Now on the side of the alleged child rapist?  The pictures he is reference to, he told me to burn. I never stole from this psycho. MVZ, you want help with IP’s and such…Here is Kirk Kleinsorge- enter insanity.  He loves to REALLY threaten to rape women.




“After reading many of the comments on Brandy Lemon Owen’s blog I am seeing that her habit of stealing others possessions is not limited to me and my non-profit.  Apparently she has stolen from Joey Dauben also, who apparently was her friend and employer after she worked for me and my non-profit.  Her stories constantly change adding hyperbole as time goes on, then when her employers realize she is lying to them and stealing from them, she goes on to slander them too.  I imagine this woman will soon be in jail, if not from her nefarious dealings, then for mentally and physically abusing her children.  I believe I am one of the few sane people to see her children, and they all show all the signs of mental abuse I could find online.  She is a sick woman that needs to get help, even if the state has to step in.  She leaves a trail of destruction in her wake, then blames the people who are trying their best to help her, with a horrible tirade of slander which cannot be prosecuted due to her lack of address.  If CPS cannot find her children, my lawyer has little hope of serving her the slander papers prepared for her. She stole a camera, pictures and various other things from around the office from the non-profit Cameras For Kids.”


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Not a lot to say. I am a novice at just about everything I do.


  1. As an employee you were given a camera, phone and computer that were never returned when you were fired, (after I saw your abused children, and you recklessly endanger them). I said you could just destroy the pictures if you sent me proof (which you never did). My focus was just to get all your BS about me off the first page of google, but I’m about to make sure your name is trashed when someone googles you. Unlike you I have proof, so it isn’t slander or defamation of character. I’d go after you for those things, but you have nothing for me to take except property I already own. Give me a real address and I’ll be happy to serve you, and send CPS that way too.

    • I was NEVER given a computer by you. Must be another woman you lured to a FAKE job. Never given a phone by you either. There are two cameras in question. AND a payment for services I never recieved from you. I don’t understand these two guys whom never paid me (like they said they would) are telling me I was fired? That is cute (and psychotic)

    • I don’t have proof uh? What is your address? Let’s get this on a roll

  2. And I’m not “on the side” of the alleged child rapist, I was just pointing out that you stole from him too. You can’t just steal from people because they are an alleged child rapist.

  3. Don’t you have something better to do? Is this Ellis county news? Neither one of us lives in Ellis county.

  4. No One

    Kirk’s voter registration is at 305 Franklin Blvd., Austin, TX 78751. But zabasearch shows about a dozen different addresses from Irving, to Ft. Worth, to Buda. He seems to move a lot for a 36 year old!

  5. Yoda

    STUF lover of pedos aka ‘No One’… U case of nuts.

  6. Yoda

    u y ‘no 1’ help brandy…she haz friendz like u…u help pedos n kidnapperz bitch

  7. Yoda

    just wait 4 dark knight ‘no 1’ …

  8. No One

    Wow “Yoda”! Off your meds again? Seeing pedos and kidnappers everywhere even in your head? Glad I’m not you!

  9. U4Pedos

    Ha ha…3 outta 3 ain’t a bad track record, ya think? All backed up by court testimony, charges by Texas Rangers, uh…don’t call me a dreamer…don’t scare easy either… motto is keep on truckin’

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