Joey Dauben released from Navarro County Jail

I don’t know when he was released but Joey Dauben has been released from Navarro County Jail. I received a facebook message accusing me of network intrusion and changing passwords to and

Amanda Callender did not pay the renewal fees on I don’t know what happened to and quite frankly, not only do I not know what happened to the site, I HAVE NEVER EVEN VISITED AMBERHAGERMAN.ORG much less logged in as an administrator.

In the facebook message I received, it was inadvertently threatening and Angelique Kalatzis Stacey admits to being the person who bailed Joey Dauben out of jail on his sexual assault of a child charges.

    • I am going to ask you very nicely to PLEASE give me the passwords for the Ellis County Observer, Joey’s FB page, Odessa Observer and You have for 3 months been hacking an account that you were fired from. Joey’s parents want the passwords. I paid his bond to get out of jail so I have a financial interest in this, especially in the Amber and Hailey cases. What you are doing right now is illegal. Trust me my uncle is a supreme court judge here in NY. So would you like me to make some phone calls to Texas or would you please be nice enough to give me or his mom/dad the passwords. You were FIRED!!! When people get fired and access computer files it is considered network intrusion. I don’t think you want to be in trouble over a few websites.


  • Brandy Lemmon Owen

    41 minutes ago

    Brandy Lemmon Owen

    • I DON”T HAVE THE PASSWORDS! Can’t get fired from an abandoned, volunteer position. has been taken down and not by ME. If you are getting this information from Joey, you need to find a better source. I am not going to be in trouble over a few websites because I haven’t done anything. I haven’t logged in, I don’t have the passwords, I didn’t take anything down. The passwords I did change, I gave to Joey’s sister. Amanda Callender shut down the Odessa Observer. I haven’t had his facebook password since January. [password redacted] gave that to his sister and she changed it. I don’t have any of the others. So get your facts straight before throwing around “my uncle is..” Good Day


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Not a lot to say. I am a novice at just about everything I do.


  1. gingersnapthornoftruth

    LOL, thats so funny. So the Fuhrer is returning, at least for a short while? Good, I was getting bored with things but its good to see that Joey is coming back to doing what God put him on this earth to do, amuse us all. Funny how the little boy wonder can come out of there thinking he can still call the shots and not realizing that he is the laughingstock of the entire metroplex. He fired brandy, thats rich.

  2. B

    yeah real rich. And snap I apologize for calling you a f’n moron. I am sorry about that, I was really stressed out that day and it really comes through in messages. I will be getting back to it over here, I have been really busy with LIVING A REAL LIFE, Joey should take notes.

  3. WTH This dumb ass better be worrying about her Uncle Justice finding out she put up $5,000 to bail his dumb ass out.

    Brandy you shouldn’t even respond directly to these assholes. They are not worth the effort it takes to bang out the message. These sick twisted imbeciles see something in Dauben that’s fine they are a bunch of depraved souls, I bet she even thinks she’s going to get paid back.

    Maybe we can find out who her uncle is and find out if he knows she is trying to use his position to threaten people here the great state of Texas, What a bunch of simpletons.

  4. nothingbettertodotoday

    Oh, so glad you are all back!

    But, confused:

    * Thought Joey isn’t supposed engage in internet activity as a condition of his release – hoping I’m wrong. Like Gingersnap, I am looking forward to the entertainment Joey provides. If Ms. Stacey is looking for the passwords maybe she will be Joey’s proxy for his “reporting”.

    * Why would anyone living in NY have any interest in TX small town drama? What would motivate her to bail Joey out of jail? Why would she have a financial interest in the Amber and Hailey cases?

    * Took a stroll through Ms. Stacey’s FB page in search of answers to the questions above (ok, not really -mostly curiousity because I’ve been bored too). She supports Dauben and Baron, sends harassing notes and uses other people to fight her battles. That’s all I need to know about her character. I hope her uncle was cut from better cloth.

    * But, if she’s speaking/writing on Joey’s behalf this could be more entertaining than Joey himself…………

    Brandy: BTW – in case you haven’t found it yet, she posted a message to you on the Odessa Observer FB page. Says Joey was released today.

  5. lol@lol

    I don’t think he will stay out long. I hope he enjoys the few months he has with an ankle bracelet confined to Ellis and Navarro County. Then off to prison he goes, for him to never be seen again…

    I am still relishing in this fact. He may go back on bond violation ROFLMAO. I sense that one coming. Magic 8 ball says so.

  6. lol@lol

    Welp, I was right. Done been re-arrested by Ellis County SO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

    Currently an inmate of the Ellis County Jail

  7. 8p

    I called Ellis County they told me that their computer says he was released from there March 22?

  8. Just Sayin'

    Hey ho, don’t you know, lay low little Joe. Pop your mouth and you’ll head south. Time to grow up little man, if you can! Don’t drag others into your can. Stop looking for someone else to blame for your downfall which is now your fame. Retaliation won’t help your case, so stay out of Brandy’s face!

  9. B

    I talked to him this morning and he is not in Ellis County Jail. He was transferred from Navarro to Ellis County booked in there and then released.

    The conversation was okay. We cleared up some misunderstandings and I think he said that Red Oak PD seized the ECO

  10. vicki

    i think its all messed up if you ask me,,but i hope only good things for joey and the dauben family…

  11. lol@lol

    He is probably using this time to allow his butthole time to recover and tighten back up. After 3 months, he probably is not anal retentive anymore.

    How’s those political aspirations working out for you, Joey? The only poster I see you ever making is not for political office, but a DPS Sex Offender poster.

    Do your butthole a favor, take a plea deal for a reduced prison sentence, since I am sure you can see this now. Karma caught you.

  12. Drtuddle

    Looks like Joey is in a relationship now. Thats cool to have somebody stand by you in trying times. Pretty girl to boot.

  13. Just Sayin'

    Amazing! This guy shoots two dogs and his wife, tries to hide from police, and his bond is HALF what Joey’s was! Shows you how little women in Texas are worth. Shameful! Of course you can’t help but ask why this woman married a man a quarter century older than her ….

    • the man

      usually has something to do with “daddy issues”

    • nothingbettertodotoday

      @ Just Sayin’: I almost agreed with you in principle but then I reviewed the facts. Joey’s original bond amount was for a total of 4 felony counts of sexual assault. The old man that shot his wife and dogs has only 1 felony count. Then Joey’s bond per count was reduced, so the old man’s bond is higher. It wouldn’t bother me if Joey’s bond per count had been equal to the old man’s. I think rape should carry the same penalties as murder. I’d bet flight risk was also a factor in setting bond amounts. How far and how fast can the old man go?

      I think there are ought to be charges and a bond of $250k per dog. It’s horrible and inexcusable that he shot his wife. But when it comes down to it, she made a choice to live with the crazy old fart, the dogs didn’t have a choice. And, if they pooped in the house, who’s fault was it really?

  14. nothingbettertodotoday

    David Webb posted an article today re: Joey’s release. Release conditions include no internet for any reason. Bummer. Appears Patrick Wilson is going to make sure we stay deprived of Joey entertainment based on complaints by some folks complaining about his release.

    Photos of the girlfriend were posted too. Now there’s a mind boggling situation………

  15. elliscountytimes

    It is more than just no internet for no reason…He can’t have inadvertent access either. If I understand correctly, i think that he cannot even have an internet connection where he lives.

  16. gingersnapthornoftruth

    You know, even though I’m gonna miss his stupid rants, this is really the best thing in the world for Joey. Now that his internet is taken away, he must focus on real life stuff like getting a real job, taking care of his g/f and getting his life in order. Of course I have been hard on him, but I really do hope he uses this situation to lay the foundation for a real and productive life after all this finally passes.

  17. nothingbettertodotoday

    Gingersnap: you seem like a good, fair person. Your character shows through in seeing the opportunities for Joey and wishing him well.

    Internet restrictions placed on Joey may be a blessing in disguise and an opportunity for us all to move on. I recently read some archive posts from 3 or 4 years ago, the names were all different but the comments were the same. Joey’s critics had the same complaints – slander, inciting violence, posting malicious rumors, etc. Joey’s supporters were angry, defensive and potty mouths. I’d just as soon miss Joey’s rants as be stuck on a merry-go-round for 3 or 4 years.

    While I don’t believe Joey is a government target, I can see that Joey is now a target of less sophisticated folks. The people complaining to Patrick Wilson about Joey’s release are just kicking a man while he’s down. For crying out loud, he was arrested for all of the things they are complaining about – let it go, Karma and Patrick have got it handled.

  18. lol@lol

    The girlfriend story is just a front to try and convince a jury Joey didn’t diddle a teen boy.

    Notice how David Webb (a reporter for the gay dallas voice) keeps covering joey’s stories.

    Joey is most likely gay or bi and in the closet, although it looks like door was opened for the world to see. Joey will soon be a convicted pedophile. He will join the rest of the sex offenders in jail and on the sex offender registry

    . Just like he was told a few years ago, you can’t be in a political office if you are a convicted felon. He soon will be joining the ranks of his associates who have been convicted or pled out on felonies or misdemeanors…. John Margetis, Todd Phillippi, Rodney Ramsey, just to name a few.

    • nothingbettertodotoday

      I had the same thoughts re: girl friend for cover and David Webb. Funny how Joey gets a girl friend while he’s in jail and Mr. Webb posts Joey news before the other papers print the stories.

    • ld

      I have proof witness’ that joey is gay. And had sexual relations w a 16 yr old when he was 21.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      I won’t argue that it happened, but how in the world could you possibly have proof that he did it? You get a picture of him in the act?

  19. nothingbettertodotoday

    I just figured out who Joey’s girl friend is. Am I slow? Should I change my name to “Clueless, party of one”? Joey’s been blasting her father for as long as I’ve been reading his rants. Looks like Dad might be part of Joey’s legal problems in Ellis County………….

  20. You know me

    I personally think it is disturbing and contrived. Look, LOoK-I’m NOt gay!! what is she 18 or something? Nice guy, hey be my girlfriend, I am looking at like 5 felonies, perpetually unemployed and getting sued too! I’M A CATCH!

  21. Really?

    I understand Joey’s need to publish photos of himself with someone who has a vagina, since that shows he couldn’t possibly be interested in teenage boys, but someone who’s accused of sex with an underage teenager is probably better served by a photo with a girlfriend who doesn’t look 15.

  22. lol@lol

    Actually, Joey has a vagina, don’tcha know. All the prison guys love his ‘man” hole LOL. He is the new “gurlfriend”. Irony, isn’t it. I am enjoying my freedom. Joey is in a prison. 2 county limitation LOL.. One big prison yard. Never knowing when the “man” is gonna come get him again!

  23. one time fan

    Tell Joey that my prayers are with him and his family and wish nothing but the best for him…

  24. Tell Joey he will reap what he sows and that I wish nothing but what he has coming to him.

  25. While one door opens,your's remain's locked

    Gingersnap. Patrick wants to know why your posting OPENLY with his phone number at the D.A.’s office,asking people to report Joey D.Even ask people to report month’s back on his radio show[prior Dauben’s arrest],he was drunk.I ask you did you see him drinking?
    No,I am sure is the answer.
    Aren’t you Erica??
    or simply just SNAPPED?

    Maybe you should apply yourself,to bettering your self.
    Stop and move on,find something new to occupy your useless time.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      Ummmm actually I dont know who patrick is, much less his phone number. I have never set foot in the DA’s office or even contacted them in my life. My name isn’t Erica, I’m not trying to report Joey for anything frankly I dont care, and for that matter I think they got a pretty good beed on him at this point anyway. But thanks for playing, maybe next time you might get one single thing right.

    • elliscountytimes

      I don’t think Gingersnap is Erica. Gingersnap has made too many coherent arguments to be Erica. I think I know who the Snap is…I think maybe a person who leads a public life [elected position].

    • what a joke

      it is in-fact someone who so desires to be in a political position, maybe a wanna be a Judge someday.
      huh Brandy

      • elliscountytimes

        I am not outing anyone. But I have a good feeling on knowing who snap is, in fact i am pretty sure of it.

      • gingersnapthornoftruth

        I’m not an elected official, and I am not trying to be one. I’m busy raising my family and making money, no time for that.

  26. gingersnapthornoftruth

    And apparently my wish for Joey to turn his life around is in vain, as this article clearly shows he is going to double down in his pretend world and continue to live the lie that is his life. BTW, the DA offered him a 10 year prison sentence plea deal, sounds like they are really going to nail him.–Ellis-County-Observer-publisher-fights-forfeiture-of-domain-name-vows-to-continue-muckraking-one-day/187

    • what a joke

      Wonder how many years they will give you at a MHMR unit?

    • The voice of reason

      They have all kinds of evidence in this case, stacks and stacks. A 10 year prison sentence as a plea deal, plus not needing the accuser to testify, shows the strength of their case. I always hoped Joey would turn his life around, but I suspect he’ll be just as happy living in his pretend world in which he’s a political prisoner serving a long sentence for the “cause,” for exposing corruption, and being “persecuted for My name’s sake.” He’ll convince himself that these things are true and that he’s the victim. Joey isn’t evil, he just has problems he isn’t willing to accept, and that drives him to bad behavior. It’s sad to see such potential wasted on such degrading passions.

      • gingersnapthornoftruth

        thats really how I feel about Joey, I see him as a tragic figure, he could have been so much but wasted it. At this point he could legally be classified as insane, but we on the ECO have been observing his decent into maddness step by step all these years, it didn’t just happen over night.

  27. Just Sayin'

    Nope, it’s MVZ about to be put away (AGAIN) either in a MHMR unit or jail, which ever comes first …..

  28. Just Sayin'

    No one believes snap is MVZ. Snap’s posts make sense and do not degrade and accuse. MVZ and Joey appear to have a great deal in common, and her posts here are obvious to those who know her. Look up “Borderline Personality Disorder” on wikipedia if you’d like to truly understand them both.

  29. lol@lol

    10 years for a plea deal… Must mean Ranger Bobo built a strong case! 18 and life to go!

  30. lol@lol

    Phil Banker, p…

    Joseph Dauben’s fight to keep his website came to an abrupt end Friday morning, when a judge ruled the Ellis County Observer was rightfully seized.

    Assistant District Attorney Ann Montgomery said Judge Bob Carroll held the site was contraband, and that it was rightfully forfeited to the state of Texas.

    • The voice of reason

      I really hate these forfeiture laws. I don’t disagree with the decision, but I think it should wait until he’s convicted of wrongdoing. I don’t see how the state can take something from a person before proving that the item was used to commit a crime. This shouldn’t happen until there’s a criminal conviction, or at least a finding of civil liability.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      Ok, I think two things have to be pointed out here:

      1. what the hell is he wearing in that photo? It looks like a straightjacket or a flasher’s robe, either way its not a good look for an accused child molseter.

      2. Can we just take a moment to soak up the irony of Bob Carroll ruling on if the ECO can come back online or if it must stay down? Caroll and Joey were friends until Joey decided to give his ECO radio show over to that dirty filthy John Margetis who used it to call Carroll some of the most horrible things you could possibly call another human being. As well as all those road-side protests with the signs calling Carroll a liar and a crook. So, spoiler alert, Carroll ruled that the ECO must stay in the hands of the State…..ahhhh the irony of it all.

  31. lol@lol

    Don’t have to wait till hes convicted. That’s the beautiful thing about it. I think it’s off to those crayolas and construction paper now HAHAHAHA. Next part is his Trial By Jury where he gets convicted and sentenced to prison on sex crimes….. Then the Ellis County case of Identity Theft. I hear some civil suits are coming Joey’s way too.

    • The voice of reason

      How can you say it’s beautiful that a judge can order a forfeiture without any proof of wrongdoing? You may agree with this particular decision, and I believe it is likely the correct one, but allowing the taking of property without proof of wrongdoing is an invitation for tyranny. Do you think a judge should be allowed to give your home to the state because you were accused, without proof, of using your home to distribute drugs? We simply shouldn’t allow such sanctions without proof of guilt or liability.

      • Lol@lol

        Its a civil proceeding. Burden of proof goes from probable cause to preponderence of the evidence. Less of a burden to prove!

        Its beautiful that the law is the way it is. The attack machine silenced.

  32. lol@lol

    Dallas Voice contributor subpoenaed to testify at hearing on gag order against Joey Dauben
    Posted on 24 Apr 2012 at 1:27am

    A Navarro County district judge has issued a subpoena for Dallas Voice contributor David Webb to testify at a hearing this week on whether to impose a gag order against Ellis County Observer Publisher Joey Dauben, who faces charges of child sex abuse.

    Webb has reported extensively on Dauben’s case for Dallas Voice, including a column on our Viewpoints page last week and a follow-up article on Instant Tea on Friday. Webb said he received the subpoena Monday for the hearing at 2 p.m. Wednesday in Corsicana, before Judge James Lagomarsino of the 13th District Court.

    According to Webb, Lagomarsino and District Attorney R. Lowell Thompson conferred Sunday and advised Dauben’s attorney that a hearing on the gag order had been scheduled. In a text message forwarded to Instant Tea by Webb, Dauben lamented that the gag order would prevent him from using “the forum that has aided not just me, but others in their legal and political fights.”

    “The gag order won’t apply to readers, fans or supporters,” Dauben added. “I couldn’t say anything about my two criminal cases anyway, so the gag order will be on top of what my lawyers restrict anyway, but one cannot see this as anything other than another way to silence me.”

  33. lol@lol

    LOL, that’s funny Gingersnap.

    But, yes, I expect he be doing some gagging himself again soon….. Inmates love a ‘purdy boy’s mouth.

    Texas couple awarded $13 million in Web defamation case



    Posted on April 24, 2012 at 10:06 AM

    See all 2 photos »

    DALLAS – A Texas couple was awarded more than $13 million in a defamation case that raised questions about what people can say online.

    “It’s pretty significant,” said Dallas-based cyber attorney Peter Vogel, who is not involved in the case. “People cannot hide behind the First Amendment and say anything they want.”

    A Tarrant County jury awarded Mark and Rhonda Lesher of Clarksville, Texas, the sum on Friday after the couple filed a lawsuit against people writing anonymous, hurtful comments about them online.

    “This vindicates us,” Mark Lesher told the Texarkana Gazette on Friday. “This is vindication for all the scurrilous, vile, defamatory statements that caused us… to move out of town and my wife to lose her business.”

    The decision by a jury in the 348th District Court in Fort Worth was made against Jerry Coyel, his wife, Shannon, and one of their employees.

    In 2008, Shannon Coyel accused the Leshers of sexual assault at their East Texas ranch. The next year, a Collin County jury acquitted the Leshers of all charges.

    Online, however, the case seemed to never end. Hundreds of comments on the web forum,, were made against the Leshers. A steady stream of false attacks filled message boards.

    The Leshers filed a lawsuit and got a judge to order Topix to release the Internet addresses of 178 anonymous posters. One of those IP addresses went back to a Fort Worth salvage yard owned by the Coyels.

    Neither the Coyels nor their attorneys returned multiple calls from WFAA.

    In 2009, Jerry Coyel admitted to he might have posted on Topix, but emphasized that he used his name and did not post anything inflammatory.

    “I believe I’d gone on there one time. I’m not positive about it,” he said three years ago. “It’s a freedom of speech blog.”

    Freedom of speech, however, doesn’t apply to libelous statements. Vogel says opinions are okay, but people cannot write hurtful lies about individuals.

    “Individuals are not free to say whatever they want anonymously on the Internet without some liability if they slander somebody,” he said.

    Internet providers often can trace IP (Internet protocol) addresses to computers, although not necessarily to specific users.

    “More than half the time, I would say, in these types of cases the identity of the person doing the anonymous post is identified,” Vogel said.


  34. Just Sayin'

    lol@lol THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for posting that wonderful story about online slander. I hope MVZ sees it because she’s NEXT!!!!!! Case law can be VERY important to a judge and this is a good one!

    Wednesday, April 4th, 2012
    A judge presiding over the well-publicized Oregon defamation lawsuit involving Crystal Cox recently ruled against the self-styled, self-published investigative blogger. Cox was ordered to pay $2.5 million in damages and the decision has stirred online First Amendment crusaders.
    The Crystal Cox Defamation Lawsuit Background
    A self-described investigative blogger and whistle blower, Crystal Cox is a real estate agent by day and Internet vigilante by night. Among her cadre of websites was, an outlet Ms. Cox used to accuse Kevin Padrick — one of Obsidian’s founding executives — of fraud, misappropriation of funds, lie telling, and a litany of other unscrupulous actions. Cox even insinuated Padrick may have hired an assassin to silence her.
    As a result of her online accusations, Mr. Padrick decided to sue for defamation. He maintained his company lost considerable business thanks to Ms. Cox’s allegedly misleading statements. Padrick explained that the Internet was awash with Cox’s disparaging claims — a digital reality which damaged him financially.
    Defamation Pro Se Trial
    In court, representing herself “pro se,” Cox argued her blog posts were journalistic, of “pubic concern,” and that the Oregon retraction laws should apply to her situation (retraction laws allow journalists to correct or retract defamatory statements in lieu of compensatory damages.). Cox also characterized herself as a “whistle blower” exposing the unscrupulous practices in the finance world.
    The Definition of Journalist When It Comes To Online Defamation Lawsuits
    Judge, Marco A. Hernandez, however, rejected the assertion that Cox was a journalist.
    By applying Oregon law, Hernandez ruled Cox could not be treated as a journalist since:
    She did not have a formal education in journalism
    She did not hold proof of affiliation with a recognized news entity
    She arguably didn’t adhere to journalistic standards such as editing and fact checking
    She did not keep notes of conversations and interviews conducted
    She could not produce evidence that she had a mutual understanding or an agreement between the defendant and his or her sources
    She did not contact the grieved party, before publishing, to get both sides of the story
    Offering SEO Services Sunk Cox
    In addition to the legal Oregon defamation elements noted above, perhaps the most damning piece of evidence against Cox was an email, presented as evidence by the defense, wherein Cox offered Padrick online reputation management services for $2,500 a month.
    In the eyes of the court, the email helped in disqualifying Cox for journalistic immunity. After all, the offending email framed Cox as someone who was actively looking to profit off her statements, and thanks to the presence of the email, the defense could argue that Cox was essentially holding Padrick’s business reputation hostage.
    The Right Defamation Decision…But At What Cost
    Based on the above defamation definition elements — and the fact that Cox couldn’t prove wrongdoing on the part of Mr. Padrick — it’s no surprise that Obsidian and it’s executive emerged victorious.
    That being said, many are concerned about the unintended First Amendment ramifications this decision may have on Internet bloggers in the future. Many wonder how well bloggers, who work for online magazines or news organizations, fit into the qualifying factors listed by Hernandez. For instance, not every blogger working for a news organization has a a journalism degree.
    The defamation lawsuit of Crystal Cox is sure to play a role in future blogger defamation lawsuits; it’s established legal precedence that is certain to be tested and challenged in the coming years.“

  36. nothingbettertodotoday

    Seems like Joey thinks Mr. Webb will be in his corner on this one. I’m almost tempted to make the drive to court tomorrow to hear what Mr. Webb has to say. I get the feeling he likes Joey but doesn’t support Joey’s ECO reporting methods/postings.

    Re: seizure of ECO – It’s not a matter of guilt or innocence. Joey was inciting violence in wishing that his targets came to some kind of bodily harm, it’s a fact, we all read the posts. The targets weren’t found guilty in a court of law, by a jury of their peers. I think the seizure was a preemptive strike. I have no problem with Ellis County protecting the public, whatever it takes. The only difference between the ECO seizure and Charles Manson going to jail for murder is that Ellis County took action before any body got hurt. Or, not any different than trying to get on an airplane with gun – the police will take your gun and put you in the jail.

  37. Just Sayin'

    Seems even the Occupy Movement doesn’t want anything to do any more with MVZ. She is once again claiming people are asking her to kill herself, and other people are attacking her. She also claims to be afraid of the police, even though her father is one! Wish she would get the psychiatric help she so desperately needs and stop making war with anyone who dares believe one word of her garbage. What are we to do with someone whose own mother wants nothing to do with her?

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      where do you get all your MVZ news these days?

      • Just Sayin'


        Used to also get it from, but apparently she is so much legal trouble that one is now “private” and so is elliscountyobserversucks. She also has some facebook pages under Occupy Plano, and her alter egos/split personalities Liz Salander and SlaveChic Anamika. She’s apparently gone through one attorney after another before they run in horror just like her own family. At one point she admitted sending 200 emails to a lawyer in one day and couldn’t understand why he dropped her afterward!

  38. nothingbettertodotoday

    Is The Occupied Collin County Observor MVZ?

  39. Just Sayin'

    You can’t fix crazy, and when the goverment itself says you are, along with your own family, that is the final word!

  40. gingersnapthornoftruth

    Well and getting back to the topic, does anyone have any new real info on Joey? When is his pre-trial hearing, does anyone know what kind of evidence the DA has on him here?

    • Curious Bystander

      In Texas there aren’t usually any pre-trial hearing, per se. They are actually “probable cause” hearings to see if the person should be held pending indictment. If a person is arrested without an indictment there might be a pre-trial hearing but it has to occur before the indictment. The ones that I have been involved in are usually just fishing expeditions for the defense.

  41. Just Sayin'

    Hmmm latest video posted by MVZ:

    Watch and ask yourself, is this an admission of her utter insanity?

  42. ld

    Bc, I was there along with my best friend at the time, he bought liqour got him drunk and slept w him. I was 15 at the time, and my friend was 16. Joey was really drunk, and he got my number somehow and kept sending me nude pics of himself, and I just kept ignoringit and had to change my number.

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