John Margetis- This Mugshot in no way indicates guilt or innocence

 This Mugshot in no way indicates guilt or innocence

Well,  Curtis Butler published an article stating he has John’s mug shot from December 2011, he hasn’t published it. Is he scared?

This one is from the alleged January 2012, indecent exposure arrest.  And John, I wouldn’t have published it if you hadn’t repeatedly lied to me about having been arrested.  I mean, people diddle themselves in “adult” theaters, that is what they are for, right?  I don’t like wasting tax payer funds to send undercover vice to see if people are pulling their tally-wackers out in porn theaters, but you lied, so here it is.


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  1. gingersnapthornoftruth

    Normally I would agree with you as this being somewhat frivolous, but in his case its a blessing to everyone. Anytime you can get a career scammer off the street its a good thing for us all. I dont care what they get him for, just so long as they get him.

  2. gingersnapthornoftruth

    Ohhh can you imagine the things that investigator had to hear…..”its a conspiracy, we should be afraid to sleep at night, can I call my 81 year old mother, its judge bob carroll’s fault, he’s a dirty filthy liar, this goes all the way up to the white house, I forgot the number to my 82 year old mothers house, judge jerrinigan is a dirty filthy liar, belive you me, gingersnatch is a whore, did I mention my 80 year old mother”

  3. I called John, after someone called me and told me about your blog.

    Note-I have never met John Margetis, I had never had his phone number before Joey was arrested. John is not a phone buddy of mine or anything buddy, ok.

    I asked him if he got arrested and what your blog was saying. His reply…”I was in Washington DC in meetings all day. i wasn’t anywhere near Dallas, I was in D.C.. You know there is another John Margetis.”

    And some scoffing and more bullshit, apparently. My computer was crashed but as soon as the new one arrived, I found the arrest record and mug shot, THAT DAY.

    Well, communication fell off with John. I am not really too interested in chatting with another a-hole who wants to insult my intelligence by underestimating me to the nth degree.

    The Butler ran his blog saying “Joey has the right to be skeptical of Brandy [rotflmao] and myself [Curtis]….John I have the mug shot from December 2011”

    BUT he didn’t run the flippin’ thing. So I did, John called a few days ago, makes me want to jump through the phone and slap his lying ass, and Butler chickens out on the mug. So I did it.

  4. Just Sayin'

    Go to and look up his “Criminal Background Check”. Includes things like theft and assault. There are also civil cases including eviction.

  5. Carissa

    If anyone has any “business fraud” type info they can help me with regarding this dbag John, could you please email me??

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