FEMA Camps and the reason why we SHOULD have them

I keep reading “FEMA camps here” FEMA camps there” , myself included. well, I would be very concerned if a multi-trillion dollar economy and defense system DIDN”T have contingency plans for its population.  Of course the plans on what to do with people once they are in the camps is another question.  BUT the actual building of camps i see as a necessary action plan.

This goes for deep underground military bases (DUMBs) if a multi-trillion dollar government didn’t have underground bases, i would be very concerned that proper and adequate plans for our military were not being taken.

So this is my flip-side opinion.

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  1. gingersnapthornoftruth

    Very logical post there Brandy. If we are going to have a FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) then they have to prepare for all kinds of senarios even horrific ones like a deadly virus outbreak and needing to quarentine maybe thousands of people. They have to prepare for a nuclear weapon being detonated in the US and the fallout from it. Yes they have to consider and plan for many different doomsday senarios, but that doesnt mean the doomsday is here.

  2. one time fan

    Great post Brandy. It is good to know that the Government has a plan to take care of the people if we get attack or something, thanks…

  3. YSoSerious

    I like the flip-side thinking, but I’d be wondering if it were just a way to get us all in there peacefully…you know…kind of like they did with the Jews in Europe. They thought they were going somewhere safe, so they got on those trains nice and easy instead of putting up a fuss.

  4. one time fan

    I would not think that all of the people in our Government would be so evil. After all, they have familys that they love and hope for the best for them also. Come back to the real world and pray for the best of mankind insted of putting in your head that our Government is that evil. But then again this is just the way I see things…

  5. Bev Thompson

    one time fan aka William “Bill” Burt, you are the one who claimed in court testimony that your chemical spill in California was somehow linked to a drug ring in Beeville, Texas and the OKC bombing and Columbine. That came from you to the Dallas FBI and all the other FBI offices you visited (for starters, Memphis FBI, Houston FBI, Los Angeles FBI.)

    You contacted Brannon Bridge several months ago contradicting everything you mailed to the FBI and to them. Remember the “Fourth Reich” DVDs and the claims that you lived near Opal Jo Jennings killer? The Dallas FBI was right. You are indeed a “whack job.”

  6. YSoSerious

    I’m just playing ‘devil’s advocate’ a bit…that’s all. It’s just that many of our weak and vulnerable people have been harmed by those in government and those in law…so maybe they are ripe for believing their government really is evil all around. But I am sure there are many good people too. I wonder if there are insurgents in our country taking advantage of those who have cried out for help and have not had their cries heard by the very people that could help them. I am just wondering on both sides of the issues…I like how Brandy can play that flip-side too. I always like to look at the flip-side of things.

  7. one time fan

    Bev Tompson, very good on proving my point. You just took a little part of the truth and then adding a bunch of lies to your comment. Nowhere in court testimony or anywhere else for that fact did I claim that the drug ring in Texas had anyting to do with the Oklahoma City Bombing and Columbine. I also never had anything to do with the F.B.I. Los Angeles. I challenge you to show me where I did claimed that the 200 million dollars worth of cocaine in Texas had something to do with Oklahoma and Columbine and the F.B.I.agent that told you that i’m a whack job…You can not do it. So I call what I see from you is a hate propaganda machine. Also it is good to know who I’m talking to Joey or the one that you are talking through…

  8. one time fan

    Bev Tompson, when you tell everone on this internet that I commit a federal crime buy lieing to F.B.I. Dallas Texas. Show your facts on this if you can because I know you can not. Show Brannon Bridges and I conversions and were I contradicting myself on what I told F.B.I. Dallas Texas. Only Joey knows all of this so as far as I am concern I talking to Joey or who ever Joey is talking through…

  9. b

    Well, I am glad you all know whop each other is…

  10. All Smiles

    William “Bill” Burt is delusional & thinks he is involved in every American tragedy…from the OKC bombing, Columbine, Opal & Amber, 9/11, and so on. Bev is actually speaking the truth about the FBIs thought on you, they think you are crazy. How about you get a job & stay off the Internet 24/7 looking things up!!

  11. one time fan

    All smiles, I am not the one with a news paper that tries to get people thinking that our Government is out to take we the people down. When you emailed me the storys in your first news paper and then email me your 2nd email telling me to read page 8 about the Government with a plan to take away all of our guns, in my book you are standing on the line of treason against the United States of America. You think when the F.B.I. saw the two emails you emailed me that they thought I was delusional or maybe that Joey might be delusional??? I know that I’m talking to Joey and again I will be the first to thank the F.B.I. for saying that I am crazy. Again you are the one with the lies because there is no where I said anything about 911. You take a little part of the truth and add a lot of lies for your hate propaganda machine and you just keep documenting it for me. You need to worry about what you are facing in your court case and back off of me, but then again this is only my thought…

  12. one time fan

    When Brannon Bridge put out that drunken vidio attacking that girl , that showed me that you all are nothing but another hate group out here. If i see you put out my name again then I will file a criminal complaint against you for trying to make me think we need to be at war with our Government and what you are doing is a threat to the American way of life…

  13. All Smiles

    For one, I am not who you think I am. I am definitely not Joey Dauben, let alone “talking through him.” Secondly, what criminal offense have I committed that would deem a complaint filed, and to even be taken seriously? And how in my previous post did I claim you should be at war with the government? You are mentally unstable. This is exactly what Bev was talking about in her previous posts…you go to the FBI on all of these national events that you claim to somehow be involved in, and you don’t think that’s just a little odd? And you actually think they believe you are related to all these drug rings, kidnappings, shootings, bombings? You have lost touch with reality, and EVERYONE knows it. I guess you just happen to be in the right place at the right time, or maybe it’s the wrong place & time.

    The newspaper is called free press. That is why we live in America…freedom of speech. They are opinions, just like you & I both are allowed & protected to post our opinions on public sites…this is not threatening the way of life. Look up the Westboro Church if you need any proof!!! You clearly are obsessed with all of this. And if you are blaming this particular paper for “brainwashing” Americans and you are a “one time fan,” then why do you read it & come on this site? It’s called obsession. In your spare time, if you have any from living on the Internet and living in your idealogies, you should run for office and change the world!

  14. one time fan

    All Smiles, good comment. I come back to this site because it is interesting. Reading your last comment gives me and when I tell my friend that saw 80% of what I saw and 80% of what I heard and knows what we went through for the past 17 years what your comment was, we will be laughing for a while on your last comment. I’ll be back and give you a comment later after we have some good laughs. Gee, I have been injoying this beautiful weather we are having, how about you???

  15. All Smiles

    Laugh is on you & Mark, and always has been. Yes, the weather is nice & I enjoy the present…not the past. Where does living in the past, going in circles, get you? Round & round you go. Contribute to society, if you dare! And what about 100%?

  16. one time fan

    All Smiles, Mark wants me to tell you four things. #1, A smile is a frown turned up side down so stop standing on your head. # 2, Go get on a roof so you can see things better. # 3, Do not be concerned with our story because we do have that right to show it and tell it like it is. # 4, We were with our familys 20% of the time… That was from Mark and for me, you must be living life in a circle because of your hateful and slanderous comments on me. I spend maybe 10% of the time a week on this internet because I can and I injoy doing so. The other 90% of the time you have no idea what I do but I can tell you this, I have been on a road and yes, sometimes it has its ups and downs, but that road so far has taken me straight to alot of beautiful places and beautiful people. So no circles for me, just beautiful places and beautiful people and it was and is alot of fun…

  17. All Smiles

    Vidio is video. Injoy is enjoy. Start telling stories about all the beautiful places & people then…not the stuff that happened 10-15 years ago that you had nothing to do with. Your information is not first hand, it’s from countless hours of research on the Internet, news, & papers…a sick obsession. If your stories had any basis or were factual, someone would surely take it up & run with it…especially when its headline national news. Funny how just within the last year you were bad mouthing Mark to people, now your back to making music together…I think that goes into the 90% category, right? Honestly, I also believe the American government is a wonderful democracy & your opinion really couldn’t differ from mine since you live off it (the govt) & WE THE PEOPLE (me & countless others who hold a job, and literally contribute to society)!!! Anyways, I am just as crazy as you for carrying on this conversation with you…back to reality for me. PS the road is what contributed to your mental status, along with some drugs.

  18. one time fan

    All Smiles, I told Mark that I bad mouth him and even showed him for what he did. Our 40 year friendship was stronger. Our story is really getting started and you are right. Other people are telling my story, not me. I’m just letting them tell our story. Mark said that any lie you put out on me or us, with just two documents he could bust your lie or lies wide open. If you do not like the story then just move on. I know I am so have a great life and its been fun talking to you. It’s been awhile…

  19. one time fan

    One more thing All Smiles, show we the people how I’m living off the Government. You show me that us older folks should not have any rights. Then I can show a con man wanted by a few states that even had prison time. I just say you go down your road and I’ll go down my road. Live and let live or play your hand and we can go to the big dance…

  20. All Smiles

    No job = living off the government & taxpaying citizens…there is no reason you cannot work!!! You aren’t old, at least not of retirement age. And if you ask me to show proof on a public site how you live off the government, and I do indeed explain how you do so, then that is on you and not slanderous. So are you asking me to go there? I could care less about some con man. I have no clue whom you’re even speaking of or about. There will be no big dance with either of you…you constantly say something big is going to happen with all of your “findings” and nothing ever comes out of it. After 15+ years there would be some credibility…where, where is it?? People are just starting to listen? You’ve been going to the FBI that long, so why now? I guess we are supposed to wait on that one too. Where are the stories being told? Not in public documentation. Maybe amongst the rest of the people at the Waffle House or a truck stop. PS…read all the posts very carefully & accurately…not one thing I have written is a lie, except for saying you thought you were involved in 9/11. I apologize for that inaccuracy, but I am surprised you have yet to claim that one. But, I’m sure somehow, some way you “know” stuff about it. Oh, and if Mark is witholding information with “two big documents” (that have nothing to do with me, because you still think I am someone I am not), then that makes him just as guilty!! If y’all are these so-called crusaders trying to change the world, then do it…turn in the documents! You are no better!

  21. one time fan

    All Smiles, thank you for showing my story. There are laws on getting on this internet to slander and lie about a person who you do not like. You did just that when in your words you tell the people that there is no reason I cannot work and I am living off the Government and the taxpayers. The fact is, you do not know what my two heart doctors know, that will not let me work. People that knows me knows that after I had my heart bypass in 2004 I tried hard to get my health back to pass the D.O.T. medical tests to get back to work. I injoyed my thousand dollar pay checks every week driving for Abertson. But, my heart docotors will not let me work. They have me on 11 different meds that keeps my blood pessure low, some times to low… Also you have no idea in what taxes I payed into to Government in my years of working…. So, you are full of hate, slander and lies with your comments against me… Again, thanks for the comments so I can show my story. Oh, and the two so-called crusaders, No, just two truck drivers with a story about people in many, many hate groups. Have a good night and do something nice for some one tomarrow, It feels good…

  22. All Smiles

    I know plenty of people in your same condition, and way worse health and on many more medications that work. If you can smoke cigarettes all day long, babysit, play your guitar, be on the Internet all night, you sure the heck can work…be a greeter at Walmart or bag groceries. Your doctor may not let you drive a truck, but doesn’t mean you can’t work. And for it to be slander, it has to be false. I think you went over your 10% a week Internet usage already 😉

  23. All Smiles

    Bill I’m done talking with you. I don’t think you are a bad person, just crazy & tired of your manipulation & using. Keep doing what your doing, but sooner than not, one tie will be cut!

  24. W.C.BURT

    Thank you again for the lie. I played my guitar for only two hours in the past two months. My granddaghter babysits me. The pasts few weeks I have not the energy to do much, She lets me nap most of the day. YOU have no idiea how my days go so give up the lies and slander and get you a life and stay away from my life. Only cowards hide behind fack names all smilles…

  25. W.C.BURT


  26. W.C.BURT

    The coward hiding behind All Smilles, I am not worried out any tie that gets cut. What are you going to cut that tie with??? Gee, that sounds like slice… Question for you, How would you want to live your last days of your life, having fun and injoying the love from God, or feeling hate with slandering comments against people ??? That last day can be here at any time. If you have children then what are you showing them. Thanks for moving on or stand you and give your real name. Cowards can not do that so lets see if you stand up and give your real name or sit down and remain a coward. I think this will be the last we hear from all smiles…

  27. W.C.BURT

    My last comment on this went on my face book page. All Smiles, thank for the idea you gave Mark and I. We need to fined the pictures of us and the beautiful girls we met and had some great times with and tell those storys. Moving on down the road on that, thanks for the tip…

  28. W.C.BURT

    After the past few weeks thinking about how All Smile and Bev Thomson came on here and put my name out here with the hateful intentions to slander and tell lies about me to the public. Well, today I did what I said that I was going to do if I saw my name out here again. I saw how the Government is out here working for we the people and when you can get a Government employee to give a family her prayers just by asking her to do so. That makes me know that the greatest part of Government is out to help we the people. When people send me emails trying to get me to think that the Government is out to take we the people down, then I see a big and dangerous threat to the United States of America and our way of life and that scares me for our children and grandchildren…

  29. not a fan

    Good one DJ…

  30. lol

    How did I get here?

  31. b

    must of clicked on alink somewhere …maybe

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