Beware of NTB in Waxahachie

“I took my 1996 Ford Mustang in to NTB in Waxahachie. I asked for the AAC and the QC and told them at least I wanted new tires and an alignment.  They told me that the passenger ball-joint was bad and needed replacing before they could do the alignment.  But that the brakes all looked good, plenty of pad on them and the rotors turned and the brakes were good. That was the mechanic Avery who checked everything.  And that at minimum I needed two tires and that the other two would pass inspection.

I know the brakes were good and all there.  I have been doing the maintenance on the car for a year but the guys at NTB were under the impression I had just bought the car.  I told them I just added it to my insurance and had to have the insurance faxed over.  Totally true that I just added it to my insurance.  But the car is my mother’s and I have been paying and/or monitoring maintenance for the last year.

I was told that the car wouldn’t pass inspection because the emergency brake was “stretched” out. A steel cable is stretched out?

Long story short, when I left NTB, I was there for 4 hours, only ended up with 2 tires and an oil change. FOR  FOUR HOURS! I drove directly to Ennis.  I left the car and a new ball joint with a mechanic friend who has been a family friend for 30 years.  I told him what they said about the emergency brake and he said, “No, no those don’t stretch out, I have been doing this all my life. It means a component somewhere in the brake system is going out.”

So, He goes through the car and the WHOLE REAR PASSENGER CALIPER was COMPLETELY GONE- and the rear driver was disconnected.

Here is the best part, nevermind the first mechanic had a write up on every detail INCLUDING pad thickness and the shape of my rotors and the brakes checked out, but then the guy who had the car for the next 2-3 hours drove a 1996 Mustang and they were pulling it up on the rack to work on it when I left with my car.  Not only was my rear caliper STOLEN but when I got to Ennis I had a steel belt poking through so bad that it cut my friends finger when he reached to take the tire off.

I was told my brakes were good, really good as a matter of fact and that my other two tires were good too.  But then I get from Waxahachie to Ennis and my rear caliper is gone, steel belts sticking through my other tires and the other caliper disconnected. I guess I told him to give me my car back before he got that one off.”



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  1. You Know ME

    ouch hate it when that happens

  2. TP

    they ripped me off too. I wanted my tires balanced and rotated and they charged me for it but did not do the work

  3. I smell a lie.if they took off your calipper and dissconected the other how oh how did you drive the car to ennis texas. lier lier pants on fire.

  4. by the way steel cables stretch. if one of the wires in cable breaks (comes undone) cable will weeken quickly just ask anyone with cable operated clutch. like on a VW. NOTICE: some people have a hard time letting go of their money.everything is fine untill its time to pay.then suddenly their person goes to pieces most dont realize its happening.but when ya do try to think about not freaking out next time you open your wallet. just hoping to make ya think.PS the old saying is. The customer is always right. If you dont know anything about cars motorcycles or lawn mowers how could you possibly always or even ever be right.seriously

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