Tea Party Marine Facing Investigation for “Disloyalty” to Obama

Now if Obama isn’t even eligible to be president and/or fraud and forgery were committed to get Barry Soetoro elected president…why should our Military be following his orders?  Obama ignores subpoenas to appear in court to review his eligibility for his office but Marines who say they will keep their oaths are investigated.  https://elliscountytimes.wordpress.com/2012/02/14/obama-ignores-subpoena-in-georgia-is-he-even-eligible-to-be-potus/

Freedom of speech and military order may be on a collision course at Camp Pendleton over a Marine’s Facebook page that is highly critical of President Barack Obama.

The Marine, Sgt. Gary Stein, said Monday that he is under investigation by base officials for posting comments on his personal Facebook page that say he would not follow orders issued by the president.

Stein, 26, of Temecula, is also the founder of an Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots Facebook page, which prompted Marine Corps officials to warn him in 2010 about his political activities.

Stein said officials indicated on Monday that he may be charged with violating a provision of the Uniform Code of Military Justice addressing “good order and discipline in the armed forces, or conduct of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces.”

“I’ve had better days,” Stein said after meeting with his commanders. “They’ve read me my rights and said I made disloyal comments about the president, and are now questioning whether I can even run the page.”

A Marine Corps spokeswoman said Stein has not been charged with any violation and had no immediate information about the investigation that Stein said is under way.

Two years ago, Stein was counseled by base officials to be cautious about any blatant endorsements of candidates, the tea party or using his uniform in any way to influence an election.

Stein, a staunch opponent of Obama who does not believe the president was born in the United States and calls his birth certificate a fraud, first launched the tea party page as a protest against Obama’s health care legislation.

That page has nearly 10,000 followers, and most of its comments are anti-Obama.

Stein’s new trouble started over a recent discussion on his personal page in which he said he wouldn’t follow orders from the president.

The discussion centered on an investigation and possible charging of troops for accidentally burning copies of the Quran, the Muslim holy book, in Afghanistan.

“I said I wouldn’t follow the orders,” Stein acknowledged. “But what I also said —- and what wasn’t included in the complaint that was sent —- is that I said I wouldn’t follow unlawful orders, such as taking away weapons from U.S. citizens or orders to kill Americans.”

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  1. Just Sayin'

    His investigation is absolutely appropriate as his statements conflict with his military oath.

    No president in history has received more disrespect than Obama with a continual bombardment of false information and attacks orchestrated by the Republican party in an all out bully fashion which they have encouraged public participation. Yet he continues to remain calm and encourage cooperation among the parties.

    The Republican party has additionally been hell bent on insuring that nothing can be accomplished during this administration so they can blame the president for their inaction at the expense of us all. As someone who has voted Republican for almost thirty years, I am not only disgusted, I no longer believe in the Republican agenda, and they have lost my vote.

    None of the current Republican presidential candidates appear to be a better choice, which is unfortunate. At this point if Willy Nelson would run, I’d vote for him since he appears to have less of an agenda and a lot more common sense and moral principle.

  2. B

    Obama is NOT even eligible to be POTUS. He is a fraud and a charlatan. You need to do your research. You are able to compose a coherent sentence, so why don’t you start reading some, coherent sentences.


    I know some people think that it is okay that we live in a time when the president thinks he is a dictator and is above the Law. He has completely ignored subpoenas to appear in courts to review his eligibility.


    Do you understands what, The Separations of Power , is supposed to mean? OBAMA IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW. Yet he fucking acts like he is. FRAUD, HOAX, CHARLATAN, LIAR, HE SHOULD BE TRIED FOR TREASON AND DEPORTED TO KENYA OR INDONESIA…which ever one he really is the citizen of




    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      Brandy, i’m just curious, is there any conspiracy theory out there where you say “awe thats just stupid, only an idiot would believe that”? I just want to know where and if you ever draw the line.

  3. B

    Oh my snatch can you read? I know where you can form sentences but can you actually read the sentences? Let’s see….Zionist take over the world, don’t buy that, Catholic Jesuits to take over the world, don’t buy that one either. Mayan 2012 end of the world, don’t buy that..

    BUT when lawyers, cold case investigators, forensics teams , Sheriffs, judges, Representatives, people who understand what being an Indonesian citizen entails…then yes I UNDERSTAND that Barry Soetoro is NOT eligible to be the president.

  4. B

    Nothing to do with belief…People seem to think they can just create whatever reality they desire by choosing to believe or/not believe in something. I think that is called arrested development.

    I am going on facts my friend. NOT beliefs or opinions.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      you are going on your pre-selected set of “facts” and ignoring all the other ones, dont pretend otherwise.

  5. B

    How do you suppose? So you think an entire forensics team and cold case team would just lie about their findings concerning the long form released by the White House?

    You are telling me that he did not ignore a subpoena to appear in court regarding his POTUS eligibility? And you have lived in Indonesia so you understand how dual citizenship is not possible there? IT DOES NOT EVEN MATTER WHERE HE WAS BORN HE IS AN INDONESIAN CITIZEN


    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      Are you talking about the panel of nutjobs that the pink panty sherrif joe put together? I dont know what the truth is, but I sure as hell know some senile media whore out in arizona isn’t going to figure it out. Obama is ignoring the whole issue, and he should, its beneath him to even answer it. What qualifies Obama to be President? a majority of the American Electorate voted for him to be their President, so everything else is a moot point now.

      • B

        FALSE SIR! When a judge subpoenas you to court YOU go. Obama in NOT above the law. That is what that whole rant is about. Ignoring the fact that he is NOT eligible and just going with American Electorate voted for him spits in the face of the Rule of Law. He committed fraud to get on the ballot, falsified government documents knowingly and he should go to jail.

        I used to (quasi) respect your opinion but this argument you just put up? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  6. B

    Philip Berg was one of the first people to raise this issue and he is a Democrat

  7. B

    I am just very interested in the footage Breitbart was going to release before he dropped dead. Supposed to be videos of Obama in his college days with radical commie terrorists declaring one day they would have the presidency.

  8. B

    Did you watch the video of the investigation? Of course not you know everything. I just decided I hate you again. You are an idiot.

    “Are you talking about the panel of nutjobs that the pink panty sherrif joe put together? I dont know what the truth is, but I sure as hell know some senile media whore out in arizona isn’t going to figure it out. Obama is ignoring the whole issue, and he should, its beneath him to even answer it. What qualifies Obama to be President? a majority of the American Electorate voted for him to be their President, so everything else is a moot point now.”

    This is some of the stupidest shit I have ever read. You are a fucking moron.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      nice rebuttal, level, factual and on the money. No, I didn’t watch the stupid video of Joe’s nursing home buddies contemplating on Obama’s birth certificate, you know why? because I already knew what they were going to say. And no one, other than Alex Jones who was jacking himself off to Joe’s pink panty investigation, covered this stupid little circle jerk. Not because there is a conspiracy, but because its too stupid for even the most radical nuttjob to buy. I dont know where Obama’s birth certificate is, I dont know if the one he released was real, but I sure as hell know those geezers in Arizona don’t know anymore than I do, that much I’m sure of.

      • B

        It is an hour long video of the forensic brakedown of making of fraudulent document. So why don’t you spend an hour to watch the analysis of the investigation before you run your stupid head? Calling this logic, unbelievable.

        You don’t even know what you are talking about YOU ARE EXPRESSING BELIEFS you don know the difference?
        “No, I didn’t watch the stupid video of Joe’s nursing home buddies contemplating on Obama’s birth certificate, you know why? because I already knew what they were going to say.”

        THAT right there is a belief NOT based on ANY fact. Don’t be scared, watch it. Doesn’t matter anyway, he is an Indonesian citizen NOT AMERICAN, THUS not eligible to be chosen by the American Electorate.. Are…YOU ….CATCHING….ON ….YET?

        • gingersnapthornoftruth

          first of all brandy, calm down, geez you act like we are going to change anything one way or the other. Second, at the very least he is a duel citizen, you cant argue that his mom is 100% American and she gave birth to him over here.

          • B

            THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN INDONESIAN DUEL CITIZEN My in-laws lived there for years and my husband for a year. He was adopted by an Indonesian man and his US citizenship was denounced. IT doesn’t matter WHERE he was born, he is an Indonesian citizen NOT eligible to be president.

            I know you say you are a man, but I keep having to repeat myself. Are you sure you are not a woman?

            • gingersnapthornoftruth

              children can have duel citizenships. He was born here, then moved to indonesia at age 4, he as a 4 year old didn’t renounce his citizenship reguardless of what his mom did, he is therefore still an American citizen.

  9. Just Sayin'

    GAWD I love you Ginger! Logic is not this country’s forte, and common sense is not so common any more. But there sure are a lot of lemmings who will fall for any party line. “A lie told often enough, becomes the truth.” A Communist belief now common with American politicians. Disgusting to those of us who believe in the truth and honor.

    The main point was that this soldier violated his oath and is being punished as he should be. Those who have had family in the military “get it”.

    • B

      But Obama can commit fraud and ignore subponeas? That is fucking logical.

    • B

      I understand and have and had many relatives in the military. I was basing an opinion on if the guy sitting in the office is NOT eligible to be in office SHOULD the military be held accountable for their faith and service to the fraud…No, I don’t think so.

      Well, there is a convicted felon that lied about his history and was elected Sheriff, do the deputies have an obligation to obey or ARREST the fraud? In Texas, felons can vote but not run for public office. There is an analogy to chew on.

      You people are exalting him because he was elected to a high office and are ignoring the fact that he is ineligible for that office.

  10. Just Sayin'

    Don’t you think for one moment that if he was “ineligible for that office” that the Republicans would have already have had him thrown to the curb, instead of just talking about it?

    Do you think an employee who states in public that they would not obey their boss should continue to have the job? It’s much more serious when that “employee” is in the military.

    Now food for thought: Despite all the horrible attacks on our current president and his wife, have you ever seen either of them acting with anything but grace, dignity and integrity? Do you think you could do the same under the circumstances without one equal attack or angry word? Isn’t that what a leader is intended to be? I’m not pushing anything political here, just human behavior observations.

    Now more food for thought: After watching all the attacks on their family and the efforts of their father and mother, how do you think the Obama children will see our country when they are no longer living in the White House? Do you think they will have a good or bad impression of the American people, politics, and the press?

    Before you accuse, criticize and abuse, walk a mile in my shoes ……

    • jolli lolli

      U ever heard of ndaa? dudes a traitor i read that impeachment process undereay. why dont republicans do what? cuz theyre the same what decAde do u live?

  11. Lord Brannon Bridge

    Just sayin, why would anyone want to walk in your shoes?

  12. Just Sayin'

    Well Brannon, as usual “if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle ’em with bulls**t”, Isn’t that your motto?

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