Congrats- We love you B, we are so proud

Alright, so the “inbred” jokes about me are funny. I wonder if my cousin/sister’s baby daddy would think they are as funny.  We are not really inbred.  We were raised as cousins or brother and sister, his granny is my god-mother, my mom is his god-mother, and he is the father of my niece.  I literally used to beat his ass when we were kids. He used to bite people all of the time, he bit me and I took him outside and took it the dirt and he never bit anyone again.  God, that was like 25 years ago.

But, B, we are so proud of you.  Finally, someone in the family getting paid LEGALLY to beat people’s asses.  Your brother is smiling down on you everyday.  We love you. I love the new picture of my B. B’s   I am here with her now. She picked out the pics to post on here for ya.

Break a leg, on your next fight…the other guy’s.  



About elliscountytimes

Not a lot to say. I am a novice at just about everything I do.

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  1. b

    Love you too B

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