Joey Dauben gets slammed by FS SHOW

After a couple stressful phone calls and unnecessary text messages Barbara and Brandy address the Joey Dauben situation once and for all!
You guy’s will eat this up, some of you will hate me for it and some of you will love me for it. The fact is, I don’t really care what any of you think! What’s contained in this show is just the truth!

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  1. Let’s be real. its your and bf’s version of the truth. Your “truth” which will shortly be exposed as false information with absolutely NO proof behind it. Classic Barbara. Can’t believe I ever fell for that BS. Until you can provide me with PROOF (and for the record everything that comes out of BF or BO’s mouth does not constitute as proof of anything) of ALL allegations and unfounded attacks, your credibility is zilch, zip, nada.

  2. TP

    That is cute. Good advice unheeded. Dont worry about them brandy. You cant reason with the unreasonable.

  3. Joe

    Was it you who said, Joey told you he took DNA test?

  4. Joe

    You (Presley)

  5. TP

    Cant wait for this trial. Hey brandy do you know when the joey trial in navarro is? and how much trouble can a person get in to for laughing outburst during a trial? HAHAHA HA BWAAA WA HAHA

  6. gingersnapthornoftruth

    I miss my Jerry Springer show

  7. LOL@LOL

    “Joey Dauben gets slammed” ….prophetic genius

  8. Just Sayin'

    As you mature, you will find that truth is subjective. Put a line of people together. Whisper something to the first and have them pass it on to the next, and the next, until you get to the end of the line. Each person will swear they repeated the message exactly. But in the end, the entire message has changed even though everyone insists their message was correct. Police can question a dozen people at a crime scene and each will have different versions of their own “truth” including the color of someone’s hair, car, etc. It isn’t a sign of deception, intentional or not, it is simply a sign that we all process information differently.

    Seems Joey, MVZ, and her so called “rapist” have a lot in common when it comes to the Borderline Personality Disorder. People who eventually turn on anyone and everyone who ever believed in them. Sad, really…..

    “Three people can keep a secret, if two of them are dead (and the other is asleep).” – Benjamin Franklin
    “There has never been a bad peace, or a good war.” – Benjamin Franklin

    Good ole Ben, was a known womanizer who fathered his last child in his 80’s and died from an STD. We all have our faults and our saving graces. Throwing stones at one another rarely brings out the best in anyone

  9. nothingbettertodotoday

    @Brandy: Just Sayin’ has some good points. I would add that as you mature you will also find that people with good intentions are the perfect prey for people with hidden agendas and Borderline Personality Disorders. I blew an hour of my time to listen to the 5/23 FS-Show because I was desperate for a Joey update – nothing new about Joey but I learned a lot about BF. She red lined my BS meter. All blow, no go. For you, this relationship seems to be deja vu all over again. Run, sister, run………….

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      Yeah Brandy, us “Common Centsers” (that means those of us not in this situation and reside on planet earth) have been joking for months now that there is no discernable difference between Joey and Barbara. In fact, listening to you flying co-pilot again the other night as barbara went on her PMS rant, you had to have some deja vu moments didn’t you? I mean other than making the tone slightly lower, what was the difference from that and when you played radio on the ECO?

  10. Just Sayin'

    Nothing – “I would add that as you mature you will also find that people with good intentions are the perfect prey for people with hidden agendas and Borderline Personality Disorders.”

    AMEN to that! I’m sorry I ever heard of MVZ or tried to help her nutty lying self and her wacked out agenda!

  11. nothingbettertodotoday

    Hey Brandy, did you miss this or are you just ignoring it? Joey is printing a 20 page newspaper and plans to distribute 750 copies in Ellis County. He wrote the paper by hand while he was in jail. He says he wants to give the entire world something to talk about, will expose more government malfeasance and expects to “irk” Patrick Wilson by including a story about a bar complaint Joey made against him. .Next print edition will be a prison ministry. And, as usual, there’s a conspiracy ………wait for it………..he “believes law enforcement officers are looking for any opportunity to silence him by getting his bail revoked or to get him convicted”.

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