will be an advocate for business owners using their property and advertising their business as they see fit [as long as it doesn’t negatively impact public health or safety].

    • Yup! Amy you should be a shoo in, I think you would be a good choice for Red Oak as well.

      Just remember if you get into any debate situations try not to go to hard on the opponents, you can be overbearing and that could be construed as being a know it all smart alec. Other than that GOOD LUCK. If I lived in Red Oak I would vote for you as well.

  4. elliscountytimes

    The parks- I have thought numerous times there has to be more creative ways to erect and maintain parks at a local level than just taxing people. I am curious to see what you come up with on that one.

  5. B

    That is solid campaigning advice..No browbeating…but I doubt anyone will debate you anyhow. They’ll just go with a negative campaign or ignore you altogether.

    Amy, do you remember what the results were when Steve ran last time?

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      Brandy, lets just cut to the chase as they say. She doesnt have an ice cubes chance in hell against Clint, she wont even get 25% of the vote, mark my words.

      • B

        I don’t even know who Clint is. I saw a post a facebook and I put a post up. You cannot deny her intelligence but I have seen many people regard her negatively. I don’t know why but I am interested in her ideas. Mainly because she is able to have an opinion and then research, review and at times CHANGE her opinion. She is not emotionally connected to her arguments like they are dogma.

        I respect a person being able to conceede to a fact once presented to them. Maybe you should take a lesson from her.

        • gingersnapthornoftruth

          I’m not sure I know who you are talking about but Amy Hedtke isn’t liked in Red Oak, in fact quite a few people hate her with a passion. She is going to get trounced.

          • Din morot sÃ¥ härligt läcker med jord och allt.. avlÃ¥ng, javisst är den.. Det ska väl vara pÃ¥ lÃendg¤n, inte avlÃ¥ng pÃ¥ tvären eller kan man kanske ha som man vill.. bara en tanke;-)

          • Rasanya hubungan mereka menyebabkn putus umi nazira dgn Remy dn perceraian maya dgn hubby nya. Kes berkurung di ib masa teater natrah. So maya is not miss goody2 spt yg kau org puji melangit.

    • The results were about 400 to 200 when Steve ran. That was a big election tho. There’s usually only about 300-400 that vote regularly, more like 200-300. i’m pretty sure we can pull a solid 100. maybe 200.
      I guess we’ll see what the temps are come May 12. 🙂

  6. B

    “but I have seen many people regard her negatively” That means people don’t like her. I know you are having problems reading English today

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      well then how come you have trouble reading what I said, she isn’t going to win here in red oak, period. I didn’t really go any further than that, just stating the obvious.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      hey and while we are at it, why dont you see if you can give her the kiss of death, see if Joey will endorse her

      • B

        Actually I think Joey vowed at one time to vehemently oppose her in every paper he had. Maybe we should get him to do that, what you are saying, that’ll be good luck for her.

  7. B

    Okay so either you are drunk early today or you are different people posting as one name.

    “well then how come you have trouble reading what I said, she isn’t going to win here in red oak, period.”

    What is wrong with you today? Where did I not understand what you wrote?

    Let me tell you a little story.

    I met Joey Dauben at a candidate forum in Palmer in 2007. I had a note pad a pencil. I was taking notes and interviewing different candidates before the forum started. The Ennis Daily News had ran an ad looking for a new reporter in the area and i was putting something together for an audition piece.

    Joey sat down with me and watched and listened to what i was writing and the questions I was asking.

    A group of people invited me to IHOP after the forum. I went. They tried to talk me into running for Palmer City Council. I denied and refused. Then Joey asked if I would come and meet Charlie Hatfield publisher of the Ellis County Press.

    I met Charlie and went to work at the Ellis County Press. my first assignment was to call all of the cities and towns in the county and get a list of the offices and places up for election and whom was running.

    I would say that over 75% of all of the offices up for election had no candidates running. The incumbent got it, no election required. Now unless everything is peachy keen and perfect where you live, someone should be running for these seats. If not at the very least just to get the incumbent out there and campaigning.

    If they have NO competition, they don’t have to have a platform, they don’t have to make promises and thus cannot be held accountable when they break those promises. There should always be at least one person to run against an incumbent, unless there is like 200 people in your town, whatever, but the bigger places, like Red Oak?. Winning isn’t everything, but it is nice when it happens.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      I said she isn’t going to win….then you say she is an intelligent person who can change her mind and has an oppinion blah blah blah, I said once gain she isnt going to win, now you are talking about everyone should have an opponent it makes america great so on so forth….

      You cant understand me because I’m just making a very simple point, she is not going to win. I’m not arguing about her personally, I’m not trying to argue the merits, or lack thereof, in an unoposed race, I’m just making one very simple statement.

      • B

        Well good for you. Why are you still commenting. that is great, you say she is going to lose, ok one vote has been cast. Don’t you have a job or something you should be doing right now?

  8. Lorraine Schaffer-Haake


  9. jusymyopinion

    gingersnapthornoftruth/ gingersnap- is a lazy housewife that has nothing better todo than Act like Joey and post on several blogs comments about other people she barely knows. Get a life!!! Please I am tired of reading your slanderous comments. You and Joey D should hold hands and run through a feild of wild flowers while singing love songs to each other.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      Thats cute, but you are exactly wrong on every single account here. Not even one thing that you said in that entire diatribe is even close to being correct. But thanks for playing, maybe you will do better next time.

  10. gingersnapthornoftruth

    Well, for those scoring at home, I said mark my words she wont get 25% because she is hated in Red Oak, turns out I was too high in that, she only got 14% of the vote. I am the thorn of truth for a reason, you may not like what I have to say but its the truth

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