Shiner, Texas Man kills daughter’s abuser

Shiner, Texas (CNN) — Shiner is a place you can raise your cattle and chickens under the hot Texas sun, cool off with a bottle from the Lone Star State’s oldest independent brewery, then go to bed knowing all your neighbors and believing that you’ll be safe.

But a few days ago, one of its trademark ranches turned into a crime scene. That’s when a father reportedly spotted a man sexually assaulting his 5-year-old daughter, then beat the alleged abuser to death.

In a community that prides itself as being peaceful, a place where things like this just don’t happen, there is a sweeping consensus that justice was served.

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  1. Just Sayin'

    Now imagine if your young daughter was sexually abused, went in a court room, was forced to face her abuser and told everyone what he did, where they were, what he said, what they were wearing, etc. But because she was just a toddler and could NOT tell the court the DATES and TIMES of her abuse the court said she was “not a credible witness”, and threw the case out. The doctor who had physical proof of abuse was NEVER called and the person who tried to protect her accused of “making a false report”. Then the family courts turned her over to her abuser, and she was raped again by another man at the age of ten who told her “they didn’t believe you when you were three, they won’t believe you now”. When this is how our courts operate, who can blame this man for beating this abuser and sending him right were he belongs?

  2. yeah you

    ur just weird not “just sayin”

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