Just how smart is T.J. Fabby?

So after being kicked out and blocked on facebook from the Ellis County Tea Party, I logged in on another account to see if they had any election results posted.   Here is the gem that T.J. Fabby had posted…

“To all of the Tea Party people who got out and supported their candidates with ACTIONS and not just words…THANK YOU!

To all of those who sit on the sidelines or behind a keyboard or microphone and just TALK….put up or shut up!

Whew! I’ve been wanting to get that off my my chest for a while! Have a great day!

So he is either not very smart or is a very sore loser.  Really? Trash your supporters online because they didn’t do enough?  You know 500 people may read this post but he wants people like me walking door-to-door all day long to talk to 100 people at best?  I have advice for T.J. Fabby, a concession speech is supposed to be THANKING ALL of your supporters. And with the final numbers like they were, you need to keep all of your supporters you can.

Henry HefnerThere are single moms out there, people caring for ill parents, etc. who have no money, and can’t get out to door knock for whatever reason, but they fight the fight the only way they know how: with keyboards and microphones, just talking. They did what they could, and for you to insult them like this is bad form. I would expect this from the “occupy” crowd, but not from a Tea Partyer.


T.J. FabbyHa! You and I both know that those people who are unable to do things are NOT the ones I was referring to. I’m talking about the ones who ARE perfectly capable but CHOOSE to just talk. Just keep TALKING, Henry. I expect nothing more from you.

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  1. gingersnapthornoftruth

    “So he is either not very smart or is a very sore loser.”
    I would say without question he is both. Since roping steers isn’t a skill that will be usefull in the Texas Legislature, TJ “I Come From the Water” Fabby has nothing to offer the voters of Ellis county, and so they voted accordingly. I do know his sheep were really pulling for him to win, poor things.

  2. Uncalled for

    This post is just rude.TJ is a nice guy and this is so stupid

  3. B

    Okay so my cell phone beeped at me and I saw this brilliant comment. Okay so T.J. is a nice guy, SOMETIMES. Because what he posted was rather rude.

    So I am going to agree with “Uncalled for” it was uncalled for for TJ to post that on Tea Party facebook and it was rude and stupid.

  4. Brandy, I didn’t know you were kicked out to, hell I thought me and my daughter were special. Oh well I guess we’re in good company.

    Any way that being said, vindication is a wonderful thing. I have been telling anybody that would listen that this guy had nothing to offer anybody, not even his family. The only education he’s had beyond high school is the fire academy at Texas A&M, nobody ever even questioned WHY he was not working as a Fireman or something in the field. I propose he is either too cowardly or could not pass some of the departmental test ‘probably the psychological portion’

    The Tea Party gave him a bully pulpit and this is how he repaid them. I think it was Hefner that kicked us off because Fabby’s bunch couldn’t handle the questions. The Fabby crowd is intrenched and control the local Tea Party. Now that he has shown his stripes that will change, we can only hope in the mean time though the the Ellis County Tea Party is just a laughing stock and nobody even knows about or takes them seriously.

  5. zane

    This bickering is shameful behavior for grown adults. I am not a tea party supporter, but to attack Fabby for his lack of college education is not a good move considering that he is in good company with another tea party darling- Scott Walker.

  6. Being from Wisconsin and knowing Scott, I wouldn’t say Fabby is in “good” company. Walker is not very bright.

  7. 45ACP 1911

    TJ I just found out is nothing but another politician. I attempted many times on facebook to debate him in regards to Trump (me for; him against) but he refused to ever debate me so he took the liberal route, removed my comments and blocked me not only from his personal page but his group page as well. A little background, when TJ was running I was a huge supporter and did all that I could to get his name out but somewhere along the line he decided he was no longer an advocate of free speech when he doesn’t agree with it. I am truly shocked that someone I fought to put into office just raged on me because he didn’t like what I had to say. I assure you TJ if you ever attempt to run for office again I will do everything in my power to squash ever single one of your lies you spew. I really had higher hopes for you man. Good luck in the future.

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