Zombie Apocalypse? What is the drug bath salt?

I have read some stories of people attacking other people and eating their victim’s face.  I have read in other stories that a drug called bath salt, is responsible.  I heard the stories and immediately thought PCP… when I have watched COPS and I see a naked man running a rampage, i immediately think PCP is the drug responsible.

Well, most of the incidents have naked people rampaging and eating people’s faces…(eating people’s faces? when does that get fun?)


“Bath salts” is a nickname for the synthetic drug methylenedioxypyrovalerone or MDPV, a stimulant similar to cocaine or methamphetamine.

The effects of the drug can be unpredictable.

While illegal in the United States, the drug isn’t listed as a controlled substance in Canada and can be legally brought into the country.

There have been cases of extremely violent behaviour from people on the drug.

The drug made international headlines recently after being linked to a case in Miami, Fla., where a man attacked and ate parts of a homeless man before being shot by police. But authorities there are unsure what, if any, role the drug played.


By now, you surely know about the impending zombie apocalypse — signaled by an incident in Miami, in which a man apparently chewed off another man’s face. Police believe the man was high on “bath salts” at the time. On Monday night, CNN took a closer look at the drug.

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Freddy Sharp, who described his experience with “bath salts” as “pure evil,” spoke to CNN about it — before the segment turned to medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen. She taught us that “bath salts” are similar to meth and ecstacy, and have nothing to do with actual bath salts.

Cohen then went over the kinds of side effects the drug can have in addition to hallucinations, which include violent behavior and confusion. It even seems like those under the influence appears to almost have superpowers, judging by how it can take as many as five or six police officers to subdue a person. But it’s not superhuman strength, she said, it’s a combination of them feeling invincible while not feeling pain.

Cohen further emphasized that the drug has “nothing to do” with actual bath salts whatsoever. It’s just a name because the drug looks similar and “it allows them to talk about the products without having to use the word amphetamine” — a legal term for an illegal substance.


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  1. Just Sayin'

    Whatever happened to our society that made people think that they must alter their body or mind in order to have “fun”? We have one bag of bones and it must last a lifetime. Seeing how many ways to alter it with drugs and alcohol proves one thing only, you can’t fix STUPID!

  2. just thinking

    Humans have always used Natural substances to alter their mind or consciousness. Maybe this is just another form of government intervention making things worse instead of better. If these people would just smoke a joint, you think they would be eating peoples faces?

  3. Just Sayin'

    Smoking a joint isn’t as harmless as some people want to believe. I have a relative who smoked for years and got to the point they couldn’t hold a job. This person became pretty worthless, unreliable, detested by their own family and set a wonderful example for my children why they shouldn’t. I do believe that pot does have some useful purposes when used in moderation. I once used a small amount for a back condition that worked far better than what the doctor gave me. But legalizing it would mean a lot of people stoned out of their mind getting behind the wheel, and I don’t see that as a good solution either. Bumper cars are a lot more fun when it isn’t on the highway! Set an example for your children. Don’t do things that are illegal. If you drink, do so in moderation. Don’t get behind the wheel when you do because there is absolutely no reason not to have a drink at home and only at home. It’s cheaper, and safer. Don’t drink to get a buzz, all that proves is that you have no respect for yourself. You wouldn’t eat enough cake to make yourself throw up, don’t do that with any other thing including alcohol. How can anyone else respect you if you don’t? As far as humans always having used natural substances, I have always wondered in a time in history where it took almost every waking moment just to survive, what possessed some moron to decide to dry a leaf, roll it up, set it on fire and breathe it? Makes ya wonder …..

    • nothingbettertodotoday

      Sounds like your relative may have had another issue, i.e. depression. I’ve known countless highly paid, successful and respected professionals, with no college degree all the way to PHD’s, that have smoked pot since the 70’s, that are still working today and have raised responsible, productive children. Some still smoke every day and none of them have car wrecks. Doesn’t seem logical to me that decriminalization of pot would result any more “stoned” drivers on the road than we have now. It’s not the driver that’s just smoke a joint that scares me, it’s the drunks and stone cold sober folks on the phone, texting, etc.

      I’ve wondered too how, when, why somebody came up the idea of rolling up a leaf to smoke it but I’m surprised you call the guy a moron if it helped your back pain. If more folks in the world smoked a little at the end of the day, maybe there would be fewer wars, less genocide AND nobody getting their faces eaten off.

  4. b

    AND nobody getting their faces eaten off? Well, I don’t know how much the pot thing would sway face eating zombies, I think the people willing to try “bath salts” are looking for a different high than pot.

    But if zombie apocalypse breaks out, find your nearest field of ganja and set it on fire. At least make the zombies too stoned to run fast.

    I have some serious reservations about the “legal” synthetics drugs. Like the concentrated salvia teenagers were buying. I tried it, it should be illegal, it is now in Texas.

    Parents need to be strongly urged to be weary of these substances. I am no light-weight, I was running all over Dallas and “raving” back in the ’90’s and some of this legal stuff makes you COMPLETELY disassociate. You don’t know where you are, what you are doing, what planet you are on, etc..

    Like an instant HARD-CORE acid trip and if you are not comfortable in your skin and yourself, you are setting yourself up for a MAJOR freak out man. It is far out.

    • nothingbettertodotoday

      I was agreeing with Just Thinking’s statement. It was a good point re: the face eater. Except for one guy I used to know that was a control freak & wife beater, I’ve never seen a violent pot smoker. Have you? As regards all that other stuff, legal or not, I have no interest in taking anything that will cause me to disassociate from reality. That includes pain pills. From what I understand about bath salts, use causes irreversible changes in brain chemistry, the possibility of being f..ked up forever is enough for me to pass. I never did hear whether it was a guess or fact that face eating guy took bath salts. Maybe drugs had nothing to do with it at all – Schizophrenia can cause some really bizarre behavior.

  5. b

    I have no interest other than “scholarly”…I wanted to know what the fuss was about. Pain pills are a far cry from salvia divinorum.

    When I say, disassociate, I mean you literally don’t even know you are a human. You can’t walk or talk. Let’s just say, I saw a giant woman planting my full grown trees in my pasture and the moon came out of the sky and almost hit me in the face, but I didn’t know I had a face. My husband thought he was a spoke on a tire and rolled around crying on the floor about how, “I’m a spoke, I am nothing, my whole life is meaningless.”

    And the giant lady and the spoke was on the “coming down” part of it, the climax is totally unexplainable and all of this happens within seconds of one puff. I tried it to see what fanciness the teenagers of society were buying legally at the store. I would be VERY concerned if I found out my kid was using that stuff, lock-down style.

    which salvia is a natural plant but when they sell it, it is concentrated between 20 and 120 natural strength. It is very scary.

    • nothingbettertodotoday

      Wow – I had no idea about that stuff. That is very, very scary. I’m so glad my child rearing days are over. Makes the things I was worried about pale in comparison. It’s even scarier that this stuff is legal but pot is not. I say outlaw every man made substance like that, decriminalize the weed God made and tax it!!

  6. b

    where is my thumbs up widget? I agree

  7. Just Sayin'

    There’s been another incident with a woman in New York running naked in the street beating her three year old son. When someone got the child away from her, she tried to kill a dog. She died after being tased by police. Just unbelievable what some people will do for “fun” or “escape”!


  8. nothingbettertodotoday

    Yeah, this doesn’t sound like “fun” to me either. Apparently, this is getting to be a popular escape. If you look at new briefs, there are “suspected” bath salt attacks all over the place.

    What happened to Curtis Bulter? He discovered and blogged the wonders of medicinal use of pot a few months ago. I tried to check in with him this AM but the blog has been deleted.

    • elliscountytimes

      Look in the recent comments and ask the commenter “noneya” where Curtis Butthurtler went.

      • elliscountytimes

        Maybe because I went to the Tobacco Hut and directed them to his blog. And we all know Curtis is big man and can stand behind what he publishes and says.

  9. Gotta Laugh

    So why does this story remind me of the old song “Leather & Lace”?
    Lovers forever
    Face to face
    My city or mountains
    Stay with me stay
    I need to you love me
    I need you today
    Give to me your leather
    Take from me my face
    Take from me my face ……

  10. Hey, you’re the goto exrpte. Thanks for hanging out here.

  11. Je connais le rainbow cake dont tu parles, et effectivement, c’est du boulot ! Par contre j’aurais bien voulu voir le tien, t’as pas un lien ? J’ai pas trouvé 😦

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