Kirk Kleinsorge – Still threatening after 2 years

Now the threat is to “trash” my name and send CPS my way.  Why does this guy have nothing better to do?  Let’s review…

I, Brandy Owen, had mutual friends in the superfood community with this guy.  He placed a couple orders with me and offered me a position scouting places in Dallas to take good pictures and help organize a supposed charity auction of his photography for Cameras for Kids.  I went to Austin once to check out the proposal. I gophered a day at an office on Lakeway on Lake Travis.

I returned home and the next day was contacted and told I would have to return to Austin to fill out paperwork for a corporate credit card for expenses and employment paperwork.  I was told that his business partner owned an empty rent house and I could stay there for the day or two while the paperwork processed.

I left very early in the morning and got to Austin around 6 a.m. I was told it was ok to bring my kids and that everything would be done at the house and I could leave that evening.

Well, when i got there I immediately noticed it was an occupied house and Kirk Kleinsorge appeared to be extremely high and out of his mind on some kind of narcotic.  I ONLY got out of my car becuase it was a flash flood outside, and wnated to give it ten minutes or so to see if the rain would ease up.  Kirk Kleinsorge then began some weird rampage about how I was not going to be able to leave.  he wasn’t going to let me leave and he was going to show me how to live my life and how to make millions of dollars.

I immediately got my kids out of the house and to the car.  He began calling and calling begging me to come back and get his credit card to go buy an ironman mask and gas in my car.  Nevermind the $1,000 I was told I would get when i got there for my two trips to Austin and the stuff I had done in Dallas already.  I didn’t go back, i continued back to Dallas.

About two hours after leaving and ignoring the begging for me to return, he began sending text messages, one after another for four hours, threatening to kidnapp my kids, have me raped and killed, and to kill police and swat teams or whomever would be around to help me.  Then he went on the blog I was working for and began with wildly insane threats that numbered in the 100’s.

This person has now re-kindled this vendetta with me because apparently his OWN words and comments on a blog are haunting him. Well, they should.  He shouldn’t be trusted. And he lured me to a fake job, with deceitful intentions.  His own father told police he is mentally insane. His own sisters told police he is mentally insane and his friend (whose house I was lured to) told police he is mentally insane.  I will be making a video, of Kirk kleinsorge ‘s 32 page print out of threatening violence against Brandy Owen.


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  1. No One

    Sounds like the male version of MVZ!

  2. one time fan

    When you get attacked and your children are involved, you will not want to stop fighting back until you see justice working for you. We are with you Brandy and be careful because these people can not handle the truth…

  3. gingersnapthornoftruth

    Cameras for Kids kinda has a pedophile like ring to it, thats a creepy name for a charity.

  4. AnOldFriend

    Brandy, blog wars are one thing; threats to rape you and take your children are another . I was really upset at what Joey Dauben did to me. However, I don’t think rapists or people who support rapists should be supported EVER. “No One” is obviously one of those like the guy attacking you right now b/c the same stuff happened to MVZ that is happening to you and how dare anyone support rapists and kidnappers. Anyone who gets attacked via rape or rape threats and has their children threatened and put in harms way is going to be righteously mad as hell and nothing should stop a reasonable human being from exacting justice. But I’m not going to get into the middle of all this. Warped and sick people like “No One” exist all around.

    Perhaps, you can state who is “No One.” And we go from there.

  5. one time fan

    Well, as a truck driver I would come back home after staying weeks and sometimes months out there on the road and tell everyone the storys that I saw and went through when I got back home. Telling the news was just one of many jobs in one as a truck driver. The # 1 threat to the United States that I saw came from many hate groups out there that threatens the American way of life. The neo-nazi, the sovereign citizen movement and many, many more. Joey Dauben and his group of people e-mailed me twice with in the past six weeks trying to make me believe that our federal government is out to take we the people down. To me they are nothing but another hate group out there. One of my so called friends everytime he comes over does the same thing, trying to tell me that our Government is out to take us down. Now these hate groups are the real threat to our way of life and the only way to fight this fight is vote the ones that filterated into our government out of office. This is only my thinking and I would like to hear any one with somekind of plan on how to make our coutry the home that out parents and grandparents left us ???

  6. Brandy you just seem to be a psycho magnet. 🙂

  7. B

    I dont think he has emailed me. I havent really been checking my email. People wouldnt even believe the kinds of emails i have been innundated with in the past 8 months. I miss his fervor but really this will hurt him more than anything else i have said about him. .. Joey DaUBEN iS OLD NEWS

  8. Bev Thompson

    tell me its not a setup when the waxahachie daily light publisher sat on his grand jury for cryin’ out loud!!!!!!!

    • nothingbettertodotoday

      @ Bev: For cryin’ out loud – you can claim Joey was set up on every blog you find on the internet, that won’t make it true. And what does that have to do with Joey being old news? He’s still old news, no matter how long and how loud you call foul on the Grand Jury selections.

  9. one time fan

    The email that was sent to me was the Ellis County Observer Joey G. Dauben. Now they said it was not Joey but from someone talking for him. What I did not like was they were trying to make me believe that our Government was out to take we the people down. To me that is trying to make me hate the Government and I know for a fact there are many, many people out there trying to get people thinking the way they think. There are to many people standing on the line and of crossing it to do what happened a few weeks ago in Colorado…

    • nothingbettertodotoday

      @ one time fan: Thank you for your comments. For all it’s warts, this is still the greatest country on earth. It was the “haters” that allowed some one like Hitler to rise to power. And the KKK of the old south, same difference, smaller scale. Unfortunately, freedom is a double edge sword. It’s our freedoms that allow the “haters” to speak and have access to guns. I’m an advocate for both freedoms – it’s up to us sane, live & let live folks to find the balance. It’s just like a marriage, it takes work to be a good citizen and have a healthy relationship with our society. Calling Joey out on what he says/does, just more rocks on the pile in our little piece of the world. What goes around, comes around – Hiler, gone. KKK, effectively gone. Joey Dauben, well…..we’ll see.

      I asked if your e-mail came directly from Joey as I’ve seen several postings under his name. His internet use is restricted as a condition bail. But he’s sure finding lots ways to tell us what he wants us to know.

  10. Bev Thompson

    one time fan is William “Bill” Burt. He contacted Brannon Bridge several months ago. The Dallas FBI agent that Mr. Burt mailed and called told Brannon and Joey that he was a “whack job.”

    Mr. Burt, you have driven your truck to every FBI office in the South. You mailed “Fourth Reich” DVDs to Brannon and Joey last year. The Dallas FBI agent was right on the money.

  11. one time fan

    I find history pretty interesting about the 4th Reich. And if the F.B.I. is telling people that I’m a whack job then I thank them for that. I sure would not want them to tell people that yes, he gives us good information every now and then. So you, Joey and Brannon think what you want to think because I have your propanda machine document pretty well.

  12. one time fan

    Nothingbettertodotoday, the two email says this, From The Ellis County Observer Joey G. Dauben… also, words well said in your comments…

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