Anyone Remember Kirk Kleinsorge? Maniac that should not be trusted, if you do not heed this warning you are retarded.

Well, he started a blog three days ago and the title of the site is “Ellis County Observer Lied about kirk kleinsorge”

Everything that was written about Kirk Kleinsorge was mostly written by KIRK KLEINSORGE . He is a drug addeled maniac, he sent me over 400 text message in one day threatening to rape, kill, have other people kill me and any police that may be there to help me.

Messages like…’You driving bitch? you better be bitch i ve got 6 niggers coming up there to sodomize you.  How does that sound some forced nigger sodomy bitch”

So if any readers, read this post, I ask you to give Kirk’s blog a visit and remind him that read some of his ADDITIONAL 200 comments of threat and violence when he was posting on the ECO.


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Not a lot to say. I am a novice at just about everything I do.


  1. gingersnapthornoftruth

    ok, duly headed but is that true what he is saying on his site that CPS actually did take up a case against you?

    Also what about the Joey trial, isnt it in the next few weeks and are you going to be called into that?

  2. Just Sayin'

    By the way Ginger, CPS will open a case on anyone they get a report on regardless if it is true, vengence, or anything else. In Texas CPS has regularly been found in violation of their own rules and often don’t even let people know they are being investigated, denying them the right to defend themselves. I know of one case where someone was followed by them for two years and never knew. Then the records were also denied in violation of the law. Of course, CPS didn’t find anything wrong because it was all harassment by a nut job. Moral of the story, a CPS investigation means absolutely NOTHING except that someone is pissed off.

    • gingersnapthornoftruth

      I know, and I think I know what he is reffering to in that someone on the ECO threatened to call CPS on Brandy, I’m just wondering if they actually did it and CPS actually went out and investigated.

      • B

        Yes, an investigation was opened two years ago and administravtively closed after reading the comments, and talking to Officer Palmer whom advocated and confirmed my side of the story to CPS.

        He told them i tried to kill my daughter and that the children are kept in cages and dog feces all over the house. This guy had never been to my house and everything he reported was FALSE-FALSE-FALSE-all of it

        • gingersnapthornoftruth

          so it was this dude that turned you in to CPS? And he is lying on his site when he says its still an open investigation, or rather slandering you?

          You know any thing about the Joey trial?

  3. Just Sayin'

    So Brandy, why didn’t you press charges? Filing a false CPS report is a crime too. Didn’t MVZ also threaten to do that to you? Anyone notice how his site looks exactly like “Joeyisalittlekid”, which I belive she is responsible for as well. Claims about her so called “rape” on on his site, which may be just another one of hers. She is known for posing as other people.

  4. The case is still open, I have the ID if someone wants to check it. They won’t close it until they see Brandy’s children. Not slander, the truth.

  5. Inthatcase

    The only case I see should be about the 400 threatening text messages.

  6. Yes, if there were 400 threatening text messages, why weren’t charges filed? It’s against the law to make threats. Were you scared someone might see your children? Or did you make the txt msgs up? The number of them sure seems to be growing, it was 200 a couple years ago.

  7. Bev Thompson

    you contradicted yourself on a barbara farris show when you said you had NEVER had cps called on you. now you admit that you did. so what is the true story here?

  8. Kirk Kleinsorge

    Brandy, clearly you had nothing to gain by re-opening this. How about this, I call a truce, you take down this article, and I don’t post your CPS case ID, and we leave these good people wondering if there is a case open. Otherwise, I’ll post the case ID and everyone will see you have a case open. You will eventually have to answer the obvious question as to why you just don’t have your children seen by CPS to clear the case. I definitely would if it were about my daughter, but then again I have nothing to hide. There is no way for them to tell if it is open or not without the case ID. I don’t know if you actually believe the case is closed, but I have an ID that says otherwise. I only posted the articles to clear my name. You shouldn’t drag this up again unless you want the truth out.

  9. elliscountytimes

    There is no CPS case against me. NONE- charges weren’t pressed on him because they sent him for mental evaluation. His father told the police he is insane, his friends told the police he is insane, so they went to do a welfare check and HE DID end up in jail for a week or so. Something about a warrant for inhalants or something.

    So go huff some spray paint and tell me all about me, psycho.

    Call a truce? You are posting using my name, lying about my children and conjuring up two year old bullshit because you are a CRAZY fuckhead.

    He kept threatening me with his “huge internet influence”, the only problem is, he is a lunatic and didn’t quite understand who he was dealing with, a perpetually self-employed, vengeful bitch whom doesn’t care what people read online about me. But you my psycho friend, went too far in 2010 and now your name will forever be associated with death and rape threats.

    Fuck you and your truce.

  10. elliscountytimes

    Kirk Kleinsorge permalink

    Also, this isn’t really a site for anything other than to provide some counter-point to people who google my name, I don’t care to get involved in these people’s lives again, it breaks my heart that Brandy’s poor children haven’t been seen by a responsible adult. I don’t really care to have a discussion about it, so comments will be heavily moderated from here on.


    But of course it will be heavily moderated, people know what you are, and you can’t HANDLE THE TRUTH!!

  11. Fine Brandy, I’ll be posting the case number in a couple days, or a recording of a phone call to CPS. I have to make sure that the case can’t be dropped if I give out the case number. I know exactly who you are, and since everyone who knows me, knows I don’t do things like use the N-word, I’m not worried about what you and your pal Joey posted about me. It is just nice to have a clean slate since I run a non-profit helping high school dropouts, and sometimes you and Joey’s lies come up. I’m reading your comments, and you look like the crazy one here.

  12. elliscountytimes

    Good for you. YOU my sir posted those comments for the world to see, good luck in life for you

  13. Seriously, I don’t think anyone believes those were me, they are barely English, I am quite well spoken.

  14. Oh and the picture is copyright, take it down…

  15. Never mind, you are just as nuts as ever, if someone wants proof of the CPS case contact me, otherwise I am out of this conversation.

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